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Top 10 Things an IIT Aspirant Can Learn from Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi“He came, he saw, he conquered.” This statement is so true of our Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi, who ripped apart his detractors and the opposition parties, who were baying for his blood at last year’s Lok Sabha Election held in India, the world’s largest democracy. Millions of people have put their trust in Narendra Modi, who is fondly called NaMo by his followers.

One can learn many things from this charismatic PM of ours. IIT aspirants should find a source of inspiration from his magnetic personality and the aura that surrounds him. In this world, which lacks role models, India is an exception thanks to NaMo, who has so many positive qualities that an IIT aspirant or any other student can emulate. Therefore, let’s get cracking.

Public-Speaking Skills

Public-Speaking SkillsPrime Minister Narendra Modi has that “thunder” in his voice that makes the audience listen with rapt attention. Even his detractors have conceded that they, too, listen to each and every speech of his. What’s more, we cannot give credit to his speech writers because on Independence Day he didn’t speak with any access to a written speech. Arguably, this speech will be the most remembered, coming from an Indian Prime Minister. An IIT aspirant, too, needs effective communication skills.


DisciplineThroughout his life, PM Narendra Modi has been disciplined. Since joining the RSS, which is famous for instilling discipline among its members, Narendra Modi has followed an extremely disciplined regimen. Through discipline, an IIT aspirant can have a better chance of cracking JEE.


DeterminationSince his childhood days of helping his brother and father in their tea stall, he was always determined to become some great personality in life. His association with the RSS can be traced to his early days, and the driving force behind this 64-year-old PM of ours is the same as that of an 8-year-old tea vendor. Hence, as an IIT aspirant, there is no one stopping you in becoming an excellent engineer.

Attention to Detail

Attention to DetailThis skill is vital, especially when it comes to engineers graduating from IITs as well as IIT aspirants. Attention to detail is the hallmark of a person who gives paramount importance to planning. And we all know what a meticulous planner our maverick PM is. Therefore, you should pay attention to minute details. To reach out to our vast population, Narendra Modi traveled nearly 3.5 lakh kms and addressed roughly 400 rallies, all a result of thorough planning. Micro-detailing helps in effective planning, which guarantees better results.

Love for Technology

Love for TechnologyIITs are synonymous with technology and so is Prime Minister Modi. He is extremely tech-savvy and stays in tune with the technological developments. He tweets regularly and posts important Prime Ministerial tasks within a few minutes of it taking place. While we were carrying out research for this article, we could see that his Facebook cover image had been updated already. While IITians can learn from this, we should also keep in mind that there is a difference between tech lovers and tech slaves.

Love for Fitness

Love for FitnessAs an IIT aspirant, you should be completely fit in both mind and body. This will help you study long hours, improve your concentration and memory, sleep soundly, and ultimately crack JEE. PM Modi is a great yoga enthusiast, and makes it a point to spend some time performing pranayama each day. Hence, he is so active at this age. In addition, during the run-up to the polls, there was much mud-slinging with regard to his 56-inch chest.


EnthusiasmDespite being in his 60s, Narendra Modi has an enthusiasm of a 19-year-old. This quality is highly commendable. This is something that IIT aspirants can learn from. Enthusiasm in their work will lead to happiness and satisfaction, regardless whether they crack or fail to crack JEE. PM Modi has never shed off his enthusiastic persona, whether it was with the trip to Japan or addressing students on Teacher’s Day.


PatienceCan an IIT aspirant afford to be impatient? As an IIT aspirant, you should carry out in-depth planning, which will lead to confidence. This shouldn’t lead to impatience, restlessness, or jumping on to conclusions. Narendra Modi has enormous amounts of patience, this coupled with calmness, and maturity has proven to be successful to him. It is extremely rare to catch the PM angry, impatient, or overwhelmed by emotions.

Leadership Qualities

Leadership QualitiesPM Modi will be remembered for his promise of working one hour extra than his subordinates. He declared this during a public speech. Only a true leader would have the audacity of making such a promise and, still better, living up to it. He is a man of his words. Learning this quality from him can benefit an IIT aspirant tremendously, because he or she will no longer build castles in the air.


Despite being Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world, his power and position have not gone to his head. His humility speaks for itself, especially when he addresses the nation or answers all questions put across. Therefore, as IIT aspirants, you should leave your pride and ego way behind, if you want to move ahead in life.

These 10 qualities are essential to anyone who wants to make it big in life. Therefore, inculcate them in your life as early as you can.