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Counseling Procedures Giving You Sleepless Nights? No More

Counselling ProceduresAfter freezing the list of institutes and branch preferences, the most important task is creating college/branch combinations for each college that you are likely to seek admission in. If you have appeared for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, State Entrance exams as well as private colleges, this could result in repeating the counseling procedure for each examination.

Basically, there are two types of counseling: online counseling and offline counseling. Moreover, several states offer a combination of both.

When it comes to IIT-JEE, candidates are given the ability to fill more than 100 choices; however, your choice will be given to you only if there is a vacancy. The opening as well as closing rank of the previous year gives you a fair idea with regard to where you stand.

You must peruse the counseling portal and the official website of JEE thoroughly. You can get access to the counseling brochure and the opening as well as closing ranks of the previous two years. In addition, you should acquaint yourself with guidelines with regard to the counseling process. When it comes to IITs, you are offered a seat if your choices match the rank requirement. What’s more, there are 3 rounds of counseling.

Once you obtain a seat, you are required to pay a security deposit of Rs 40,000 through NEFT/Nearest State Bank of India as part of the registration fees. There are 3 rounds of counseling, and in the next round, if a preferred seat is available, you are allotted that too.

Candidates belonging to the state of Maharashtra have a mind-boggling 9 different categories. To confuse matters, for each category there exist Home State and others and also Home University and others. Therefore, a seat is offered based on 36 distinct combinations, excluding categories like physically challenged and Kashmiri migrants. Totally, there are 5 counseling rounds. This can be extremely confusing. Therefore, obtain advice from the right sources to ease heartburn.

Freedom to Alter the Decision

Freedom to Alter the DecisionWhen it comes to AIEEE, there exists a provision to alter your decision post allotment. If a candidate desires, he or she can turn down the offer even in the 3rd round and reserve his or her claim for the next round. If a candidate fails to obtain a seat even in the 5th round, then he or she can stake a claim for vacant seats at regional centers in the spot round, which is held in the month of August. In this way, the counseling procedure for AIEEE is much more time consuming and complicated. However, AIEEE is extremely flexible with regard to changing of options and returning of allotted seats.

Offline Counseling

Offline CounsellingThere exists no such possibility in offline counseling or a blend of counseling procedures. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, candidates enter their preferences on a portal, and on the basis of the ranks, they are offered counseling at a centralized facility. Candidates can view a computer screen, where the existing options based on their preferences and availability are shown. Candidates are offered 2 options, and they need to freeze a particular seat. After freezing, there exists no way to make any modifications. During such a process, preparation is of vital significance.

During instances of such offline situations, you need to do their homework in advance and arrive early at the center. Get all records checked one day before. Keep in mind your combinations and the present ranking scenario from LCD screens installed for your convenience. You should not engage in discussion with other candidates’ parents with regard to your choices at the ultimate moments. Perform an in-depth study or research before making the decision; however, you need to stick to your choices on D-Day. When it comes to making a choice between institute and branch, always decide on the basis of priority listing.

We hope you found the abovementioned information helpful in dealing with so many engineering colleges’ counseling procedures.

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