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How Teens Can Use Summer Vacation for Self-Discovery?

Self-DiscoveryMany of you are studying in high school. You might think of enjoying during your summer vacation. It may form as one of your main agendas of spending your time instead of learning or engaging in self-discovery activities during summer vacation. However, this situation may not be true in the case of every student. One of the education experts reveal that several teens doing their high school career do look for different types of activities. They will try to explore possible and useful occupation in summer. The primary idea of doing such activities is that it will help them to improve their education and college application environment.

Discovering different careers

Discovering different careersHigh school students like you, can find your summer vacation a great time to explore various careers and interests of your choice. Besides this, you can also engage yourself for making preparation to meet the procedures needed for college admission. According to a counsellor offering career guidance from a well known high school located in Massachusetts in the US, believes that students should consider summer as their main time for self-discovery. Even though not all the students are aware as what they intend to learn in college, they can as well utilize the summer holidays to develop their interests actively without any stress and strain. Such activities will permit them to expand their knowledge base involving new skills and interests in hobbies. This is irrespective of the fact whether they are spending their summer vacation in their hometown or grandparents’ house. 

Creating other methods leading to self-discovery

Creating other methods leading to self-discoveryWhen you are spending your summer vacation with your family members, you can explore other methods to convert your vacation into educational experience. With this idea in mind, you can participate in an educational camp or college program conducted by your school. Many colleges, museums and other organizations do offer learning opportunities in summer for high school students like you.  In the US, University of Stanford and Yale, consisting of highly ranked schools, offer such opportunities of summer vacation programs. This culture of developing self-discovery activities are being cultivated in India also to enable students from high school to avail the opportunities of learning.

Summer programs    

Summer programsAs a student, it will be great for you to explore summer programs that will be of interest to you. Several such programs even provide you with scholarships or aid in the form of finances, encouraging students to participate. Hence, it would be wise for you to accept such programs even if you have crossed the enrolment deadline. There might be some last minute cancellations and you might find that vacancies are open for enrolling again. You can visit colleges near to you even while spending time with your family’s vacation. This will help you to avail opportunities of summer programs offered by different types of schools. You can even take test preparation examination by attending summer coaching classes to strengthen your skills on IIT JEE preparation.

Use of summer jobs

Use of summer jobsThe importance of self-discovery and getting into small summer jobs should not be underestimated while you are spending your summer vacation. The job that you get in spite of being fourteen or fifteen may be a challenging type for you. You can explore a job that is formal in nature. You can get into odd jobs like mowing the lawn in your neighbour’s house that is considered as a positive type of employment. This attitude of yours will show that you certainly possess the initiative and drive for assuming the position of a dependable role in your community. You can also observe someone working in a certain field of interest, which you might ultimately conclude as your career path as well. This type of observation of a job done by others is known as job shadowing. You can observe the job of a nutritionist for a day and explore the interest and passion shown by him/ her towards the job. In a similar way, you can commit yourself to make your entry into the college for studying nutrition.  You can observe the work of scientists, engineers, and researchers and choose your own career accordingly.


ConclusionIt is apparent that students must utilize their summer vacation to explore and re-energize their extracurricular activities, effectively. Parents role is very important in emphasizing the importance of holidays to their children studying in high schools. They should encourage them to spend their summer vacation as a time for self-discovery. This will certainly help students to pursue their professional and academic interests. Summer vacation provides the student a firm platform to engage himself/herself in self-discovery of activities, colleges and career path guidance to excel in the future. 

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