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IIT JEE Preparation – Tips to Memorize Formulas

Tips to Memorize FormulasEach student preparing for IIT JEE examination faces confusion at some point in time as to how to approach his or her study for arguably one of the toughest examinations in the world. While every student has a different studying style, three skills are vital when it comes to memorizing formulae. These skills are briefly described below:

  • Reading & Remembering

  • Understanding Concepts

  • Practice

You need all three skills for mastering each subject.

  1. Reading & Remembering (Memorizing)

Reading & Remembering Reading and memorizing are fundamental for IIT JEE preparation because JEE makes memorizing formulae mandatory. You can understand the source of the formulae by glancing through the derivations, if possible. However, in the end, what matters is that students know the formulae. Students can learn and memorize all formulae through reading, writing, and revising them on a regular basis. Having a compendium of all formulae helps immensely. While solving problems, you can begin from deriving them; however, it is hard to do so on the day of examination. Hence, the requirement is to memorize all formulae thoroughly for proper recollection whenever needed.

  1. Understanding Core Concepts

ConceptsUnderstanding the conceptual framework of a particular subject is crucial for success. It is necessary to comprehend the logical flow in the argument put forth by the narrator. All illustrations and examples that have been used should fit optimally into your understanding. IIT aspirants need to have a thorough understanding of core concepts in all subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students can understand concepts in a better way through real-life situations and examples.

  1. Practice

    PracticeAfter jotting down the required formulae and applying the studied concepts, students still need to solve complex mathematical equations. Problem solving is a skill in itself. While preparing for IIT JEE you need to practice a plethora of problems. The more complex problems you solve, the better will be your preparations for that crucial examination. Regardless of the time spent in reading, if you fail to practice, you’ll find Mathematics extremely difficult. However, if you spend time practicing, you will come up with your own shortcuts that will leave other students way behind.

Let’s have in-depth study of memorizing formulae for IIT JEE. What according to you is needed to crack the IIT JEE? Hard work, dedication, unrivaled attention: so many students think of these things. However, if you think that only hard work is going to get you a ticket into an IIT, you are mistaken.

IIT JEE is an application-based test. Simply referring to multiple textbooks won’t help you get there. To crack this exam, smart work is the key. IIT JEE is tough to crack, especially because of the formulae and concepts that are involved in each chapter, which can be quite confusing. When you gather all IIT JEE study material, you will be at a loss of mental energy after perusing the equations. Therefore, chill and relax. This feeling is completely normal, especially with a humungous range of formulae in the IIT JEE syllabus.

Learning equations and formulae by rote can be boring and extremely difficult during the initial stages. However, once you are acquainted with the tips to remember these complex formulae, you will enjoy your time and solve IIT JEE Multiple Choice Questions with ease. Do you want to make learning formulae a fun and easy process? Read the following tips and master them.

  • Create Sticky Notes

Create Sticky NotesPrepare a book exclusively for formulae for reference and jot down important formulae in it. Create separate sections for Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry to make the process of memorizing formulae simpler. For optimum revision, you can create small sticky notes and paste them on the walls of your bedroom. Sticky notes play an important role during preparation for IIT JEE as well as last-minute revision before the exam.

  • Transform the Formulae Into Something Interesting

For easy understanding, write the formulae in large letters. The main motive in writing formulae in this manner is easier visibility when you enter your room. You may even color the formulae for further differentiation. This tip can help you to effectively recollect important formulae while appearing for IIT JEE.

  • Perform a Mental Visualization of the Formulae

    Perform a Mental Visualization of the FormulaeMental visualization is pivotal in order to check if you remember the formulae or not. Shut your eyes and try to remember the formulae. You may also experiment by writing the formulae on a blank sheet of paper after a few hours of break from studies. This will help you to judge your recollection power.

  • Revision is an Optimum Way to Recollect

A single look at the formulae is not enough to recollect it at the time of exams. You should revise the formulae daily by allocating time for it. Revise them thoroughly before going to bed. Students can also use digital methods for formulae revision. Video lectures provide spectacular images and eye-catching graphics of the important formulae.

  • Take the Formulae Tests Regularly

Take test series on a regular basis to remember the formulae. Ask your family members to check the test and evaluate your performance accordingly. Frequent tests will give a boost to your confidence, too. Moreover, it is a wonderful revision technique.

  • Pay Careful Attention

 CarefulBe attentive to the formulae while they are taught for the first time in your class. With teaching of new concepts and formulae, the teachers maximize the absorption power of the students. Understanding the concept clearly at this juncture increases your chances of grasping equations and formulae in a better way. They will be imprinted on your mind for a long duration. This lessens the burden of multiple revisions.

  • Prepare a Mnemonic Code

Memorize the formulae in a special pattern in order to facilitate quick recollection. Prepare mnemonics: revise equations orally in a specific tune, in the form of a riddle, or through associating the formulae’s alphabets and numbers to non-mathematical elements, which you can recollect easily in the future.

  • Relax and De-stress Your Mind and Body

Calm your mind, and don’t let stress get the better of you. Focus on critical areas of each subject. Problems of Physics and Mathematics cannot be solved when the mind is stressed out. They are conceptual in nature; hence, you need to approach them with a relaxed mind.

  • Perform a Check of the Units

For the Physics paper, part the raw units of every variable in the formula and check if you can obtain the units of the answer.

  • Be Physically Ready

Be physically ready for the IIT JEE by satisfying your hunger and thirst by consuming wholesome, nutritious food. In addition, take regular breaks so that your mind is not overburdened.

  • Keep a Small Book Always Handy

Book AlwaysBy keeping a small book handy at all times, you can note down those all-important formulae. The book should fit into your pocket, so that if you have any free time, you can just open the book and review the formulae with ease.

To sum it up, formulae are vital aspects of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Conquering the challenge of remembering them by rote is the first step in the pursuit of larger goals of passing IIT JEE in flying colors by obtaining good marks. Therefore, it is important to have a firm grounding in formulae.

Comprehending formulae can be extremely challenging and simultaneously exhaustive. Each student has a different capacity to grasp new knowledge. The secret to memorizing formulae is persistent revision on a regular basis, without keeping the results in mind.

Therefore, when it comes to answering the question, “how to memorize formulae for IIT JEE,” one should keep in mind the following three things: strong will power, single-point concentration on studies, and the above tips that make rote learning of formulae easier.

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