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Preparation Strategy for Second attempt in IIT JEE

IITThe main aim and dream of many students after completing their 12th exam is to choose engineering as one of their career options today. With this objective in their minds, they will no doubt make an all out effort to gain entry into the country’s premier institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 

Facts and Logic

Facts and Logic - IIT JEEIt is believed by several people that students who are good in their studies can only crack the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).The truth behind this logic may not be absolutely correct always. You can observe that there are several instances of students scoring brilliantly in their class 12, but may not be able to pass the JEE entrance test in the very first attempt. Hence, in order to be successful, you need to fulfil certain prerequisites such as on time completion of entire syllabus, ability to devote equal attention to the class 12 board exam and test preparation with repeated practice sessions for JEE. Here, one of the most important and pressing questions that arises in your mind is to revamp your preparation strategy to retake the exam for the second time. If that is so, it is considered as a good time for you to think again and act fast.

Advantage of revamping preparation

revamping preparationIt is certainly believed that when you prepare for the second attempt to take IIT JEE exams, you can adopt better strategies needed for revamp of the preparation. This will help you to possess good chances of clearing the entrance exam in comparison to your first attempt. Besides this, in the second attempt, you can secure a better rank as well. Even though, you may have to lose a year, yet you will certainly gain confidence and experience while appearing for the second attempt. You can definitely find several excellent coaching institutions that not only prepare students like you to clear the exam, but also enable to obtain good rank. There are other coaching institutes, which offer free coaching accompanied with very good study material. This boosts the preparation temper to achieve good rank during the second attempt of IIT JEE exams.

Recruitments of IIT JEE Students

During your revamp session of the exam preparation, you can be at peace regarding recruitments and placement. This is so as top companies take care of students like you who opt for engineering, computer science and electronics and communication.

Strategy Management

StrategyIt will be useful when you first analyze the chapters that you should concentrate on. This strategy management will assist you to move ahead as you will understand the do’s and don’ts faced during the first time preparation for the exam. You can tackle the problems in the most efficient way by the method of study adopted. You can also avail the guidance needed from expert faculties throughout your preparation time. It will help you to exercise additional effort required to revamp your preparation for the second attempt effortlessly. The other benefit that you can derive is that you can avail the help of online training programs conducted, and assistance through backup classes. You will be able to revise your study material a number of times without having to visit the coaching centres while preparing for the IIT JEE. This method of preparation will assist you in clarifying concepts through problem solving.

Revamp assistance from coaching institutions

The IIT coaching materials that you can obtain free of cost from coaching institutions, relate to several topics concerning IIT JEE entrance exams. This will help you to revise many topics thoroughly and increase your confidence before retaking the entrance exams. It is very vital for you to put in adequate effort in the revamp sessions by constantly referring to websites for collecting extra information and updates concerning IIT JEE exams.

Popular course for students

coursesStudents like you prefer to opt for Computer Science Engineering course owing to its wide scope in big companies and the IT sector as well, owing to its good pay packet. The online classroom courses by askIITians are extremely helpful to the students during their revamp preparation as they indicate in depth knowledge in preparing efficiently.


Do not get disheartened if you are unable to be successful in passing the IIT JEE exam in the first attempt. The revamp preparation process will surely give you an edge in clearing the exam as well as in achieving a higher rank. Stay concentrated and achieve success by sharpening your skills in time management.