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Get good rank at IIT with help of MUSIC!!

Get good rank at IIT with help of MUSICMusic is something that helps or is used for expressing emotions that can’t be said otherwise. It not only helps in soothing you or relaxes you; but it also helps in increasing the concentration level. It makes performing the repetitive tasks much easier and fun filled (if they are done while listening to music). For some people/ students it even does help while studying. There are many researches that have proved the same. We always suggest to students that studying in right kind of atmosphere helps in increased concentration; but we never mentioned that studying while listening to right kind of music; also helps in boosting your brain power. Right kind of music not only helps in relaxing your mind, but also helps in avoiding varied forms of distractions while studying. You can listen to music while doing your homework, while studying or even when you are preparing for the toughest entrance exam like JEE.

There are many studies and researches that prove that listening to music while study helps in increased concentration. Many researchers and scholars have agreed to the point that music is something that can motivate students to study and a noticeable change has been noticed.  Thus, in my today’s article I would be focusing on the benefits of listening to music while studying. So, here are few of the doles listed for the students who wish to improve on their preparation level by listening to music:

  • Music has a very relaxing and soothing effect; that will help to avoid any kind of interruptions. It will also help in improving concentration as well as one’s productivity (by productivity, I mean one can study for more longer hours).

  • Music, because of its calming character; helps in focusing more towards studies. It also boosts mood, which results in motivation. This is a great exercise (to listen to music while studying) for those who struggle to be motivated and have very little focus towards their studies.

  • One’s creativity and imagination (required for imagining the entire process or while understanding a particular concept) also gets impacted while listening to music. Music has powers to enhance one’s creativity level; assisting them in understanding the concept more easily and quickly.

  • Listening to music is a ‘De-stressing’ exercise. This means, that when you get stressed while studying or are highly tensed and are under pressure of studies; listen to music to de-stress yourself and start the preparations with a fresh appeal.

  • Music with a beat range of 50-80 beats per minute, helps in more logical thoughts and more remembering power; resulting in better performance in exams.

  • Music helps in proper and effective utilization of our energy; consequential in more hard work and attention.

  • Music stimulates the brain. This impacts the memorizing power and understanding level of students. As a result, better performance during exams is witnessed.

There are some disadvantagesHowever, there are some disadvantages too. Just like every coin has two sides, listening to music while studying has its own disadvantages. For example: Listening to music with lyrics might not be as fruitful as listening to classical or instrumental music would be. Listening to music with lyrics can be disrupting at times. This happens, as your mind tries to process words/ lyrics of songs and gets disturbed. There are varied experiments that have proven that the result or the performance of students while listening to music with lyrics has gone down; instead of improving it.

Also, when students study while listening to music, then they tend to tend deliver results or perform only where music is being played. This means that, students can only recall in situations where the music is played, as they get used to listening music while studying. This affects their performance, as this option is not available while giving exams.

One other reason that music is not advised while studying (in few cases) is that students to tend to listen to their favorite songs while studying; that might not be suitable for listening while studying. I mean, students tend to listen to music that they like and their entire focus gets shifted to these songs, rather than studies. The final outcome is poor results.

Listen to music while studyingThus, it is mandatory that if you decide to listen to music while studying, then you choose the right kind of music that will help you and not result in poor performance. Now the question is, what kind of music will be beneficial? I mean most of the students would want to know, what kind of music or what songs should be heard while preparing for JEE or while studying? Well, to be very honest this is a personal choice. You need to be experimental a little and find out which songs or what kind of music suits you. It can be classical, instrumental or something with nice and hyped beats. Thus, I will not try to come up with a playlist that is bound to help you, but I can suggest some of the songs that will help you in studying and MOTIVATE you. (After all we all need constant motivation for being successful):

  • Beat It

This song is sung by Michael Jackson and is quite motivating. This is a jazzy song and it drives you to beat those devilish exams that try to scare you have.

  • Keep Marchin’ – Raphael Saadiq

This is one of my favorite songs, as this motivates me to keep marching even if I am facing issues or troubles. This song will motivate you to keep on going, even if you get stuck or face a hurdle while your preparation. Things will never go as per your wish, but you can try to overcome hurdles.

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye

This song is useful when you feel scared of the JEE examination. This will motivate you to prepare well and when you listen to this; it gives you the courage and makes you believe that nothing is impossible. While listening to this song, consider your baby to be you JEE exams and not your gf/bf.

  • I Can – Nas

This is another song that will keep you motivated. Just as the words suggest, this song says that you can do anything and achieve anything if you wish to. So get your studies or your JEE exams on your mind and then there is nothing that can stop you from being successful.

  • Mozart

The songs or music by Mozart is considered to be very helpful in increasing the concentration level. Thus, if you face issues regarding your concentration; listen to Mozart.

However, this song might not be liked by everybody. Thus, it can be replaced by classical or instrumental music of your choice. Spanish guitar music is a great choice to begin with.

  • Devotional Songs

Devotional For some student, devotional mantras or devotional ‘Bhajans’ help a lot in concentration and in relaxation. You can choose your favorite mantra or a slow sung song, as this will keep you stress free and you can concentrate more on what you are studying.

Music has healing and relaxing powers. It is not necessary that you should listen to music along with study only. It is very powerful and it is suggested that one should include in their daily study regimes. If listening to music while studying does not suit you, then you can listen to music or your favorite songs in breaks (the break that you take for snacking or while studying) or before going to sleep. Even this helps.

Music has been my REDEMPTION, during my exams. I used to dread exams and the music used to help me to fight against it and win. I also found that I got addicted to it and sometimes when I could not listen to music, I used to feel frustrated. Thus, I recommend that listening to music while studying or while preparing for entrance exams is good; until and unless you are not addicted to them or the song choice is adapt for studying environment. If not then, you will be in danger. Thus, choose correct music, correct environment and correct method of studying to clear the examination with flying colors.