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So many engineering entrance exams to give

So many Entrances but little Way

little WayWay back in eighties, study of engineering was the exclusive privilege reserved for the most brilliant minds in Indian society. The facility for studying it stayed confined to the government colleges as number of private colleges was fewer.  It was only in nineties, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), allowed private institutions to start campuses to impart technical education through engineering courses. In the last two decades, India has seen the high growth of engineering colleges in its every state. Job opportunities in corporate sector and spread of technical education literally brought one engineer in every family as marvelous opportunities existed for them in different companies. But surge of such education has brought intense pressure and stress on the teenagers, who struggle with their regular class study in school and college at intermediary level but have no option but to go through the rigorous preparation for entrances simultaneously. The two years at the intermediary level becomes extremely grueling when the young minds fight hard for a career option in engineering. The good thing about engineering education in India is now this field offers many prospects for employment. Patience and perseverance could bring the students brilliant opportunities after study.

A Study of engineering entrance examinations

A Study of engineering entrance examinationsAt present, students could appear at 17 entrance tests in institutions across India. Besides JEE ( Joint entrance examination) for engineering consisting of JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced, 15 other entrance examinations in engineering take place in India. As the number of aspirants of engineering study is increasing day-by-day, students naturally have no choice but to try entrance examinations of different institutions. This results in stiff competition and pressure for the students. The entrance examination for engineering is basically a test conducted by central board of secondary education (CBSE).  Under this, students could try to get admission in various undergraduate courses in engineering and architecture courses.

Do Entrance examinations stress the students too much?

 stress the studentsDespite the grueling preparation, students find facing the entrance examination a tough task. Students prepare under stress and feel too much nervous while they appear at the entrance examinations. Too much of nervousness and anxiety take the toll on the students and result in bad scores in all India rankings. Many students do not get any option but to wait for another year to appear at the entrance examination once again and try their luck. Loss of confidence could bring disasters and results in the bleak future for the students. This makes it essential that students need to keep their complete confidence while they appear at the engineering entrance examinations. In an over-competitive age, loss of prospect in the entrance test takes a too high toll on the body and mind of a candidate. The relevant thing is engineering is a tough profession and even though someone gets selected in the entrance, he or she needs to remember that the path ahead would become tougher, not easier. As the engineering aspirants are brilliant minds, the sense of failure in them is a fruitless thing as they could find alternative career options instead of engineering.

Pressure from so many entrance examinations for Engineering-how to manage?

Stay focused on the structures of JEE- Main and JEE-Advanced

Stay focused Engineering entrance examinations have more or less the same structures that take the students through a filtering process and pick out the best talents from the competition. The important point is to know the structures of all the engineering entrance tests taking place throughout India. Entrance tests have almost the same structures and pattern of the tests does not vary too much. When a candidate prepares for the Part-1 and Part-2 of JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced, it also helps him or her in the preparation for other entrance tests of leading engineering colleges.  Take, for instance, BITSAT entrance test, offered by Birla Institute of Technology (BITs). The entrance test has the same structure like that of JEE but varies with the inclusion of one more subject-English. The students take the entrance tests in Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, and English. The English section is new in this with 15 questions.  Apart from this, most of the engineering entrances have now become online.

What could generate confidence in the candidates in facing entrance examinations for Engineering?

Entrances only broaden the opportunities without making them limited

opportunities without making them limitedThe students need to draw consolation from the fact so many entrance examinations in the field of engineering study only make the opportunities larger. Failure in a single chance in a year could bring another brighter opportunity in the next year. There is no point to worry that failure would make their future darker. The students need to focus constructively while they prepare for the unlimited opportunities that would come from the study of engineering.

The candidates need to have CONFIDENCE and FAITH in themselves

CONFIDENCE and FAITH in themselvesWhen the students face the entrance examination, they need a sportive attitude. Fear of failure would only beget nightmarish consequences in the end. A winner’s attitude is all that could bestow highest rewards. Self-confidence and faith in one’s ability are the two key ingredients in the Chemistry of success. When a student prepares hard for the examination but fails to get through engineering, his or her ability could become helpful for another professional career.

Worrying is fruitless, but action gives result

Worrying is fruitless, but action gives resultIt is true that every student faces examinations many times in a particular year. And it is just an imagery that everyone thinks engineering entrances are big exceptions. When a student has studied for so many years and risen in the rungs of curriculum ladder in school and college, it is unreasonable fear that makes him or her nervous on the occasions of engineering entrances. The candidate needs a fearless attitude for success in the engineering entrances.

Knowledge about the details of structures of engineering entrances and Planning for preparation

Knowledge about the details of structures Obviously, a student could not appear at all the eighteen entrance examinations taking place across India. He or she could only go for the best few in the list of entrances after preparing hard. When a student knows about the structure or pattern of any entrance, he needs to do complete PLANNING for the preparation.

Know your limit to avoid pressure

Know your limit to avoid pressureHuman capacity to take pressure differs from human-being to human-being. Every student needs to know his or her ability to tackle pressure. If at a particular point, pressure becomes detrimental, the he needs to avoid that. The point is limitless pressure and stress could damage the person’s nervous system and prevent him or her from taking further steps in life. Relaxation during the exhaustive sessions of preparation needs to become part of every student’s life. The students need to drain out the stress from his or her mind before taking strain of another day’s preparation. 

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