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It’s Time to go Mobile

Defining m-learning:

m-learningm-Learning or mobile learning is one of the most modern developments in the field of e-learning, which utilizes mobile devices for learning on portable platforms that are accessible. Ideal for students on the go or for those whose training time has been taken away for want of a regular computer, m-learning takes place on laptops or notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and phablets, the most famous being iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Note, and many more cutting-edge devices. The focus of m-learning lies in the learner’s mobility. M-learning offers superb convenience because it can be accessed from almost anywhere. M-learning brings with it immense portability by replacing traditional books and voluminous notes with small devices that are replete with learning content that is tailored.

e-Learning on a Mobile Phone?

e-Learning on a Mobile PhoneIn the present 21st century world, students (including class 10 and college students) have access to one or more of the mobile devices mentioned above, besides a regular personal computer. M-learning takes e-learning to a completely new level. As education starts to grow outside the four walls of the classroom, it makes perfect sense that training must be made available to students on the go. Mobile learning can be developed in a wide range of formats, including a short video (which can be viewed while traveling back and forth from school or college) or interactive apps for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc.

Mobile Learning and Students:

Mobile Learning and StudentsLike all training and learning styles, different students learn in different ways. However, it is fair to state that with nearly over 1 billion apps that were downloaded solely from the Apple store, mobile phones are steadily becoming a part of the student’s everyday life. Students are utilizing mobile devices for accessing the Internet and completing tasks related to their school exams or for preparation of exams like IIT JEE, NEET (AIPMT) etc. Particularly, apprenticeships can be part-delivered through e-learning. This obliterates the need of the student to visit college. Utilization of a mobile device to impart this training eventually means that learning can take place anywhere as long as they have their mobile device handy. Students can learn new facts by browsing online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia.

Is Mobile Learning the Future of Learning?

Mobile Learning the Future of LearningTechnology is taking rapid strides forward. Without a shadow of doubt, m-learning will turn out to be a major factor contributing to education as well as training. However, similar to all great developments, it is the conjunction of mobile learning with existing technologies that will ultimately spell success for mobile learning as a vital tool. To take a specific example, consider the growing use of smartphones and applications in concomitance with a cloud-based Learning Management System. Some of the advancements in technology of mobile devices that will become commonplace in a student’s life are given below:

  • GPS for location-based training

  • Augmented Reality (AR) to overlay teaching tools on real-world items

Class Management:

Class ManagementClassroom applications involve the combination of the use of smartphones and tablets. In the classroom, mobile devices can be utilized for enhancing group activity among students through video features, interactive displays, and communication applications.

  • Present mobile technology serves as an effective replacement for cumbersome resources, including textbooks and visual aids.

  • Multi-mode and interactive technology gives the student the ability to engage and use information.

  • Thanks to access to the Internet, mobile devices permit on-demand information access

  • Access to classroom information and activities on mobile devices serves as a continuum for learning outside the classroom.

  • Mobile devices can be utilized in online settings for enhancing the learning experience.

  • Thanks to SMSs, mobile phones can be used by students for communicating information with regard to availability of results, changes in examination venues, or cancellations.

  • Mobile learning facilitates online interaction between student and instructor or between student and student.

  • Mobile learning facilitates blended learning, which dismantles the classroom from the traditional setting. Students become an integral part of virtual communities, facilitating collaboration. Blended learning paves the way for customized, interactive web platforms for the student.

  • Mobile technologies are of immense help, especially in language learning.

Advantages of Mobile Learning:

  • Mobile devices are lighter than books and traditional PCsAdvantages of Mobile Learning

  • Mobile learning serves as a support to the learning process, rather than being an integral part of it

  • Mobile devices are becoming increasingly affordable to the common man

  • Delivery of multimedia content can be done with ease

  • Continuous learning support becomes possible

  • There is decrease in costs of training

  • Mobile learning facilitates a rewarding and enriching learning experience

Disadvantages of Mobile Learning:

  • Barriers with regard to accessibility and costDisadvantages of Mobile Learning

  • Difficulty in assessment of learning beyond the classroom

  • Security and piracy of content

  • Frequent advancements in technology

  • Zero restriction with regard to learning timetable

  • Privacy of content

  • Lack of demographic boundaries

  • Disruption in the personal and academic life of the student

With continuous advancement in technology of mobile devices, one can be rest assured that mobile learning is here to stay and evolve. Despite its drawbacks, m-learning has several benefits as well. Therefore, all we can say is “It’s time to go mobile.”

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