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How important is it for teachers to motivate their students?

TEACHING is one of the best jobs and at the same time it is also one of the toughest jobs; as teachers are sole responsible for shaping individuals career and future. Just like they are important part of our student life in the same way they play inevitable role while preparing students for IIT-JEE entrance exams.

This is one of the most d=stressed and tensed period in every student’s life who is aspiring to become an IITian and succeed in his life. The teachers need to motivate students and guide them with patience as they are the key players in their preparation. Thus, it is necessary that there is strong understanding and a relation of trust between students and teachers.   So, how should teachers motivate their students. Following are few ways in which they can motivate their students and make them study harder, so that they can crack toughest entrance exam like JEE with ease.


CommunicationCommunication is the key to motivate students. Teachers are the best to judge how and why to motivate students but the best way is to communicate and make them understand the reason behind the communication. Communication can be of 2 types, positive and negative. Teacher can communicate in both the ways.

After the communication, if the student fails; that means the communication made by the teacher is not appropriate and resulted in failure. This is known as adverse communication, which demotivated student and he or she failed. Similarly, if a student gets motivated by the teacher in a positive sense and he or share improves their grades, then that would be called as positive communication.

Focusing on weaker section

weaker sectionIt is very important to point out the areas to students where they are lacking and what is that they should improve. Teachers can keep them motivated by telling them that they can do great things in future by improving the concerned areas. The teachers should explain them how the future will change, once they graduate and perform excel in the field of study, this will boost them to achieve the goals set by them. This way teacher can definitely motivate students to do not only good things, but great things in life in the future.

Another way of motivating students is in engaging them in the classroom with other students in discussion or other curricular activities. It is not necessary that all the students are same and able to associate with the methods you are using in the class. There might be some students who are not able to follow your methods or techniques, so it is very important to notice the pattern of teaching in the classroom and changing it according to student’s requirement.

Improving Interaction

Improving InteractionAsk questions to students who you think are not that much active as other students are. This will make each of them to participate in class. By doing so you will be clearing their doubts, and they will be motivated to study harder. And the result will be that they will perform well in examinations and life. Interact with students, motivate them to ask questions on each topic they are going through, schedule interactive session with students every week to understand the problem they are facing while studying in the classroom.

Another way by which teachers can motivate students is by bringing various resources into the classroom apart from the general textbook. There are many students who are not that fond of textbooks and want some other books from different authors for their study which they usually follow at home. Teachers can bring books, CDs and various other resources to classroom for teaching and motivating them.

One of the examples is using ABACUS in classroom for teaching mathematics. This will give an edge to the students to interact with their teacher; also they might be able to gain more knowledge with other resources. Using different materials for studying / teaching will motivate students to work seriously and encourage them to take risks while studying.


?Environment Environment is a big factor in which teachers can motivate their students at a great level. Students are generally bored of the classroom (until it is colorful or full of pictorial representation). Hence changing classroom or taking classes in library or some open area like a field is a great way of teaching; especially when teaching varied subjects.

In case of Arts, it would be advisable for teachers to take their classes in colorful environment and work towards practical instead of theory. Your students will definitely benefit from these practical classes and through new environments and get motivated to study hard. This will make the boredom go and students will enjoy a lot while participating actively in studies.

Making students accountable for their own doings is one very important factor of teacher and student relationship. At the beginning of the class, the teacher should set his or her expectations from the students. They should give complete information about the examination, project and set expectations on the same. Make students understand the standard that is followed while assessing the answers; this will make students understand what they should be writing in answers and how to respond to various types of questions. This will clearly save their time during the examination as well as while working on projects and in the long run it will definitely help them in their lives in the future. It will also create a sense of responsibility in them and they will surely succeed in life.

The last but not the least, motivational factor is the reward they are going to get from the teacher, school, university or even parents. It cannot be only good scores but it can include the badge of best student of week or day or discussion; movie tickets or may be short trips to some nearby locations also prove to be fruitful in motivation. This is the most important factor which can motivate students to participate actively and study harder. Thus, the motivation from teachers can get the students going in long run of their life and future!!

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