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“Successful People are simply those with successful habits”

Key to successThe above mentioned quote conveys that those people with good habits are successful people. This means that for being successful in any field, one needs to cultivate good habits. But, most of us ignore our habits. I mean we don’t bother to pay any attention towards our habits and acquire habits that we should be avoiding. Thus, it is important that we cultivate good habits that will help us in growing as a successful person; and it becomes inevitable for those who aspire to take JEE examinations and make it to IIT. 

Most of the students complain of lack of concentration, while preparing for JEE exams. There could be many reasons like stress, tension, pressure etc., which results in lack of concentration. But, it is ‘OUR HABITS’, due to which many of the students lose their focus and cannot concentrate on studies.

Following are the habits that act as hindrance to being successful in JEE examination.

Books and Television; Together

Books and TelevisionIf you have a habit of reading or studying in front of ‘IDIOT BOX’ then change it right away. If you think you can concentrate while watching your favorites show; then either you are a nerd or exceptional genius. If you are none of these two, then do not try to study while watching television.



OverconfidenceConfidence is a good virtue and every student should possess it. It is necessary to be confident; but being OVERCONFIDENT will not help. Even if you are well versed with the topic, it is suggested that you make notes and revise them on a regular basis.

Bed and Studies

Bed and StudiesDo you study when you lie on your bed? If yes, change the habit and avoid laying on bed while preparing for the examination. Bed is meant for comfort and relaxing. If you study while laying on bed, you will fall asleep and won’t be able to study. So sit on a chair and table while studying.


facebook and whatsappIt is good to be have a social presence; but not while you are studying. Keep your phone/ system and do not use Facebook or Whatsapp while studying. Stay focused on your studies. For being successful in exams and clearing the JEE examinations with flying colors, stop above mentioned BAD Habits.  Shadow and embrace the following HABITs:

Too Much Studying

Too much studyingDo not study too much at a time. If you try to study for longer hours at a stretch, your studies will not be effective. Whatever you study after certain duration is wastage and brain does not retain it. It is just like wasting extra food on the plate. Take short breaks between your studies as they will help to preserve your mental energy.

When you take a break; try to pander in your hobbies. Read books, watch TV, go and play your favorite sport or do whatever relaxes you. This will keep your mind fresh and you will be able to concentrate more. Also, try to organize your studying habits and focus only on one topic at a given point of time.

No Rote Habits

Rote habbitsBy term ‘Rote’, I mean do not cramp / learn things mechanically without even trying to understand them. By rote, you might get a help in clearing mock tests or exams, but in long run this will NOT HELP.

Many of us have the habit of mugging up the formulas or answers by repeated writing or learning them. So quit this habit and try to comprehend the concepts and formulas. This will not help you in understanding the concepts; also you will be able to solve any problem/ questions asked in examinations.

Time Planning

Time planingPlanning is one of the most important when it comes to preparing for JEE examinations; or that matter of fact it is important in all spheres of life. Plan specific timeslots for each subject and stick to them.It is also very important to study at the time decided / planned; otherwise you might lack behind in preparation for other studies.

If you lose on time and if you try to recover it; by studying fast, then it will not help. You will make negligent mistakes which is not a good sign. Thus, make it a habit to stick to the timetable planned and decided by you.

Specific Goals

Specific goalsIt is mandatory to keep in mind to set ‘Specific and Practical’ goals. Set a vision about your life and then set your goals. Do not try to set goals regarding your studies that are unachievable and impractical. Make it a habit to set goals for a week or month and try to achieve them in planned manner. Having goals set, will not only motivate you to study; but also aid you in monitoring your progress. 

Too Many Books

BooksThis is one of the BAD Habits that most of us have; Having too many books and reference guides. We have a habit of collecting and referring to all those books and guides that our competitors are using for their preparation. This is WRONG!

Each of us has different understanding capabilities. Some of us have strong foundations and some need attention to specific topics. Thus, it is mandatory to select books or guides as per our comfort level. If you have too many books, you are bound to waste time in selecting the book. And, it is not necessary to refer all the material available in market. NCERT books and NCERT solution are the best material that you can refer to!

No Procrastination

By Procrastination, I mean the act of delaying your work. If you want to be successful and clear you exams with good score; it is necessary that you give the Habit of Procrastination. Do not delay things for later stage, as this later stage will never come. Study/ revise at the time dedicated to it. Habit of postponing will not only ruin your time, but also at the end you will be piled up with tons of study pressure and load. This will make you confused, irritated and you will not be able to concentrate on your studies.


TensionTaking too much of tension or worrying too much is one of the habits that is found in many students preparing for entrance exams. It is sheer wastage of time.

Stop worrying or getting tensed about what will happen in future. If you do not study and waste time in thinking about the future; you will end up losing your valuable time. Do not allow other random thoughts to arrest your mind; simply focus on STUDIES.

No Surrendering; Stay Positive

Stay positiveDo not surrender before attempting the paper. Many students surrender without attempting and give up too soon. You need to be patient and give some time to yourself. Be positive! Do not become courage less or negative if you fail in initial tests. Rather, jot down your weak areas and work on them. Apart from above mentioned habits keep the following points too in your mind:

Sleep and Eat Well

Get proper sleep and maintain a stable diet. Avoid food that makes you feel drowsy. This will keep you healthy and will help you in concentrating on studies.


Try to include some basic exercises, such as stretching or walking in your daily schedule. This will keep your body and mind fit. Avoid all the unwanted habits and stick to a healthy routine; you will definitely prosper not only in examination, but also in your life. Remember, being an IITian is not easy. Loads of hard work, patience and perseverance are required. So start preparing at an early stage and do not take your studies too lightly. I wish all the aspirants ‘Break your Leg’ for their exams!!

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