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What to choose: Better College or Better Department?

Better College or Better DepartmentIn the world of competition it is very important to make important decisions with loads of care and after detailed research; especially when it comes to making a choice between better college or better department. Once the schools are over and students are done with entrance exams, they have burden of making a decision as it can either make or break their career.

Most of the times there is confusion about what to choose, as in what should be focused more on. Is it department or is it the college that should get more weightage. To be very honest there is no specific answer to this question, as it solely depends upon individual’s choice. But then both the options are very important and play a very crucial role in making the career of an individual. Thus, before we jump on to a conclusion, let us compare pros and cons of both the option. I would like to start with discussion about departments, as many pupils tend to oversee it and land up making a huge mess.

departmentsWhen I say departments, I refer to choosing the subjects and stream. What subjects or stream should be opted when in college and what option should be chosen for making career? Say for example, once you have completed and cleared JEE Mains exam then which stream you should be choosing. Should it be Engineering or Medical or it should be a combination of Bio + Mathematics. Should they be choosing commerce or arts and make a career in it?

Since there are many career options that students can choose from, it has become a headache for them. The advancements in different fields have made it tougher for today’s generation to make a choice. Not only this, there is abundant of counselling sessions held by experts for guiding students on what to choose and what not to choose. I believe and trust the tips and tricks of these experts (as I am amateur), but then there is one thing that I would like to say ‘DEAR STUDENTS, PLEASE DO NOT GET PRESSURIZED AND SELECT A DEPARTMENT. SELECT THE DEPARTMENT/ SUBJECTS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN AND MAKE YOUR CAREER IN!!

Students need to analyzeStudents need to analyze themselves and understand that what is it that amuses them and what is that they are interested in. If you do not have interest in the subject that you have selected, you will end up getting bored and lose the focus in studies. This will further result in wastage of precious time and hard earned money. Students need to analyze all the career options available and the future growth in them. To be a little helpful and give an idea about what all options are available I have listed some of the hit career options (which can never go wrong, if you have interested in them):

  • Engineering: Students can choose from Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil, Electrical, Computer, Electronic, Production, Marine, Mechanical, Meteorological and Material, Plastic, Textile, Telecommunication Engineering.

  • Medicine: Students can opt for M.B.B.S, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Veterinary, Paramedical, Speech therapists/ Audiologist

  • Fields related with Biology: Students can opt for being a Dietician, Biotechnologist, Genetics, Microbiology and many more.

  • Commerce: Students can opt for advanced courses in Finance, CA, Investment Banker, Insurance, Taxation etc.

Apart from these students can choose from varied options such as become a Lawyer, Fashion Designing,Interior Designing, Chef, Hotel management and in Aviation Industry.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to see which field interests you the most and then discuss it with your parents and elders. Take tips from guides and experts, as this way you can clarify all the doubts that you have in your mind. Choose the career option that will make you happy and not choose something that your friends are choosing. Following this pattern, you can never go wrong in terms of selecting the best career option.

I guess it is pretty much evident that it is necessary to focus more on electing the best department/ fields according to our interests. But then it does not end here. Students need to select the college also.

Choosing College:

Choosing College:Cherry-picking a good college is as important as choosing a proper department and students should not neglect it. There are many basic factors such as where you would like to live, which college offers the course that you would like to study, which college is near to your home and many more. Generally, students only look at the courses that these colleges offer and decide to join them; and tend to oversee other factors that do make an impact on their life.

When choosing a college, just do not select the college by its brand name or brand image. It is not necessary that a branded college will guarantee success. You can be successful in life even you graduate from an average or small college. What matters the most is the quality of education imparted. Thus, students should do a research about the success rate and the deliverables of the college that they are planning to join. They should look at the factors as ratio of teachers to students, how far is it from their home (especially those students feel homesick), what courses they are offering, what kind of accommodation they are offering, what all circular activities does it have and what is the placement record they have (This is the most important factor, as if you have no job then you will have no money).

The reason why I am stressing over picking a good college is that students spend most of the time in the college. Also, apart from college life they will be learning new things (maybe hard way) and new skills that will help them to excel in their professional life. If the college chosen is not good enough and the studies imparted are not worthy enough; then it may ruin individual’s life. Students might fall into bad company and may not concentrate on studies.

I should wrap up the debateWell, I think I should wrap up the debate over here as it is way too long and will go on; so as to what to choose a good department or good college. And the only solution that I came up is (and I guess even the experts would agree with me) that students should look at striking a perfect balance between both the choices. This means that they should focus on the electing department that they are interested in and simultaneously they should choose a perfect college that will help them in getting the best of both the options. They should opt for a good (at least a decent college) and pick the department/ field that they are interested in learning.

Thus, I wish all the students very best for making one of the key decisions in life.


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