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Checklist for JEE Main 2015 and JEE Advanced 2015

JEE Main 2015 Checklist

ChecklistIIT JEE is not just another exam. It is a ticket to IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology, which are among the world’s most reputed institutes) for every engineering aspirant in India. Most aspiring engineers dream of being the proud alumni of these world-class institutes. Some of these students lack faith in their abilities when it comes to cracking the JEE, or they have a preconceived notion that getting into an IIT Campus is beyond their capability.

To successfully crack JEE Main, you need a positive outlook and dedication with your studies. And if you are a true engineering talent, there is no stopping you. Therefore, just relax and deliver your best on examination day.

We have prepared the checklist for JEE Main 2015 along with things every candidate should consider. Peruse it thoroughly.


  • GUIDELINESAptitude Test: Students who appear for the Architecture aptitude test need to carry their very own geometry box set, erasers, crayons, pencils, and color pencils.

  • Needed Materials: You need to bring along with you a clipboard or cardboard for hassle-free writing on the answer sheet. It is advisable to carry along high-quality ball-point pens (in blue or black)

  • Answer Sheet: 10 minutes prior to the examination, you will be provided with a sealed test booklet that contains the answer sheet. Post receipt of the booklet, you need to fill details on the booklet’s cover page using only a ball-point pen. Break the seal only after receiving instructions from the invigilator.

  • Admit Card: After you have downloaded your admit card from the proper website, please peruse the card thoroughly to check for your name, gender, date of birth, paper, name of test center, city, state code of eligibility and category. If you encounter errors with regard to the information in your admit card, quickly get in touch with JEE (Main) Secretariat for immediate action.

  • Registration & Timing: You are needed to reach your examination center at the very least 30 minutes prior to the examination starting time. If you are not on time, you may miss the general instructions that the invigilator announces.

  • Documents RequiredDocuments Required: The Admit Card is indispensable for carrying in the exam hall. Failure to show the card on demand will give the Centre Superintendent the power to prevent your entry into the examination hall. In addition, you need to carry your identity proof for answering the exam.

Students need to carry a copy of set of documents (go through the below-mentioned table according to the applicable criteria) and submit it to the invigilator at the exam centre. The candidates need to write their respective Roll Nos. of JEE Main 2015 on the document copies.

Criteria Applicable to Candidates

Document copy needed to be brought for submission to the invigilator at the examination center post writing the Roll number on them

Students who qualified in Class 12/ or passed the qualifying exam in the year 2013 or 2014, and have not chosen for performance improvement in 2015

Copy of Final Mark sheet/ Statement of Marks of Class 12/ Qualifying Examination of years 2013 or 2014

Students who qualified in Class 12/ passed the qualifying exam in the years 2013 or 2014, and have chosen for performance improvement in all subjects in the year 2015

Copy of Admit Card or Hall Ticket for performance improvement in Class 12/Qualifying Exam in the year 2015

Students who attempting JEE in Class 12/ Qualifying Exam in 2015

Copy of Admit Card or Hall Ticket for Class 12/ Qualifying Exam in the year 2015

  • Help/Assistance: In case of any problem or technical issue, first-aid emergencies, or any information during examination hours, you need to contact your Center Superintendent.

  • For any questions or problems with regards to computer-based exams, the candidates should call the toll free number, which is available on the JEE Main website, to get in touch with the call center.


  • INSTRUCTIONSTest Booklet: 5 minutes prior to the start of the exam, you will be told to open the provided text booklet. It is your responsibility to verify whether the test booklet code, which is provided on the second side of the answer sheet, is identical to that printed on the test booklet. In case of difference, bring it to the invigilator’s notice as soon as possible

  • Filling in the Particulars: You are required to write the particulars with blue or black ball-point pens on both sides of the answer sheet. Usage of pencil is prohibited strictly. If you use a pencil for writing, your answer sheet will be rejected. After entering the particulars, wait for instructions of the invigilator.

  • Necessary Items: You need to carry your own blue or black ball-point pen. The board will not provide you with any.

  • Warning Bell: A warning bell will be rung at the start of the examination and on completion of half time. The bell will also be rung before closure time, indicating that you stop writing.

  • Verification of Booklet: You need to check that the test booklet contains the same number of pages as written on the booklet’s first page. You need to also verify the serial number and Test Booklet series with the serial number and series of the OMR sheet. In the event of variations, the OMR sheet and Test Booklet should be returned to the invigilator as soon as possible for replacement with another set of identical series, which will be available at the exam center.

