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Boarding schools a right or wrong choice for children’s future?

decisionBoarding SCHOOLS have become big hype these days. All thanks to Hindi (Bollywood) movies and serials which acclaim of producing very good students/ person like the hero in them. But reality is totally different from what they showcase. Sending your children to boarding schools can be tricky and emotionally nerve breaking experience; especially when you bid farewell to your children on train stations or airports. And same is the case with children too. It is not necessary that children will improve when staying away from family or will become more disciplined; when at boarding school. Rather, it is seen that children attain different and modern approach towards life and a strong sense of independence; as they are staying with different kind of children and may turn rebellious if opposed or stopped from doing things, their way!

I agree to the point that sending children to boarding schools shapes them into more independent and a little more disciplined personalities. But, for doing so is it mandatory to send them away to boarding school? We can teach them and train them right from their early age to make them more independent and disciplined. After all, there is no teacher like MOTHER!

There is always a heated and on-going debate on the question whether the children should be sent to boarding school or not. Parents either send their children to boarding for a status symbol or for better studies, for a disciplined life and better future. This impacts the brain of children adversely. There might be misgivings and misunderstanding at later stage of life or they might get detached to you. Thus, it is important to explain children why is it that you choose to put them in boarding school. For this it is necessary that the child is a little mature or is of age nine or ten to understand your thoughts.

Before we get into more discussion about the topic let us look at the advantages and the disadvantages of the same. Leverages of being to boarding school:

  • Get to learn More

Get learn moreGoing to a boarding school helps you in expanding your knowledge horizons. You get to learn new things that you might not get to learn otherwise. The class strengthen in boarding schools is smaller as compared to the class size in day schools. This means that each of the students gets attention and interaction level between students and teachers is high.

Students to learn more as there are different expert teachers that are given the responsibility of training these children. Since, boarding schools are reputed for providing good education; they need to ensure to bring in the best teachers for their students.

  • Get better atmosphere

Boarding schools provide better atmosphere of learning as compared to the day schools. This is an option for those couples or families that have issues amongst them or for the parents those who are frequent travelers.

  • Sports

SportsBoarding schools not only work towards educating children but also they work in terms of building better physic of children. The curriculum is a perfect blend of studies as well as sports activities.  They encourage more physical activities in children and ensure that they are engaged in one of the sports at least. 

Not only inclusion of sports activities helps in boosting confidence amongst children, but also it helps in teaching them the essence of team spirit and team building. Apart from sports, boarding schools also have different extra-curricular activities designed for students that will help in chiseling their intellectual skills.

  • Less Commotions

Less CommotionsPutting away your children to boarding school not only mean that you are sending him/ her away from you; but also away from all the distractions. Life at boarding school has fewer distractions and students get enough time to focus on their studies and personal growth. There is no negative impact of the fights and the chaos that they would witness otherwise in cities and in societies.

  • Able to make proper decisions and make children independent

Able to make proper decisions and make children independentThere is no need to mention that boarding schools make children more self-governing and self-sufficient. Also, they are capable of making sensible decisions and execute them in a proper manner.

Living in boarding schools not only provides them with education but also train them in different daily chores. For instance they need to wash their clothes on their own, keep their beds clean and make it up every day after getting up; iron their clothes and get ready on their own and eat food that has been made available to them. Thus, in future if they plan to study abroad and stay away from family, then they will be self-sufficient and parents will need to worry.

Thus, above mentioned points indicate the edge that an individual will get when he/ she studies at a boarding school. Just like every coin has two sides; in the same manner sending your children to boarding school also has two aspects. And one of them is the NEGATIVE impact that children face. They can be listed as:

  • Sense of Detachment

Sense of DetachmentAlmost every child that is sent to a boarding school thinks that he or she is being punished. They feel as if they are unwanted, which can result in stress and tension. Not only this they might not be able to adjust to the boarding school’s atmosphere and badly miss home. They might even think on negative line and feel no emotions for you or the entire family.

  • More Work and Less Time

More Work and Less TimeWhen in boarding school you are expected to grow in all aspects of life. You are made to do all your chores by yourself. Children find lack of time for their thoughts and personal growth due to the long study duration and the extra-curricular activities that these schools have planned for them.

  • Adjustments Issue

When your child studies and grows in the boarding school, it is quite natural that he or she is bound to get accustomed to the ambience and the rules and regulation laid on them. So when they are back home in vacations, they find it difficult to adjust with family members. If you try to convince them to do things your way, they might get of rebellious nature. 

  • Wrong Habits

Wrong HabitsOne of the biggest drop back of these boarding school is that many children pick up bad habit from other children or by watching TV and there is no body to guide them. It has been seen that children get into the habit of stealing or bullying other students and being a rebel to teachers. This happens because teachers are not mothers and they do only what they are paid to do. However, it is not necessary that your child will get bad habits; it totally depends on your child’s nature and his company that he is keeping there.

Therefore, it is suggested that before you make a decision of sending your children to boarding schools, sit back and think what you want for your children. If you are looking for a better life, I believe that you can do it even if your child goes to a day school (this is my thought, I do not expect you to totally agree with it). IF you are looking at a more independent life for your child then sending to boarding school is recommended. But ensure that whatever your decision is, you discuss it with you child. Initially, he/ she might get cranky; but if they are of an appropriate age (ideally, children above age of 10 are considered sensible for boarding schools) they will understand the reason behind your decisions. Think before you act or make a decision, as it is not your life that will get affected; but your child’s entire future is at stake. All the best for the decision making!!