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Life was much easier till 10th standard

easier till 10th standardAs adults, we often dream about our school days. As we think about the classes, lectures, teachers, and discipline, the sweet memories simply take us in their grips. The halcyon days of childhood passed in the cuddling love of parents. Till the time, the thought about becoming an engineer appeared in mind. It was in the fag-end of 12th standard, engineering appeared as the best career option for us. In India, the surge of industrialization had begun, while the spread of information technology was in full swing. As we began in full gear towards preparation for JEE, we realized that we were late comers as there were a number of pupils with their hard-core ability to tackle JEE and other engineering entrances. Literally, we drew up blank after attending the entrance test. It was there during the test, the realization dawned upon us that ‘life was much easier till 10th standard”. Had we been tougher with our preparation for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, we would not have seen such bleak days of failure. We realized that we needed to begin preparation right from the days of 9th standard. The bygones proved that we had missed invaluable opportunities in the past. All we needed was more inquisitiveness in the precepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Instead of taking the lessons for granted from the lectures of teachers, sharper observation in the laboratories with the subjects could have brought improvement to our ideas and concepts in all the three royal subjects.

Let’s see know about the ideas that could make a difference to the level of knowledge in the students in the JEE examinations if they start practicing them right from their school days.

Do not take your Standard 10 result for granted

You have received 95% in your STD 10 result in the board examination. Well, that is no reason to sit back and relax. The fact is even this high score in 10th board examination would not guarantee success in the JEE test. You might have sighed in relief that heavy load on your head is not there as you have come out with flying colours by appearing successfully at 10th board examination. But the reality is you have just crossed a stage that gives you a false satisfaction without signifying the days of struggle which lie ahead.  It is simple; your high percentage in 10th standard is the indication that you have memorized the lessons up to 10th standard very well but that simply prove your ability to comprehend the lessons well. You would find a number of students with high percentage in standard 10 fail to get through JEE, while students with lower percentages of marks in 10th standard score well in the entrance tests. Here goes the 1st golden principle for your preparation for JEE- “forget your high percentage in 10th standard for coming two years and toughen up your mind to begin from scratch your preparation for JEE-IIT”.

Come out of the well, get ready to view the OCEAN

view the OCEANWe are not giving importance to your standard 10 result because your learning stayed confined to the basics. Literally, you lived in a well in superficial confidence of being a high performer. As you step in to your standard 10, you need to think seriously about expanding your knowledgebase. “Just think out of the box and do not stick to the stereo-types”. As there is no end to quest for knowledge, try your best to know as much as possible. As the popular adage goes-‘knowledge has the beginning but no end’,  When you just stay satisfied with the high marks obtained in the standard 10 examination, the thirst for knowing more simply ends there. Share the enthusiasm to know more about Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics right from the school days. You could take the help from various sources like Science magazines, quiz programmes, web, and the faculty in your school to make your search for knowledge more broad-based. You need not step back when you get the opportunity to have discussion with your seniors in the school, who are already pursuing their courses in IITs and other top-notched institutions. Such an attitude would one day pave your way for your entry in a top-ranking engineering college.

Shape up attitude for success in steepest competition

steepest competitionOnce you took pride that you stood first in standard 10 examinations among 500 students. But in JEE you would find the exception. Here the number of candidates every year exceeds more than 15 lakhs students. Literally, this is the toughest competition in the world. To succeed in this competition, you need patience, perseverance, understanding, and intelligence. Any haste and carelessness could land you up in problem. So here goes the second golden principle- “start early to reach your destination sooner than you expect”. Most of the times childishness misleads the young minds and boys and girls do not become serious about their preparation for engineering and other entrances right from their school days.

Do the top rankers have the inborn ability?

We always take it for sure that top-rankers in the joint entrance tests are the smartest people on earth. And the ability to succeed in JEE is simply inborn. But this is just a myth. The ‘ability’ is inside everyone. It gets shaped up only by hard-work, patience, understanding, and practice. Practice from an early age gradually brings perfection.  Success in JEE entrance needs at least 2-3 years of rigorous preparation. The sooner you begin the better for you. As you prepare, you need to make sure about the way to go.

Let’s know about some of the ways you could prepare for JEE-IIT;

  • You could start your self-study from an early age by taking help of any correspondence self-study method.

  • Even during schooling, you could devote at least ‘two hours of time’ every day for your preparation of JEE.

  • When you begin preparation, know about the best books available in the market. You could search for them in the web, book-stores, and at every other possible place.

  • It would become certainly good, if you give one or two hours initially every day and then gradually increase the hours of preparation.

  • For success, you need to maintain a routine life stressing two or three hours of labour for JEE every day.

How do you find self-motivation?

self-motivationIt is easy to get de-motivated and depressed as efforts bring you failure. But when you persist, you would find thousands of inspiring and life-changing stories. You would find that every year a good percentage of successful aspirants in JEE come from very poor financial background. You could search from web that often top-rankers in JEE-IIT come from such financial background that they do not have the capacity to buy books, let alone going for coaching in the institutes. You would always find that high self-confidence and self-motivation are two main ingredients for success in JEE-IIT.

Preparation for JEE from 10th standard opens doors for success in many competitions

When you prepare seriously for IIT-JEE, it lays the foundation for a brighter future. With the rapid development of industries, there are innumerable career options in Science & Technology. Hard-core preparation for JEE could open other avenues, where students could discover other rewarding career options.