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Things to do once you got the counseling letter for Engineering

Students need to make the best utilization of engineering counseling

utilization of engineering counsellingThe ‘counselling letter’ after selection in engineering entrance is the realization of long-cherished dream of a student. As this opportunity is precious, he or she needs to become very conscious to get the best advantage of it. As we know, this is a life-time opportunity, the students need not make too much haste in joining a college and later regret for the lack of facilities in it. This would cast negative impact on the career of the students as during the study of engineering, the students need different facilities like excellent faculty and sophisticated laboratories. Top engineering colleges are the breeding grounds of generations, which would build the future of science of the nation. Moreover, students serious about engineering study need several facilities that would give them fodder for thoughts for scientific inventions. Top engineering colleges like IITs and BITs are always unconventional in their methods to teach the students. While attending the counselling for admission the students need to get all these related facts that would help them to study well and make a successful career in engineering.

What the students need to do once they get counseling letter for admission in Engineering?

 counsellingConsult with the peers, senior students, and other people- When the students get counselling letter for admission, they really need to begin accumulating data about the existing colleges and prospects offered by them after admission. Before the arrival of the counselling date, they could make an intense search in the press reports, web-portals, and education magazines about the prospective engineering colleges and facilities for education in them. Apart from such search, discussion with the conscious and aware persons could give the students reliable information about the colleges and the prospects offered by such institutions. Students need to talk to their teachers in the school and particularly senior students, who are studying engineering in various colleges.

placement’ facilitiesKnow about ‘teaching’ and ‘placement’ facilities- The colleges under a particular university update their information on teaching and placement facilities in their portals. While the information about teaching is important, accurate information about placement also carries equal weight. The information is relevant and inter-related as poor teaching facility leads to poor standards in the students and for this, companies and organizations refuse to accept students from such colleges under their pay-roll. When the placement record of a particular college is good, it is significant that the college has maintained quality by imparting excellent teaching to its students.

branch in EngineeringThink carefully and decide about college and branch in Engineering- The pertinent fact is a particular college might have excellent reputation for its faculties, while the teaching facilities for all the branches in engineering may not be the same. When a student is interested in admission for an engineering degree in ‘electronics and communication’, he or she needs to make sure that good infrastructure and teaching facilities are available for the same branch in engineering. It is a sure fact that all the branches in engineering covered by a particular college might not have the same quality of infrastructure, faculty, and teaching.

Rank in JEERank in JEE and available colleges in the counselling- Research becomes vital before counselling about available colleges for admission in the colleges as the score of a student in the entrance test is most decisive factor about it. When the score is high, he or she is eligible for admission in a top engineering college and mediocre and average score in the entrance would compel the students to take admission in a mediocre institution. Here discretion is necessary by a particular student that whether by his or her score, the student could satisfactorily succeed in studying in a better institution. This requires research. The study of engineering is useless and futile if the score by a student does not take him or her to the right destination for excellence in engineering studies.

Students need to keep their coolStudents need to keep their cool- Counselling is a tough time both for the students and their parents. The students need to check and select at least ten colleges, where he or she would surely get the benefits of better facilities for study and placement. The students need to check that whether by their score they could study in those top ten colleges of their preference. While the opinions of friends, relatives, and peers carry importance, the candidates need to keep their cool at the time of ascertaining related facts like infrastructure, faculty, and other facilities available in the colleges. It is the decision of the students that carry weight. After all, engineering is a tough subject and need not be undertaken with a lighter approach. All the important facts need to come under scanner before the final decision about admission gets carried out in the counselling session by the students.

session before scheduled timeReach counselling session before scheduled time- Take for instance, the scheduled time for beginning of counselling is 11 A.M. Students need to reach the venue at least before one or two hours. The purpose is to know in detail about the vacant seats in the engineering colleges. Usually, the details about the vacant seats are on display in the different centres set up in the campus at the counselling spot. The university also updates its available vacancies in its website. The students need to remember that counselling is a life-time opportunity and they must not act in haste. The hours need serious judgement and that any mistake could jeopardize their future. They need to make sure that education in a particular college could fit their bill. Unfortunately, most the facilities announced by the engineering colleges exist only on paper but students uncover an unpleasant reality as they take admission in a particular college. There goes the interesting proverb that ‘clouds and wind without rain is one who boasts of gifts never given’. The purpose is the students need not get swayed by the purposeful propaganda by the institutions to attract the students but they need to inquire and know consciously that facilities for good study really exist in the colleges.

Knowing the fee structure- Fees for studying in a certain engineering college could come higher than a student’s expectation. If a particular college is charging higher fees than what is mentioned in its course prospectus, the students need either to opt out of counselling session or lodge a complaint with the directorate of technical education.

Is the head of the institution stableIs the head of the institution stable?- Once the student takes a decision about admission in certain engineering college, he or she needs to know that whether the head of the academics of that college has stayed in the post for a long time. Frequent reshuffling in the post of principal is an indication that management in that particular college is faulty. This would put an adverse repercussion on the future of the student if he or she decides to study there. If the principal of the college has stayed in the seat for a long time, it is a sure indication that management is healthy and it runs the affairs in the college in a smooth way. When the principal of the college is a distinguished person, it attracts a number of good students.