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  • Why College Students Feel Happy When They Have to Go Home during Vacations
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Why College Students Feel Happy When They Have to Go Home during Vacations

Home during VacationsCollege life is all about studies, studies, and more studies. Some students are fortunately gifted in sports and extra-curricular activities, through which they can combat stress related to highly-competitive exams. However, what matters in the end is “passing” or “failing.” To break free from this stress, vacations are definitely welcome by most students. After all, which student wouldn’t be homesick? Which student wouldn’t love to hug their parents after a job done well at college?

Homesickness is a worldwide phenomenon. After all, it is said, “Home is where the heart is.” Therefore, when vacations are on the cards, most students would be shouting in joy, “It’s vacation time!” Let us analyze a few reasons why college students feel happy when they have to go home during vacations. Therefore, let’s get cracking.

  • Love for Parents

Love for ParentsParental love is universal. All parents love and support their children in good times and in bad. When students head to colleges, they miss the love of their dear and adorable parents. What’s more parents offer tremendous guidance and advice to their children, which help them overcome obstacles in life. And finally, parents are the first ones to be happy when it comes to successful completion of their children’s exams.

  • Love for Home Food

Love for Home FoodWhen it comes to Indians, there is no equivalent to freshly-cooked home food. From birth, mothers have been nourishing their children through nutritious home-cooked meals. Can there be a replacement for that tantalizing “gajar ka halwa?” College canteens, too, provide high-quality food; however, there is a missing ingredient in college food: love!

  • Missing out on Close Pals

Missing out on Close PalsMost school students develop healthy friendships with close pals, whether it is a local cricket match in the “gully” or your “study” pals, who come to the rescue the night before those all-important school exams. These friendships last for a lifetime. Your friends support you through thick and thin. And then comes the time to enter college, and most of these friendships are put on the backburner. Hence, returning home during vacations help you reconnect with your school pals. You may be anxious to tell them about your new life and hear about theirs.

  • Need for Independence

Need for IndependenceCollege life is synonymous with rules and guidelines, which can hinder your independence. When it comes to home life, there is no need to report to anybody. You can do what you want, sleep when you want, and come and go as you wish. College life is extremely rigid in comparison with home life, which offers more flexibility.

  • Pursuit of a Hobby

    Pursuit of a HobbyYou may love strumming on that guitar of yours or love learning French. Once you enter a college, these hobbies take a backseat. Colleges have a fixed curriculum and syllabus. There is immense room for extra-curricular and team-bonding activities. However, when it comes to pursuit of hobbies, the home is the best place to take your hobby to the next level.

  • Active Social Life

    Active Social LifeAfter you have entered college, you are no longer an adolescent; instead, you have the responsibility of being a “young adult.” And having an active social life is synonymous with young adults. An active social life does not mean consuming alcohol, attending parties, consuming junk food, and staying up until the wee hours of morning. An active social life means bonding with friends, visiting a theatre to catch the blockbuster play or movie, singing, dancing, and enjoying life to the lease. After all, you should be high on “life.”

There is seldom a student who dislikes vacations. Vacations offer phenomenal benefits and opportunities, and students should welcome these opportunities with open hands.

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