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How to take breaks during IIT JEE Preparation??

breaks during JEE PreparationSo, you are all set to give JEE a go and crack it at first shot. Needless to say, the road to IIT is not for the faint-hearted. You need nerves of steel to concentrate on your studies, prepare for your exams, and ultimately succeed from being an IIT aspirant to an IIT alumnus. IIT aspirants who are preparing for JEE are generally busy with their school, projects, self-study, and classes. A student generally spends nearly 13 to 14 hours (6 to 7 school hours, 2 to 3 hours at the coaching class, and approximately 5 to 6 hours doing self-study) in studies, revisions, and practicing.

All JEE aspirants undergo this phase; however, not all reach the final milestone. During the preparatory phase for the most difficult engineering exam, it is a common occurrence for students to breakdown midway. To lift your spirits up and keep going, you need to take short study breaks and spend some quality time with your friends and family members so that your mind stays refreshed. However, this is not enough. One of the best ways to unwind, freshen up and achieve mental relaxation is to listen to some upbeat, soothing, and motivating songs. All you JEE aspirants out there, we present to you the list of the best songs to boost your motivation and uplift your mood. The songs are listed based on your mood.

Happy Songs

Happy SongsHappy songs enable you to think positive. No matter what your preferences are (Hindi or English) there is a mammoth collection of happy songs in both Hindi and English. The movie name or artist name has been mentioned in parentheses.

  • Hindi: Aaj Kal Zindagi (Wake Up Sid)

  • English: Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Beach Boys)

Soothing Songs

Soothing SongsThese songs bring much-needed peace of mind to the listener. What’s more, it is the best way to spend your break time. Through these songs, you can eliminate mental tension and stress. Moreover, they lift up your spirits whenever you feel low on energy or motivation.

  • Hindi: Dil Kyon Ye Mera Shor Kare (Kites)

  • English: Que Sera Sera (Sly and the Family Stone)

Motivating Songs

Motivating SongsMotivating songs keep you up and going even at the fag end of the day. They stimulate the brain’s gray cells and kick off recurring negative thoughts. These songs are potent. They can renew your hope even when things look bleak. Therefore, while preparing for JEE, make sure to listen to these positive songs.

  • Hindi: Kuch Kariye Kuch Kariye (Chak de India)

  • English: Rise and Shine (Raffi)

Now that you have included these songs on your playlist, go all guns blazing and crack that all-important JEE. 

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