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Moving Out of the Dorm

Moving Out of the DormThere are many benefits of living off-campus during college instead of putting up in the college dorm. Firstly, you learn to become independent as you don’t have to follow rules which exist in a stereotypical hostel/dorm environment. There are no supervisors watching you in your off-campus accommodation.

Further, there is an aspect of increased privacy involved in an off-campus accommodation as you are probably not going to share your bedroom against the case of a dorm where you may have at least one or two roommates. Your dorm room will be half the size of your bedroom with more residents in it & you will not have an attached bathroom-toilet facility available.

health & hygieneThere are health & hygiene issues as well. In a dorm you have less chances to avoid getting sick during the flu season but if you reside off campus you can keep sickness at bay. Also consider the fact that there is always a non-stop party going on in the dorm, someone’s birthday bash, someone getting placed, someone celebrating their team’s victory, or may be someone jamming loudly using there guitar & amps at full throttle these all type of noises may disturb you or irritate you depending on the type of person you are.

Food is also an issue as the mess always tries & claims to provide quality & nutritive food but dorm residents are always looking for alternatives. But if you staying off-campus than you can always choose for the healthy & nutritive options available, you can also develop culinary techniques if you have interests pertaining to them.

main advantageThe main advantage of living off campus is as you become independent you also learn a sense of liability towards your actions. You improve your financial planning skills as you have to pay your rent & utilities bills on a monthly basis & you also learn how to live in a real world facing real world issues. Living off-campus is a great way to prepare for the real world as you have to manage a budget (monthly/ bi-yearly/annual). Managing a budget, cooking, & cleaning are good ways to prepare for a transition of life after college.

While looking for an off-campus accommodation one must start early, the early you start searching the more are the chances of finding a good place. As there is some research involved so it’s better to give yourself plenty of time. It is also important to do thorough research on the cost comparison between different neighborhoods. Always choose a place closer to the campus, research about the public conveyance options available from your place to the campus or whether you can commute using a bike or by walking. Choose a roommate who is compatible with you & is also a responsible person. Never live with someone whom you do not know or you cannot tolerate as this may hamper your overall life. It is better to think & sort out all the options available.

Living off-campus develops managerial, social, financial skills which are beneficial in the transition from a college life to the social life where they come handy in everyday situations.

boosts up your confidenceIt also boosts up your confidence level when you are living on your own. Living off-campus also provides you the opportunity to work. It can be managed, as you don’t have compliances of dorm environment to be met, so you can always work part time.

So moving out of the dorm can be a phenomenal experience.

Get extra Rs. 4,200 off