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Tablets and Smart Phones; a boon in JEE coaching

Technology is booming and it has impacted our lives drastically. The increased sales of hi-tech gadgets like smart phones and tablets have made all of us techno-freaks. Right from a small kid to an elderly person is using them. We have been using them for all our petty issues like making bookings, payments, extracting information; but now they are also being used for quality preparation of entrance exams. Many students have rerouted towards these hi-tech gadgets for taking their entrance exam preparation onto the next level; as they find it very interesting and more convenient to use.  The cheap price and the option of paying via EMI’s have also contributed to the upshot in their use. If this continues, it will not be very long when the physical books will become extinct.

Mobile phones and smart phones were considered to be a distraction for students who wished to excel in their examinations. To overcome this distraction, education sector has embraced this technology in such a manner; that it has become one of the boons for students aspiring to be successful in their exams. With the increase in sales of these smart phones and tablets; varied coaching centers and education bodies are coming with applications (fondly known as apps) that facilitate online coaching. Everything right from the notes to the tutor can be accessed via these apps. All that a student needs to do is, download and install them on their phone. These apps are easy to navigate and can be used anywhere and at any point of time.

The concept of using these little devices for online coaching is not only attracting students, but it is also attracting professionals and executives who cannot pursue their education due to lack of time. There is something available for everybody; no matter whether you are in 8th grade or are a professional who wish to crack toughest entrance exams like CAT. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that they are one stop solution for fighting the IIT JEE war. These smart phones, i-pads, tablets and phablets have become popular due to the following reasons:

Expedient Features

Expedient FeaturesThese gadgets are handy and come with useful features. Since, most of us already use these smartphones, all we need to do is download and install these coaching applications. These apps help in online coaching; talking to experts and guides; making notes; extracting information and use varied digital platforms such as videos and audios for clear understanding. Most of the educating bodies and institutions offer these apps for free and some offer them at a minimal cost.

Apart from the coaching and tutoring apps, there are different apps that are based on previous question papers. Also, you need not to carry books or handle notes every now and then. You can directly store them on your gadget or device and use them as and when required.

Genuine Learning

Genuine LearningExperts state that many coaching centers teach unnecessary stuff and take up too much of time. The online coaching on these little gadgets can be done at any point of time and at any place. You can refer to difficult topics time and again for a clear understanding; where in the coaching classes teacher will teach the topic only once. You can revisit and work on your weak areas. They are more interactive as compared to regular coaching classes and thus result’s in genuine learning. Also, coaching classes have a particular time; but these online coaching do not have any fixed timings. You can refer to them as and when you want to. This will provide ample time for revisionAnother aspect of this is that there are different forums and groups that one can join and participate in discussion. These groups hold sessions where students can post their queries and doubts; and they will be sorted by experts.

Digital Medium

Digital MediumOne of the reasons that have made these gadgets so alluring is the digital mediums that it supports. Many students validated that learning through use of pictures/ images, videos and audios is more clear and easy to understand. These gadgets support these files and make it easier for students to understand complex issues.

Intense Practice

PracticeThe coaching and study material offered on these gadgets are quite extensive and enough to sharpen your concepts and skills. There are so many applications and options available that offer previous years question papers, study materials, tips and formulas and notes. One can also take mock tests and get a free assessment; to assess their preparation. You can download them and use them. Once done you can delete them and download another application for intense practice.

Low Cost

Low CostSmart phones and tablets are easily available in market and are affordable. One can pay via debit card/ credit card or even via EMI. Apart from the gadget, this is a boon for those who cannot pay high coaching fees. You can download each subject at a cost somewhere between 1500-2500 and the entire cost for all subjects will be around 15000. This cost is lower than the coaching centers fees that charge from 30000-40000.

It will not only help them to save money but also stay connected with experts who can guide in case of doubts and issues; receive tips and formulas for great success and access great studying material.Many reputed coaching classes are having tie-ups with varied smartphones, i-pads, tablets and phablets provider to offer innovative learning solutions. You can benefit from these little helpful gadgets if you use them in a right manner. They are a great support for self-study and for those who are weak in certain areas. They will aid you in planning and managing your time in effective manner. But, only when you treat them as a source for study and not get distracted by them!