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Ten non academic things to learn while in college

things to learn while in collegeAfter completing your school a big decision needs to be taken with respect to the college of your choice. It is very important for a student to get admission in a college of his or her choice. This is going to build the base for an individual; it is the perfect time groom and enlarges your hands in various areas and directions. But what do you think when you choose a college? Is it the academy and good curriculum or the reputation of the college? Some of them will say “Good Reputation of the college”, others will say “Good Curriculum”, many of them will say “Good Professors” etc. But apart from these things like reputation, good curriculum and professors’ wheat else a student can expect from his or her future college? Are these things enough to select a college by a student to fulfill his or her dreams or more is required from the college? This is a tough question which needs to be answered appropriately with respect to individual’s choice. Honestly, there are many other factors apart from academics in college which a student should consider while taking admission into the college.

SPORTS spirit is one the most important factors which a student should consider while making a choice of college. Many colleges are highly active in sports, games, music festivals etc. So, it is important to note how much you are interested in these kinds of activities, it totally depends on you. If you are a person who likes to participate in college fest, sports, games etc. then you should opt for the college which is highly active in these areas. Reason, is that it will give you the chance to showcase your talent in many other areas along with academics. This will help you to make friends from various areas and it will help you to build a big network throughout life.

Thus, Sports is one of the non-academics that one should definitely learn while in college.

college is hostels or dormsAnother factor to be considered while being in a college is hostels or dorms. Many of the colleges offer hostels and dorms for students who are coming from other states, territories, countries etc. So choosing a hostel and dorm is also important in order to confirm what kind of rooms are there and many other things which we are going to discuss in the next section. For some of it be something of least importance, but then it is necessary that you choose a suitable and safe option to live. There are many questions which needs to be consider like how big is the room, how many roommates are there in a single room, is it co-ed versus same sex, an apartment with a common kitchen or a room with a microwave etc. Some other questions might come to your mind like how close the hostel or room is from the college, is there any separate study room in the hostel assigned to you, is it close to computer labs, dining hall?

activities Third point is many of the students are religious life at college. Many students are interested in religious practices from their early stage of life and are involved a lot during school life and now they want the same in their college life as well. Some colleges are highly active in religious activities and have special places to pray and participate in religious activities. Students are allowed to celebrate various religious activities within the college campus for example there are many colleges which organize Holi festival at a grand level. Students can celebrate many other festivals like Diwali, Id etc. in college campus, this gives them a better chance to get involve with new friends and new religious activities. Many colleges have very limited options for religious life and if you are religious person then it would very difficult for you to perform your religious activities within the college. Also, check various communicates near your college to understand the atmosphere of the college as college gets influenced a lot by the local community next to it. So this is also very important factor which needs to be considering while choosing a college. So in all, it is all what activities you want in your college is completely dependent on your choice and type of college you are going to join in the future. On the other hand if you are a non-religious person then avoid a college which a more into religious activities as it not a dish of your choice. So, better choose a college of your own choice and don’t by others recommendations.

 needs consideration is location of the collegeFourth point which needs consideration is location of the college. For many students location a can be a major factor in deciding the college. Are you ready to travel for hours to reach your college on daily basis? If yes then it is absolutely fine but it is not with most of the students. Students who don’t like to travel for hours on daily basis for studies, location of the college is very important. For students leaving school and entering college is a new experience where they need to do their stuffs on their own like laundry, cooking, washing etc. There are many students who cannot stay away from family for a longer time, so they should choose college which is close to their home so that at least they can travel to home on weekends to meet their families.  They might be missing their mother’s food or you want to go home on all the holidays for festivals and other. There are many students who want to go home only for main and important holidays only; for them staying away from their home is still fine. So, it completely depends on the individual whether he or she wants to stay close to home or not, accordingly they can choose college locations. Also another aspect is the time to travel and the cost associated with the travel. You can minimize the cost and time of travel by choosing a college next to your home; also it will save the money you will be spending on dorm or hostel.

vital roleThe size of the campus of the college also plays a vital role in its selection. But it completely depends on student, whether the size of the campus matters to them or not. Some students will say that size of the campus doesn’t matter to them, so they can apply to any of the colleges irrespective the size of the college campus. Others will say that the size of the campus matters a lot to them; they want to go to colleges with small campus so that it is not difficult for them to recognize each other. Also, it will allow them to make friends in colleges without wasting any time; this will help them to build their network. Honestly speaking, I was also concerned about the campus size of my college after leaving school. I wanted to go to a college where the campus size was very big so that I can roam around and get the opportunity to make more and more friends and become popular. So, it complete depends on individual choice of joining a college with big or small campus.

Sixth point is building new skills and make strong network can be done through various cultural fests and organizations available in the college. Availability of organizations and clubs associated with cultural fest and other activities is also a bonus for a student who is very much interested in social activities. This can even discover a new passion in you, so it is vital to choose a college which is involved in all these activities with club house and organizations.

home foodSeventh point can be food especially home food. When we are in school we are habitual to food cooked by our mothers only and hence don’t like outside food that much. But when we enter college the time of classes is such that it starts early morning and ends in the evening. It is not possible to bring lunch everyday hence we are dependent on the food we are getting in the college canteen. At times we are very much particular about our taste and hence will look for the same in the college canteen. It is quite possible that the food or the taste you are looking for in the canteen is not available or you don’t like the taste of the food available in the canteen. In order to avoid such situations be careful to find out the availability of food in your canteen so that it doesn’t become a hindrance in your growth. Try to find out on social websites about the reviews of the canteen of the college you are planning to join in future, this will make it easy for you to adjust in your college.

attract many studentsDiversity can be one factor which will attract many students. There are so many students who are interested in various backgrounds, countries, regions, religions etc. So meeting students from other areas especially from the areas which you are not familiar with is of utmost importance for some of the students as they want to gain knowledge from these areas. We can even look for colleges which have great range of varieties of students from all over the world so that we can meet various people and understand their culture, religion, social life etc. Meeting people from all over the world with different backgrounds will give you an edge when you go for your jobs globally after the graduation.

Another thing to do which is non-academic is start doing some part time jobs. Here doing a part time job is not for money but for the experience which you can use in your later job after the graduation. This part time job give you an understanding of how you will be working in your full time job after graduation, how things work in offices, how to behave with your boss and fellow colleagues? It will give you a practical experience of real world and people in the real world how they react and act; what kind of situation we face during office work. Many students do part time job to support their tuition fee in order to support their family so that they avoid the burden of high tuition fees.

leader in your fieldTenth thing to learn in college apart from studies is to become a leader in your field. Not all the students become leaders; only few of them have the capability to become leaders. Some of the students are born and some acquire it by learning things in life. One important way of learning to lead is by taking initiatives. Try to initiate and get involved in any of the activities fully so that you can become the leader. Try to lead, suggest what others should do however it is very important to learn how to handle people that too by becoming a leader on your own. Build a friendly relationship with your fellow students so that when it becomes to vote, they vote you only.  This will help you in your job later after graduation as this leadership quality will help you to lead teams in office and growing incrementally in life.

In all, the suggestion is to do various things while in college so that you just don’t graduate but also grow in life with practical experiences during college life. This will definitely boost your career as well as social life.

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