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How does a Role Model help you with your goal?

Role ModelA role model is someone, who keeps on inspiring you to meet the goal of your life. Either, he or she keeps you motivated with the real stories of his or her life or you stay in close contact with that person as the latter crafts your personality and make you a wonderful person. You are really fortunate, when you get such a person, who directly or indirectly keeps on influencing your actions. Just take he instance from the epic of “Mahabharata”; the story of ‘Ekalabya’ and master ‘Drona’ would move you. As a disciple, ‘Ekalabya’ was denied the opportunity to learn from the master ‘Drona’. But as a devoted learner, ‘Ekalabya’ had set out on the path of determination and thenceforth, he built a statue of master ‘Drona’ and kept on practicing the martial arts before the statue. One day, he became invincible with his unconquerable ability to defeat even the best disciples of master ‘Drona’.  This single instance from History proves what a mentor or role model could do to create the great personage out of an ordinary human-being. Such an instance would go down the History as invaluable precept of learning and karma to get a place forever in the hearts of people.

How could a role model help you prepare better for IIT-JEE?

Prepare better for IIT-JEEThe role model is basically someone, who helps your personality glow with maturity. He makes you follow his examples, when you face debacles in your career as student. IIT-JEE makes you prepare for the supreme career in Science and Technology in India. When you prepare for the entrance, you face the toughest psychological as well as physical challenge in your life. Here, the role model steps in to guide you to make the best in life and guides you with the principles of his wisdom. Take for example, when you have chosen Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as your role model for a science career, his life and works would not only inspire you but make you overcome all the hurdles in your career. You could also choose one from the alumni of IIT, who would inspire you with right counseling and examples from his own life.

A role model helps you in identifying your negative habits

 negative habitsFailure in life has more than one cause. Negative habits are dominant factors behind it. The role model helps you to a great extent in identifying the dark side of your nature, which has victimized you and ultimately made you fail in life. Role model assists you in taking self-corrective measures. Let’s say, you are really brilliant but you are extremely self-indulgent and idle. And most interesting thing is, as a student aspiring for success in IIT-JEE, BITSAT, NEET (AIPMT) etc. you are not ready to admit your own mistakes and that makes you more miserable. The instances from the life of mentor could highlight your darker side because as a student, he could have the same follies and committed the blunders to face failure. What self corrective steps brought his negative sides to light would go to great extent to help you overcome your mistakes. You would get enlightened as you experiment with his examples and mature as a stronger human-being.

How does the role model help you live a day?

How does the role model help you live a dayAs human-beings, we are all same but we have different habits, choices, and consumption patterns. As the famous proverb goes “habits and choices” either make or break a human-being, as a successful person, your mentor has followed certain habits in a day. You heard the familiar lines in your childhood that ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise’. This is the principle, your mentor had followed in his daily- life and for this, and he climbed to this altitude in his career. He would make you imbibe the lessons from his life and you would make a routine with the examples to form a daily routine. His habits would make you ‘what to do and what to avoid’ in a day. You would inevitably grow wiser and richer in your life, once you follow the simple life-style of your mentor. Discipline in studying the precepts of technical studies and patience in experimentation would help you excel in everything of life.

Focus on your goal and its requisites

Focus on your goal and its requisitesWhen you are interested for a certain goal, you need to know whether, you are fit to make it. As a human-being, whether you have the requisite qualities in you to meet the target that you are interested. For instance, when your aim is to become a space scientist and you have accepted “Rakesh Sharma” of Indian Airforce as your role model, his example would make you follow his footsteps. As it is sure that you face insurmountable difficulties, when you experiment with a new idea for a career, the abilities in the character of your idol would help you reach the goal of your life. Every goal has its demands and entails struggles on the person. Your mentor could highlight you with the instances of his life about the means to overcome struggles and meet the  goal.

Confidence- part and parcel of your success

Confidence- part and parcel of your successOften, we tend to lose our confidence in the struggles of our lives. Extreme adversities make us deviate from the paths, which we had once accepted to achieve our goal. Every great role model is an exemplary persona of self-confidence. If he or she is not inspiring you to build up confidence, then as a role model, he or she might not become the right person as a mentor. Instilling confidence in the personality of a struggler is the first necessity to go after a role model. For example, your role model could have developed the idea of committing suicide, when he was struggling as a student. But what were the steps that he had taken to overcome his or her inferiority complex and rebuild confidence once again could help you a lot in tackling the difficulties when you get struck in the struggles of your own life.

Know whether your goal matches with that of your Role Model

For instance, you have chosen someone, who has reached the goal that exactly you want to meet. But ultimately you find that his ideals are varying to some extent with those of yours. It could be that he is very materialistic in his life, but you are simple and spiritual with everything in your life. To complete the study material of IIT-JEE it requires strict discipline and simplicity. So basically you need to follow the ways the role model thought when he or she entered the topmost institution of learning to seek out and add to dimension of knowledge in life. When his way of thinking is exactly matching with you, the role model is the perfect instance to follow.

Learn from the successes and failures of role model

successes and failuresAs human-beings, we always overreact to success and failures in life. Such instances in the life of role model would highlight how he or she handled frustration from failure and ego from success. When you get through IIT-JEE, it gives you an opportunity to study in a higher temple of learning, where you would also face the acid test of proving your merit. So you need to become humble because that would make you balanced in your life. In case, you fail to get through IIT-JEE entrance, you would get frustrated. Take the instances from the life of role model and know how he overcame all such negative feelings in life to prosper in a career in science and technology. This would help you to overcome the limitations of your personality.