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NIT Jalandhar Opening and Closing Ranks , Cutoff 2017


Branch category Quota Closing Rank
Bio Technology GE HOME STATE 37034
Bio Technology GE OTHER STATE 21727
Bio Technology OBC HOME STATE 34515
Bio Technology OBC OTHER STATE 6525
Bio Technology SC HOME STATE 7467
Bio Technology SC OTHER STATE 3537
Bio Technology ST OTHER STATE 870
   Bio Technology General-PwD OTHER STATE 288
   Bio Technology OBC-PwD HOME STATE 825
   Bio Technology SC-PwD OTHER STATE 117
Chemical Engineering GE HOME STATE 30115
Chemical Engineering GE OTHER STATE 18022
Chemical Engineering OBC HOME STATE 31915
Chemical Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 6829
Chemical Engineering SC HOME STATE 6719
Chemical Engineering SC OTHER STATE 3231
Chemical Engineering ST HOME STATE 1924
   Chemical Engineering ST OTHER STATE 1733
Civil Engineering GE HOME STATE 21982
Civil Engineering GE OTHER STATE 16422
Civil Engineering OBC HOME STATE 22484
Civil Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 5565
Civil Engineering SC HOME STATE 5189
Civil Engineering SC OTHER STATE 2540
Civil Engineering ST HOME STATE 10815
Civil Engineering ST OTHER STATE 877
   Civil Engineering General – PwD HOME STATE 1289
   Civil Engineering General – PwD OTHER STATE 369
   Civil Engineering SC – PwD OTHER STATE 65
Computer Science & Engineering GE HOME STATE 9651
Computer Science & Engineering GE OTHER STATE 7110
Computer Science & Engineering OBC HOME STATE 9300
Computer Science & Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 3139
Computer Science & Engineering SC HOME STATE 1530
Computer Science & Engineering SC OTHER STATE 1547
Computer Science & Engineering ST HOME STATE 5751
Computer Science & Engineering ST OTHER STATE 981
  Computer Science & Engineering General – PwD OTHER STATE 158
 Computer Science & Engineering OBC – PwD OTHER STATE 112
 Computer Science & Engineering SC-PwD HOME STATE 174
Electronics & Communication Engineering GE HOME STATE 13458
Electronics & Communication Engineering GE OTHER STATE 11216
Electronics & Communication Engineering OBC HOME STATE 14180
Electronics & Communication Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 4541
Electronics & Communication Engineering SC HOME STATE 3744
Electronics & Communication Engineering SC OTHER STATE 2750
Electronics & Communication Engineering ST HOME STATE 12775
Electronics & Communication Engineering ST OTHER STATE 1370
  Electronics & Communication Engineering General – PwD OTHER STATE 271
  Electronics & Communication Engineering OBC – PwD OTHER STATE 241
Instrumentation & Control Engineering GE HOME STATE 26030
Instrumentation & Control Engineering GE OTHER STATE 19150
Instrumentation & Contro lEngineering OBC HOME STATE 40391
Instrumentation & Control Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 7581
Instrumentation & Control Engineering SC HOME STATE 6372
Instrumentation & Control Engineering SC OTHER STATE 4607
Instrumentation & Control Engineering ST HOME STATE 26181
Instrumentation & Control Engineering ST OTHER STATE 2621
Industrialand Production Engineering GE HOME STATE 35645
Industrialand Production Engineering GE OTHER STATE 22184
Industrialand Production Engineering OBC HOME STATE 46356
Industrialand Production Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 7931
Industrialand Production Engineering SC HOME STATE 7664
Industrialand Production Engineering SC OTHER STATE 4787
Industrialand Production Engineering ST OTHER STATE 2531
Mechanical Engineering GE HOME STATE 15969
Mechanical Engineering GE OTHER STATE 12978
Mechanical Engineering OBC HOME STATE 18435
Mechanical Engineering OBC OTHER STATE 4896
Mechanical Engineering SC HOME STATE 4287
Mechanical Engineering SC OTHER STATE 2557
Mechanical Engineering ST HOME STATE 9802
Mechanical Engineering ST OTHER STATE 920
  Mechanical Engineering General – PwD HOME STATE 773
  Mechanical Engineering OBC – PwD OTHER STATE 151
Textile Technology GE HOME STATE 41493
Textile Technology GE OTHER STATE 24819
Textile Technology OBC HOME STATE 47082
Textile Technology OBC OTHER STATE 8511
Textile Technology SC HOME STATE 8224
Textile Technology SC OTHER STATE 4570
Textile Technology ST OTHER STATE 2346



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