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Online Education vs Traditional Education

These days due to advancement in technology a new trend is noticed in terms of providing education. However, it would not be correct to say that this is a new trend; it has been there in market for a long time now; but it has reached its height of popularity recently. During last decade, the numbers of students those who wish to study further but cannot join colleges or go to school because of their circumstances opt for studying online and completing their education. Online education has become a popular choice because the flexibility that it offers and the varied options that one can choose from. Educators are deeply in love with the idea of online education, but then what is supposed to happen with the traditional way of education?

The tradition of going to school physically, followed by colleges and universities. For them this concept of online studies is just a threat! After seeing the craze and the popularity of the online studies system, many people think that it can replace the traditional form of education. But is this fact true? Imagine a future where there is no school, no colleges, no coaching centres and no universities; but only laptops/ computers, internet connection and students. Before we jump on a decision whether these online courses will be able to replace traditional courses/ education; let’s have a look at what are these online courses and what are its benefits?

What are these Online Courses?

The online courses are an expected extension of Distance learning.  Just like in distance learning, we do not need to go to colleges or universities; in the same way here also we do not need to go anywhere to study. All we need is internet connection and a PC or Tablet or Laptop. There are different names that have been g9iven to these courses such has e-learning courses, virtual learning or web based learning courses. They are a huge craze amongst younger generation, as they provide springiness of studying from anywhere and at any given point of time. One can join any university or college they wish to and can study. They can study or gain knowledge from experts, across the globe even without their physical presence.

Online courses are very opportune and less expensive as compared to other universities or other courses fees. This is not only limited to universities or college, but this online studies is starting to tighten its grip on Coaching Centres business too. With the hectic life and the tough competition for entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET (AIPMT), BITSAT; many students are opting for online courses. There are many reputed coaching centers that are providing online coaching for subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to the aspiring students and the success rate is ever increasing. It is considered to be a boon for working professionals, who find it difficult to manage time for going to these colleges/ universities or coaching classes to complete their studies. Key Features of these Online Courses can be listed as:

Great choice

These online courses offer a great variety of subjects, topics and the patterns for students to choose from. So, if somebody is looking for a particular or a very specific course; then it can be easily opted in form of these online courses (Which otherwise not be feasible). Alco, one can enroll into their favorite college or university and get the course online at a cheaper rate.

Save Money

These online courses save a lot of money as one does not need to go to institution, so the money for travel is saved. If you are from a rural area or you cannot afford accommodation in other parts of cities or places, then opting for an online course save s you the money for the same. You can enroll for your favorite course, from your university and learn. Since the entire course material and books are available online or in form of e-books, you need not buy books and you can save money there too.

Instant Start

Another key feature of these online courses is they are available for an immediate start. Unlike typical college or university courses which have a particular starting date; these courses can be started at any point of time and can be completed at one’s on discretion. This way you will be able to join or start the course, without having to worry about the deadline or without having to wait for next session. (Please check the guidelines and rules, before joining a course as some of them do have a start and an end date).

Study in your own way

Personally, this is the best prat of studying a course online; it gives you the freedom to choose your timings for studying and plan things accordingly. When studying online, you can choose your timings either day or night and also manage your social/ professional or personal commitments at the same time. Some of us prefer to study early morning or some of us prefer to study late at night. You can choose morning or evening courses and study; without hampering your daily schedule.

Add Extra Value

Not only this, these courses are opted for another reason ‘To add value to their CV’. Many people or students enroll in these online courses to do extra certification or a specific course, so that they can add significance to their regular courses and degree. This helps them in minting money and pacing their career. Many students choose this course for adding benefit or supplementing their preparation for their entrance exams like MBA or JEE. By doing so, they can gain knowledge and expertise form their role models or he IIT/ IIM experts those who have cleared exams with flying colors. Thus, with the above mentioned benefits it gets pretty evident, why these students and people are opting for online courses. But there are few disadvantages too, that become positive aspect when compared with traditional educating system.

Disadvantages of Online Courses

Online courses have a very less human interaction and dearth of motivation for students to study. When we talk about traditional method of education like going to school or college, I go back to the lane of memories and my sweet fond memories of being at school show up. The making of friends (and some of them are for a lifetime), the scolding’s and the care of teachers, the lessons taught by teachers and guides (the real life incidents, apart from the textual ones), the participation in co-circular activities and the overall development of personalities, inter school competitions etc., are some of the important part of education that are missing from the online education method.

Another aspect that sets the traditional educating method apart is the assessment and verification part. Each course whether online or traditional will have test or examination for assessing the knowledge gained. The traditional way of checking the papers/ tests manually and providing the assessment, is much more accurate as compared to the online checking methods. Online learning is gaining pace and is becoming a favorite amongst lot many people, and with kind of response that it has got it seems that its fame will rise in near future. But, the main issue with the fairness or proof that the person has taken the test or is a valid personality; will not let it replace the traditional education system completely.


People might consider online courses for certain things like extra certifications and guide, but this option will not be considered when it will come to a proper and complete development of one’s mind, personality and knowledge. Also, since it lacks the core enjoyment or an experience of College or University life; most of the students will want to skip it. Thus, in spite of an upshot in the numbers of people enrolling for these online or e-learning courses, these will never ever to replace the traditional way of education as there are loopholes and it will take a long time to overcome them. So, no matter what form of studying you choose; online or traditional, study hard and enjoy your life. Happy studying!!