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Doubts and JEE Examination

Doubts and JEE ExaminationEach one of us has doubts about something or other, as it is not possible that all of us know everything in this world. So what do we do? Do we keep that doubt in mind and let it haunt us; or we ask it somebody and get it sorted. Most of us will agree that we get it sorted. And it is good too. Asking questions and doubts help in increasing your knowledge and knowing new things and concepts. 

So, why do many of us hesitate to pose a question or ask a doubt when it comes to our studies and entrance exams?Many of us feel uncomfortable in asking questions and doubts as we feel that people might laugh at us or mock at us! OR we feel that our doubts might be silly and it is absurd to ask doubts. But in reality it is not asking doubts which is absurd; but trying to find all the answers and solutions on our own is absurd. It is better to be mocked at asking doubts, rather than being mocked at not knowing things. Afterall, it is we who will benefit out of asking doubts.

Doubts and JEE ExaminationThus, doubts and queries play a very important role when it comes to getting answers. And the same rule applies while we are preparing for one of the challenging and most important entrance exam; JEE. It is said that if you have doubts, you are perfectly normal. And if you don’t have doubts, then something is wrong. Either you know everything and you are a genius or you are not studying and are merely reading the subject.

Many universities and institutes state that asking questions or doubts help in stimulating your brain and gives you a chance of understating the topic in much detailed manner. Many teachers and professors encourage their students to ask doubts and questions, as it gives them a clear idea of all the topics that need attention and which topics needs to be revised in class; ultimately benefitting students. This shows that asking DOUBTS is always beneficial. Let us have a look at the following points that describe other benefits of asking doubts:

  • They help in clearing concepts and laying strong foundation.

Strong foundationIf you feel shy in asking your doubts to your guides or teachers; ask them to your friends. Discuss with them your problems and queries. This will help in understanding the topic in better and creative manner. You will also get to know all the important topics that you should be working on.

Once, all your concepts are clear and you have no doubts; you can solve any problem that is given to you. Thus, this indirectly helps you in scoring good rank.

  • Save Time

Save timeIt is seen that many student waste their precious time, trying to solve complex and huge problems on their own. Ask a doubt or discuss them with your friends. IT is possible that they might have an easy solution for the same complex problem. This will save your time from getting wasted and your query will also be solved.

  • Multiple solutions

Multiple solutinSometimes, a problem has many ways in which it can be solved. And it is not necessary that you will know all of them. So when you ask a doubt regarding a problem or topic, you will be able to get different solutions for the same. These solutions can be anything, shortcuts, formulas, answers or methods. Thus, you can choose the easiest of all and apply them, while studying.

  • Something New

Something newOne thing is sure that when we ask a doubt or a question we get to learn something new. So when you ask a doubt about something, it is possible that you will get to know something new and important that you might have missed earlier. It might be a deadline about filling the form, submission of documents, topics under each subject or anything that might be crucial to you.

  • Different Suggestions

 Different Suggestion When asking a doubt to a professor or a teacher; not only they will help in solving your doubt, but also help with selection of books and study material. They might suggest you with different and suitable study material that are in easy language and sufficient in itself. Also, they will be able to help you with varied videos or audios that might prove to be helpful, while preparing. You might also get few tips and tricks from them, which they might not share in the class.

  • Improves thinking capabilities

Improve thinking capabilitiesAsking doubts increases your thinking capabilities. When we have a doubt about something, we try to think and come up with an answer. This means that we brainstorm our mind for the answer. Thus, it helps in enhancing our thinking capabilities. It also augments our analytical skills.

  • Monitor your Progress

Monitor your progress

Asking doubts also help in monitoring your progress in terms of preparation for the exams. This means that if you have a doubt in particular subject or related to particular topic; it is evident that you need to work on the topic or problem that you are stuck with. If you knew the topic, you wouldn’t have a doubt.

Not only it helps in monitoring the progress, but also helps in preparation for the exams. You can assess your skills in the topics and prepare accordingly. You can devote more time towards weaker areas and get help in case you would need it.

  • Help in communicating with teachers

Help in communicatingAsking doubt is considered to be a method of fruitful communication between students and teachers. When you ask a doubt, your teacher will be able to assess you and guide. It is natural that you will trust the person who will solve your query or explain concepts in better way. Thus, it helps in in building a trust factor with your guide or teacher. 

  • Learn from feedback

FeedbackOne more benefit of asking doubt is that you get to learn things even from the feedback that is given by the guide, tutor or your teacher.

  • Boosts Active Learning

Boost active learningAsking doubts and getting them solved, is an act of active learning. Again a plus point or rather a helping hand in your preparations. When you ask a doubt and the teacher elaborates it, you learn it in an easy and quick manner. And sometimes, (if explained properly) you would need to only revise the topic.

  • Benefit Others

BenefitsAsking and solving doubts is beneficial for you. It is also helps other students. When you ask a doubt and they are solved; other students also learn from it. So not only benefit yourself, you are also doing good for other students.With all the listed benefits, it is very important to note that one should ask doubts that will benefit him. Do not ask doubts for the sake of asking them. Instead ask them to learn from them. Stick to the topic or subject and ask only related doubts. If you ask unnecessary doubts, you will waste your as well as others time.

One last but not the least, it also helps in creating an impression over others and your teachers. If you ask good and sensible doubts; you are bound to leave an impression. It will help not only in your class or studies; but will also help you in long run. Asking appropriate doubts depict that you are proactive and quite serious about your life. Whether it your classroom, interview room or any other aspect of life; Doubts are good!

Thus, ask doubts and prepare for your exams in a better and healthy manner. Do not get shy and think too much before asking a doubt. If you have a doubt, ask it. It is a good practice and one should follow it on regular basis. Happy Doubts to you!!!

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