  • Marking System: Every question is given four marks for the right answer. ¼ (one-fourth) percentile mark (which equals 1 mark) will be deducted for each indicated wrong answer. There will be no deduction from the overall score if you do not indicate a response for a particular question. You need to be keep in mind that there is only right answer among the four given choices.

  • Attendance Sheet: You need to sign the attendance sheet on two occasions. Your first sign is needed at the start of the examination, and the second upon closure. Moreover, your left thumb impression is needed in the allotted space on the sheet.

  • Rules & Regulations: All candidates are governed the Board’s rules and regulations regarding their conduct at the exam center. All instances of unfair practices will be dealt with according to the rules.


  • CODE OF CONDUCTYou need to maintain absolute silence in the examination hall. Any attempt to converse or any gesture will be counted as a misbehavior, which may result in cancellation of candidature.

  • Certain items are forbidden to carry such as calculators, textual material, log tables, slide rules, electronic watches that can double up as a calculator, written or printed material, pagers, docu pens, iPods, mobile phones, or any other gadgets. If you carry any such device or material, the invigilator will cancel your candidature.

  • You should remove any printed or handwritten material (if any) from the booklet, to avoid being deemed an offender.

JEE Advanced 2015 Checklist

JEE Advanced 2015JEE Advanced is India’s most competitive exam, and it needs to be because they provide the gateway to the much-coveted IITs and Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Thorough preparation is the key to cracking JEE Advanced and ultimately being an alumnus of IIT.

JEE Advanced 2015 is scheduled for Sunday, May 24, 2015. The candidate needs to appear for 2 papers, which are part of this exam.

  • Paper 1: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm IST

  • Paper 2: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm IST

Out of more than 13 lakh students who have appeared for JEE Main 2015, nearly 1.5 lakh of them have been chosen to give a shot to JEE Advanced 2015. However, approximately 26,000 students have backed out due to glitches.

Your admission to any one of the 16 IITs will be based on your All India Rank (AIR) in JEE Advanced 2015.

Read the below-mentioned guidelines thoroughly to clear the exam in a smooth manner:

Things to Carry in the Examination Hall:

We understand the importanceWe understand the importance of this exam. We know how much it means to you. We are also aware of the huge pressure you will be facing in the run up to the exams. Because of the immense pressure and tension, you may forget to carry vital things to the examination hall. Therefore, we have listed down crucial items from the examination perspective. As a suggestion, we advice you to keep the below-mentioned things in your bag right away.

Admit Card for JEE Advanced 2015

Candidates should carry a hardcopy of the Admit Card for JEE Advanced 2015. Only those candidates possessing valid Admit Cards will be given the go-ahead to appear for the examination. Your Admit Card is comprised of vital information like roll no., photograph, signature, date of birth, and category besides the name and residential address of the candidate.

Wrist Watch that Can Double Up as a Calculator

It is necessary to wear a wrist watch in order to keep a track on time during the exam. With limited time and vast number of questions, you should keep pace with the time during the examination. However, some modern wrist watches can double up as a calculator. Such a device is strictly prohibited.

Exam Stationery

Exam StationeryA writing pad is permitted for use during the examination. However, ensure that the pad is clean and that nothing is scribbled on it. Invigilators are extremely strict in this matter; therefore, refrain from sticky notes or writing anything on the pad. Any written matter on the pad will be considered as a copy, and you may be forbidden from writing the test. In addition, carry a set of 3-4 black ball-point pens because only such pens are allowed to darken the circles in the provided answer sheet.

Water Bottle

Water BottleThirst may arise while answering the examination. Hence, it advisable to carry a water bottle. Despite the fact that every examination center provides water at regular intervals, it is advisable to carry a water bottle along with you. However, ensure that nothing is scribbled or written on the bottle because it will be treated as an act of cheating.

Things Not to Carry in the Examination Hall:

  • Mobile phone

  • iPad

  • iPod

  • Notebook

  • Calculator

  • Abacus

  • Geometry Box

  • Log table

  • Slide rule book

  • Watch-cum-calculator, etc.

Key Pointers During JEE Advanced 2015:

  • Key Pointers During JEE Advanced 2015Keep your Admit Card on the desk while appearing for JEE Advanced

  • Keep your set of pens and your writing pad on the desk

  • Listen and obey instructions made in the examination hall

  • Submit your Admit Card on the request of the invigilator

Keep the above things in mind before and while answering the exams. Most importantly, stay calm and composed, and do your best.

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