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  • Ten Most Weirdest Questions Asked At IIT Campus by the Prominent Companies
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Weirdest Questions Asked At IIT Campus Placement

Most Weirdest Questions Asked At IIT Campus Indian subcontinent is always a treasure trove boasting of the most intelligent and educated youth strength. Each year there are these promising aspirants who aim for the spiral steps that lead to the IIT campus. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. These are considered the most prestigious technical colleges in India and obviously are the most sought after ones by the young aspirants. The number of students appearing for the Joint Entrance Exam for IIT is monstrous.  It is not only important but equally essential as well for the examinees to be qualified technically and mentally too to crack the IIT entrance. Questions are really prepared with great care to ensure the choicest aspirant.                                 

Seeking admission in these colleges of high esteem one is expected to be extremely talented and very efficient analytically. As a result the IIT JEE aspirants go through rigorous process of preparation in order to leave no stones unturned. It involves not genius but also the right kind of coaching and perseverance. There are several coaching classes those offer with training to the students. It is understandable that after putting so much of effort they all desire to get through the gateway to their dream land, the IIT premises.

It’s a dream professionIt’s a dream profession for them that they all intend to pursue after the tenure at the campus. The companies who trade dreams for the students conduct tests and interviews to find the best among the already better ones in the country. The questionnaires are presumably designed tough to opt for the fittest and the most deserving candidate. In this refined way of screening the premium companies sometimes or every time ask the weirdest questions to baffle the concentration and confidence of the interviewee. Though equipped with exclusive IIT study materials and great preparation level these are some very weird questions asked in campus interviews. While some are really weird, there are some tricky and funny too.

Question 1. What would be the only three most important things if you were to be on an island alone?

Ans. This was a question to evaluate the speed of analyzing power of a student. The immediate thing to flash in mind would be to run for life. Thus, the choice of three things would show the candidate’s smartness.

Question 2. Why is tennis ball so fuzzy?

Ans.  The question seems a funny one. The first thing that comes to mind is that the interviewer might be an ardent fan of tennis. Only a tennis player could answer such question about a tennis ball.

Question 3. If you made a film then whom would you choose to play yourself and why?

Ans. On the first hand this question is more likely to be asked to an aspirant filmmaker. What does an IIT aspirant have to do with the making of a film or biopic about him?

Question 4. What is the use of wearing a seat belt and how would you fasten it?

Ans. Seat belt fastening should be the question posed to any person opting for the driving license test. It only confuses the candidate and his quick responsiveness to a sudden situation is tested by this particular question.

Question 5. How can a man go without sleep for eight days?

Ans. The question is a very tricky one. At the same time it is intelligent and weird too. Anyone would sleep at night and going without sleep for eight days thus doesn’t matter at all.  

Question 6. How would you lift an elephant with one hand?

Ans. This too is a tricky one to judge the wit of the candidate. Though a weird question but it could be a game with the words. There’s no elephant with one hand so no question of lifting with one hand.

Question 7. What is the probability dating between two IITians?

Ans. This question is really weird one. The candidate might take the wrong maneuver to describe the romantic possibilities two IIT students.

Question 8. Why would you not opt to be an IITian?

Ans. The intention surely should be to make a funny and confusing situation at the same time. Why would an aspirant appearing for the interview bench not opt to be an IIT student if he has qualified in the written ordeal?

Question 9. What do you think about yourself, a hunter or a gatherer?

Ans. Why on earth an IIT candidate has to be a hunter or a gatherer? He is certainly not going to explore the Amazons or the Congo regions.

Question 10. What can you never have for breakfast?

Ans. This question is again weird but a tricky one. It expects the candidate to be a quick witted student. Lunch and dinner couldn’t be had as breakfast for sure.

All the weird questions are asked in an intention to measure the student’s quick response to any given situation. So it would be the best option not to panic. He or she needs to be cool and judge the situation and answer it without much stress.