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Should You or Shouldn’t You Give JEE Main a Third Attempt?

JEE MainJEE Main is the entrance examination to gain admission into the illustrious IITs or Indian Institutes of Technology. The maximum no. of attempts an engineering aspirant has to have a go at JEE Main is three. Therefore, the big question that arises is that if a candidate has failed to clear JEE Main in the first two attempts, should he or she attempt JEE Main for the third time.

The old adage, “try and try until you succeed” may not apply when it comes to attempting JEE Main. Students who have failed to crack JEE Main in two successive attempts should try to gain admission into some of the most reputed universities, which conduct their own entrance exam to decide which students are offered admission. Some of these colleges and universities may take into account your JEE Main score. Some of these institutes include BITS, VIT, AMU, and LPU, to name a few. You can obtain in-depth info about the admission procedure by visiting their respective websites.

Students who are ready to drop one more year and attempt JEE Main at the third attempt are taking a huge risk. Many will conclude that this decision is a waste of one precious year. Students who failed in two successive attempts may be extremely de-motivated or disillusioned, when it comes to giving a third attempt. However, if students are positive and never say die, having a go at JEE Main for the third time may prove to be a favorable gamble.

AlternativelyAlternatively, students should consider gaining admission into some of the prestigious engineering colleges spread across the length and breadth of the country because IITs are not the alpha and omega of engineering colleges. There are umpteen institutes that provide high-quality engineering education, which is at par with IITs but may not hold the same weightage.

If you are a true engineering aspirant, the institute should not matter. What matters is your dedication, hard work, determination, and diligence, which are the defining attributes of budding engineers.

Students who desire to have a third go at JEE Main should carry out in-depth revision of Class XI and Class XII syllabi with the assistance of educational CDs or previously-prepared notes. From their previous two attempts, such students should know the ins and outs of effective time management during JEE Main, which questions to give more priority and importance to, which questions to skip to avoid negative marking, and how to remember important formulae, which can help to crack all three papers: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

coaching classesOpting for coaching classes may not be a good idea for the third attempt because, in all probability, you may have attended coaching for the first two attempts. Going through another coaching session for the third attempt may prove to be a waste of precious time and money.

One major drawback of attempting JEE Main for the third attempt is that such candidates are debarred from qualifying for JEE Advanced.

Therefore, instead of being obsessed with regard to gaining admission into IITs, aspiring engineers should focus on sharpening their skills and gaining extra knowledge, so that they are highly in-demand engineers.

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