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Ultimate Guide for Parents during Exam Preparation of Child

Parents during Exam Preparation of Child

Kids in early and mid-primary school have to clear several tests and examinations. Parents play a crucial role in the examination preparation of their child, partly because they have immense expectations from their children. Added to this are the stress and anxiety that every child undergoes the moment you mention the word “exam.” Therefore, the question arises as to how parents can provide help to their children to prepare for the exams like IIT JEE, BITSAT, NEET (AIPMT) etc.

Parents can be the guiding force for their children when there is immense pressure because of exams. On a brighter side, parents can enable their children to cope with the pressure through several tips, which can also be called the “ultimate guide.” Parents and caretakers should know how their responses can relieve or add to the pressure felt by their beloved children.

Tip 1: Establish an Emotional Connect

Establish an Emotional ConnectDuring stressful times, children need an extra bit understanding, comfort, and nurturing from their parents and caretakers. This will give them a sense of security and confidence. As a parent, you need to be receptive and open as to how your child is feeling. What’s more, you need to be attentive to your kid’s demands.

Tip 2: Confront Feelings

You should provide encouragement to your child to discuss how they feel. Empathetic listening is needed so that children realize they have been understood. What’s more, children will realize that their feelings are perfectly normal. Your child needs to know that talking about feelings is the only way to manage them.

Tips 3: Boost the Confidence of Your Child

Boost the Confidence of Your ChildChildren should be taught to be brave by showing them your belief in their abilities. You must encourage them to “give it a go” even in the face of fear and nervousness. Giving positive feedback for tasks undertaken and celebrating each success will help your child overflow with confidence during examination time.

Tip 4: Teach Your Child Relaxation Skills

 Teach your child the art of slow, mindful breathing, which can help their minds to calm down and get rid of anxiety. Parental participation in such meditation along with the child is the ideal way to begin.

Tip 5: Lead from the Front by Example

Lead from the Front by ExampleIt is extremely important for parents to stay positive and calm during your child’s anxious moments. This can give a tremendous boost to their confidence levels. Teach your child techniques such as positive affirmations during stressful times. Some of these affirmations could be “I will try my best,” “Every problem has a solution,” “Nothing is impossible,” etc.

Tip 6: Let Your Children Have Clear Expectations

Let Your Children Have Clear ExpectationsParental expectations from their children are always high. You need to help your child set clear goals, both in terms of examinations and career. While your child develops a strategy to reach his or her goals, you, too, should take into account the aptitude and talents of your child before preparing the list of expectations.

If you feel that your child cannot cope with the anxiety and stress that examinations bring along with it, you should do the following:

  • Have a talk with your child’s teacher about the performance of your child at school and the resources that can be offered by the school

  • You can even discuss the matter with the school’s counselor or psychologist

Each child has to go through examinations in life. What matters is the coping mechanism. While some children have excellent rapport with their parents, other children have to face with high expectations, especially in subjects that they dislike. Parents need to be supportive, caring, and loving if the child has to pass out from these exams with flying colors.

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