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Study alone or study with our friend: Which is better?

StudyingSolitude is best help for self-study. When a learner seeks the company of book in the confines of solitude, it simply works wonders. But again every human-being is a social animal and a learner picks up the pearls of wisdom simply being in the company of fellow learners, where sharing topics in a  discussion remove the cobwebs of doubts from mind  and brings crystal clear understanding in a subject. As it has gone well down the generations that “practice makes perfect”, learning in the atmosphere of a class-room brings the best in result. Although, different opinions exist in favor of studying alone or in a group with friends, there is a thin line of demarcation between the two different methods of learning.

A few points highlighting a systematic approach to learning using both the methods of study could teach the learners to make efficacious use of studying alone and then sharing the context in the greatest platform of learning, known as “classroom”.

Focus of mind is most important

FocusIn every type of learning, “concentration” and “focus” are two most important things, which matter most. Concentration is simply keeping the mind centered on the topic while learning, while “focus” comes when a learner attains position of being in that state for a long time.  As everyone knows keeping the mind centered without deviation is the toughest task.

While studying alone, most of the times, mental concentration gives a slip and in a classroom, students indulge in gossiping that results in loss of concentration and focus on the subject of study.Now to effectively get grasp on the subject-matter of study, consider the few points that would help the learners, while studying alone.

Draw a time-table and arrange the study materials

The study materialThe learner needs to arrange the study-materials first, while studying alone. Books, pen, pencil, and everything that would become necessary for preparation for a topic in a subject have to be there. Studying alone has two goals; the first thing is it should generate enough “self-confidence” about a particular topic. And what is next? Such self-confidence needs to contain enough for a “self-presentation” in the classroom, where the learner would stay confident of facing any question and answering it with confidence. The students need to delve unto depth, while reading or experimenting with a topic, but that ultimately means that he or she would face situation of proving the mettle in classroom in a group and in presence of a pedagogue. So while studying alone, the learner needs to keep up an order that basically means keeping strict time-table, where every subject would get a place and reading of every paragraph and making an analysis of every word or sentence, which would create a complete understanding.

Timing is important, while studying alone

Time is importantAs it is a familiar truth that wee hours of morning is the best time for memorizing the lessons. While studying alone, the student needs to take the maximum utility of that time for reading and understanding the core parts of every subject. It helps in remembering the important topics with ease.

Kick out all the distractions

DistractionsThe learner needs to make a mental note of all the things that keep on distracting. The important thing to remember is that mental concentration is an order of things that a person does every day. If a student keeps on interacting with unruly, distracting, and disruptive activities, he would never have calmness of mind while studying alone. The learner needs to observe such things that keep on throwing him out of his ken of mind and in the turmoil of disturbing thoughts. That observation helps him to observe and while he stays careful simply by withdrawing from all such things, the learner gets best of mental calm. Ultimately, he or she gets the power of mind to learn in any atmosphere.

Follow the order, while studying alone

Studying aloneStudying alone has its own flip side. The learner usually studies and prepares for the subjects, which he likes and avoids the subjects that are difficult and do not draw his or her interest. This defeats the holistic purpose of studying for true learning. While studying alone, he needs to make a regular practice of reading one easy and difficult paper alternately. A learner avoids some subjects because he has already built up mental blocks about them. Continuous practice of reading one easy and one difficult subject improves his standard as a student.

Study with friend or friends- how different is it?

Study with friendsNormally, studying with a single friend or group of friends takes place in private tuition, classroom, or at a place, where a mutual discussion takes place. A learner reaps the rich benefits of learning even when he studies with a friend or group of friends. But here the same rule applies that the learner needs to apply the same concentration and focus of mind that he makes use while studying alone.

Interactive participation- a vital part of learning

 Interactive participationIt is natural that while studying alone, mind gets struck up in doubts that prohibit understanding about the gist of subject-matter. Discussion has always stayed a fruitful means of picking up steady grasp over the subject. As this is always possible with a friend or group of friends, it is wise to take part in healthy interactive participation that would enhance quality of learning. However, the learner does not gain this advantage, while he studies alone.

Studying with friend or friends teaches group behavior

Studying with friendsWhile a learner interacts in a group by sharing the ideas and learning in togetherness, it teaches him or her self-discipline and group behavior, which are vital parts for a “self-presentation”.  The basic purpose of any study has forever stayed presentation of ideas either in an interview or in a group. Studying with friends would ultimately guide the learner out of shyness and other related mental blocks and make him or her self-confident to grasp the subject-matter with ease.

Which is better-studying alone or studying with friends?

Better StudyingThe true purpose of every study is learning. The vital necessities for successful learning are discipline, mental concentration, and focus on the subject-matter. Every subject has its difficult and easy chapters and for effective learning both the methods are essential. Both the methods help in improving grasp over the subjects and contribute to intelligence of the learner.


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