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Working after school hours: a good or a bad choice? 

Working after school hoursWith the changing trends, many parents and students believe that taking up a part time job after high school or school hours is a good option. But then managing both, school and work can be an unnerving task. Balancing studies, homework, classes and job at the same time might be little rough task; but then with little dedication and patience many students are managing their job along with other responsibilities with ease.

I remember, when I was in school I used to work at a 24 hours café’ as a coffee vendor. I used to leave home by 5 in evening and work till 8:30 in evening; and return home by 9 pm. This not only gave me experience but also money, which was decent enough to cover my miscellaneous expenses. After a year, I become a permeant employee and earned a good amount of money. Apart from money, the experience gained was worthy enough of the hard work and time spent.

Working part time or working after school not only gives you money or experience, but it also provides an identity to individual and makes them an independent individual. When you are working you become more responsible and you need not to depend on your parents for small things and issues. One more benefit of working after or during school time is that students learn how to manage their time in an efficient manner. Working part time actually chisels individuals and makes them industry ready. Here are few facts that prove that working part time or working after schools is a good option for youths:

  • Stable Money

Part time job is a great source of stable money flow. With the money earned while working, students can manage their expenses and plan a budget for things that are on their wish list. Also, when there is extra cash coming in, students need not to dint their savings account for their day to day expenses.

  • Develop Abilities

Develop AbilitiesI have heard many people saying that the skills learnt while doing part time or skills learnt while working as a student does not help in real life/ professional life. Well, this is a wrong attitude. The skills such as time management, commitment and sense of responsibility, that one gets to learn is useful in every sphere of life.

  • Progresses Grades

GradesWell, this might be a shock for many readers; that working part time with or after school helps in improves grades. But this is reality as when working the student tends to become more responsible not only towards his work but also towards his studies. They have a better sense of work ethic which helps in being honest towards their studies and work, in a balanced manner.

But this again depends upon individuals. Most of the students those who are working, know that getting education is main goal and this job is only to back it. Also, how well you can manage the time also contributes your grades.

  • Networking

When working, students get an excellent chance of building a network with people and gain opportunities for future.

  • Benefits

BenefitsAnother plus point is you get many employee benefits. If not completely, but then some of the employers offer perks and other benefits such as discounts, movie tickets or merchandises. I remember when I used to work in the café my employer offered me free coffee for the entire duration (till I was a student).

  • Boosting Confidence

ConfidenceWhen working as a student, it boosts the confidence among students and individuals. Not only confidence, it also lifts the level of self-esteem in individuals. The respect earned at the work and the sense of pride when paying for their own expenses, make them confident for facing the world and taking up more and more challenges. These are few key reasons why students should be allowed to work after school or do a prat time job while in high school. But, just like two sides of coin, working after school does have few drawbacks too. They can be listed as:

  • Studies get impacted: It is not possible for all individuals to manage job and studies in an effective manner. Some of them do not get enough time for doing homework and proper revision, which hampers their studies.

  • Less involvement in school: Being employed may have some restraints on student’s sleep. They might not be able to get proper sleep and this might affect their school. Due to lack of students tend to miss schools and the involvement with school and school activities is reduced.

  • Alcohol and Drugs: Many studies show 20% of students those who are working during school or after school, consume alcohol or get addicted to drugs.

  • Negative Impact: When students work and if they get exposed to harsh environments or negative work atmosphere; then this impact them adversely. They might get totally against job for their entire life.

  • Increased Stress: Just like I said earlier, balancing school and work both can be a daunting experience. Students might feel stressed and might hamper their health.

working after school hoursThus, due to above mentioned issues there are parents that do not support the idea of their children working after school hours. They feel that their children will not be able to excel in studies and they should only focus on their studies. Some of them oppose this idea because of their status symbol or society fear, while some of them oppose stating the fact that why should their children face hardships when they can afford their expenses. These kind of parents want to wrap their children in warm wool blankets all their life and raise their children in very delicate manner. This might seem to be good for some time, but it does have a long term effect over children’s minds. These kinds of children are always dependent on their parents/ elders and find it very difficult to adjust in jobs/ professional field.

However, sometime I do feel that being a parent their concern and love for their children is not wrong. I mean, I have seen that some of the students (when working after school) find it very difficult to do their homework or face stereotype boss who thinks that just because he/ she are students they are lacking skills or immature. Sometimes, finding a reliable employment or employer is also difficult. Also, one big factor that makes parents discourage their children to do job after school is that the competition to excel in studies is increasing day by day and for getting an admission into a good or reputed college one needs to perform well in exams like IIT JEE, NEET (AIPMT) etc.

To overcome such situation, it is duty of parents to discuss all the pros and cons of the job that their child is going to take up. Discuss what types of work they (children) will be expected to do at their job and make him / her understand the consequences (if any). Also, parents should discuss with their children on how they are planning to use their income and ask them to save for their future. Teach them on how to handle adverse situations and manage things effectively. And the utmost important thing is to support them, to make their part time job a memorable experience for them. There is one question that will haunt every student who is reading this: what kind of job should I take up? Well, here are few suggested jobs that one can take up as a part time job:

  • Arts and Crafts Production – If you are creative, get associated with one of the art companies and sell your creative ideas and stuffs there.

  • Babysitting – If you love kids, then babysit them for some time and earn money. Many couples hire nannies for a part time and pay well. And if you have your own siblings, you can babysit them and ask your parents to pay for it.

  • Car Wash Attendant – Join a garage and you can work as a car wash attendant. It is a perfect job to take when doing a summer job and it does pay you well.

  • Store Employee – Become a grocery store employee or you can join any store and work as a sales employees. Many stores do have a vacancy for sale persons and helpers.

  • Cashier – If you are good in mathematics and are well versed with computers you can work as cashier for these stores. Also, if you have any idea about finance or a finance graduate, then you can also work as accountant or assistant accounts manager in a company.

  • Restaurants – If you are local and know the city very well, then you can work as a delivery boy or can also work as host in some of the good and reputed hotels/ restaurants.

  • Data Center/ Call center – You can also join a call center or a data center if you have a sound knowledge about computers. You can take up a job of a data entry operator or work as a customer care representative.

Thus, I suggest that every student should take up some kind of job when they are in high school so that they become independent and a self-supported individual, but of course not at the cost of their studies and education. Happy Working!!

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