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Disadvantages of improper sleep and ways to battle them!!

Disadvantages of improper sleepAre you tired of getting lesser sleep; is it impacting your health and social life? If the answer is yes, then we must tell you that you are not the only student who is facing this situation in life, there are many other students, that are sailing in the same boat. These days life has become hectic and fast paced; especially for those students who are trying to become an IITian and are preparing for JEE examination. These students are super busy, are studying till late night, getting early up in the morning and again going to school and attend coaching classes. This is the standard pattern of their life and this is what is impacting their health very badly. Such students are prone to less sleep and do not give any proper rest to their body. Lesser sleep at night has truly negative effect on your health and well-being. This article is going to discuss the reasons behind lesser sleep and its impact on your health and social life. We will also try to find out the ways with which we can combat less sleep.

career orientedThese days’ people are very much career oriented, they put a lot of effort on their career to grow very fast, which keeps their family life affected and very importantly ignored. They don’t have much time for their family and friends; also no time for proper sleep and leisure activities. Lack of sleep can affect your immune system; in fact that are many studies that have shown that people who are not getting enough or proper sleep are tend to get diseases, as compared to people who get proper sleep. Actually, infection fighting antibodies are reduced due to lesser sleep and hence immune system becomes weaker and cannot fight diseases as compared to normal circumstances. Long term lesser sleep will increase the chances of getting diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart problems, so it is very important to handle the sleep pattern in your life to be healthy and well- being.

sleep is required for a personHow much sleep is required for a person? If we dig into the question, it is not only the duration of sleep in fact it is also important to note how well we are sleeping, are we sleeping without any disturbances, soundproof? This is very important question, actually it varies from person to person and age to age; children going to school require minimum 10 hours of proper sleep at night. They are very much involved in studies which are very hectic these days hence minimum 10 hours of sleep is recommended for them. If we need to check with respect to Teenagers then we need 9 to 10 hours of proper sleep at least. Teenagers are fast growing and tending to do various activities to be fit and fine. They require considerable amount of energy in their life to perform excel in life. Optimal amount of sleep for adult is 7 to 8 hours, which should be proper and sound sleep without any kind of disturbances and noise. However, it is very important to understand the sleep required by your body as it varies from one person to other as people are involved various activities where the amount of strength required is different. For example, an athlete does more physical activity than an engineer or doctor hence require more sleep. So it is vital to balance sleep in your life as it is going to contribute the work you are doing and that will make your life change.

lying in bed late at nightMost of us find ourselves lying in bed late at night, unable to sleep. There is a link between sleep and stress of your life. This happens because of the stress we are having in our busy and hectic life. We go to sleep early but still not able to sleep till late and this habit is moving us towards becoming insomniac. Insomnia is a disease where people do not get proper or enough sleep at night and makes them up the whole night. This is actually impacting the health of people which they do not understand at the moment of time. Handling too much of pressure in office as well as outside makes them sleep less, they continue their late night meetings online from home as well on a continuous and regular pattern, which should not be done. Another factor contributing towards insomnia is anxiety; an employee with more anxiety tends to be more insomniac than the one who has less anxiety. So, anxiety at office is also one major factor which is making the health of people very bad and worsens their life day by day. It is very important to manage in anxiety in your life to balance your sleep pattern. It is also important to fix your sleep pattern and try to follow it rigorously, so that it is not impacted anyway. Make it a habit which will help you to get proper sleep and live your life happily. Prepare a matrix or time table to note down the time and duration of sleep for a month or so, this will eventually make it a habit and schedule your life appropriately. Try to be up throughout the day and sleep only in night, this will also help you to get proper sleep at night.

fight against lesser sleepIs it possible to fight against lesser sleep, anxiety or stress in life or we will become the victim of these throughout our life? The answer is “Yes”, we can definitely fight against these evils. There are many ways to lower down the anxiety and stress level in life; we just need to adapt few good habits which will help us to get away from these evils. It is very important to have some social life as it keeps the stress away from your life. You can discuss your issues in life with your family, friends even to neighbors who are very close to you. These days’ people are participating in many stress management courses provided by various organizations. By lowering stress in your life, not only you get better sleep but also you have good health and well-being benefits. Studies and researches have shown that lower the stress contributes to proper and enough sleep for your body. If you are sleeping properly then you can manage the stress in your life efficiently making your life happier than ever.  

simple thingsThere are few other simple things which we can do to avoid sleepless nights. For example, turn off lights and pull your curtains down to darken the window, before going to bed. Avoid as much noise as possible. Make your bedroom as quiet as possible; it should be the idle relaxing place to sleep. People take sleeping tablets for sleep which is not at all good for longer period of time. We can include some relaxation techniques, regular exercises and some psychological therapies. Going for walk after dinner is also very god activity, this help you to digest food and also after some physical activities you will find that your body is tired and it wants to sleep.

In terms of food habits In terms of food habits avoid heavy meal before dinner, avoid caffeine and don’t smoke before going to bed as these can be one of the reasons for lesser sleep a night in your life. In fact do not have any food or drinks that contain caffeine or other stimulants for hours before bed time, these food items or drinks might wake you up whole night.

After trying all these activities we believe that you will get proper and enough sleep throughout your life. However, in case of no changes in your sleep, we will recommend you to visit doctor to get it checked on immediate basis as sleep is very important part of our life.

Have a Sound and a Tight Sleep!!