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  • Career Prospects in Computer Animation and various other vocational courses
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Career Prospects in Computer Animation and various other vocational courses


Computer AnimationThe art of inanimate objects brought to life with the assistance of modern computer based sequencing techniques is known as computer animation. Cartooning is sometimes misunderstood as animation. Cartooning is preparing character caricatures on a drawing board. This is accompanied by a few separate subtleties to reveal the character with a sense of comedy. But, in the case of computer animation, it is the art of converting these characters to start breathing life.

Animation Industry

Animation IndustryDespite the recent global economic downturn, the industry in the field of computer animation has continued to rapidly grow at a faster pace. Even though computer animation technology has emerged late in the Indian market, the industry has shown a promising growth. Under this scenario, you will be able to readily experience that this industry has a continuous growth of expansion. Every year, it is expected to generate more employment to thousands of potential animators in 2-D and 3-D, which is exciting news for people aiming to work in this field. The growth in the computer animation industry is further fuelled by the outsourcing of projects on animation by global animation giants like Disney and others to India. Generally speaking, the industry related to animation has scope for boundless growth for people who really love and look for creating magic.

Step by step entry

Step by step entryAre you a student interested to take up a career in computer animation? If so, then one of the best ways for you to pursue your career in animation is by obtaining a graduate degree or diploma in animation. However, getting a degree in animation is not found to be common in India as yet. You must note that only a couple of institutes offer this course currently. There are a number of institutes providing you to take up diploma courses in animation. Furthermore, a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or BFA is also considered as a very vital course to start with. This will make your entry into the arena of animation successfully. However, bachelor’s degrees in animation and in fine arts are for a period of three years respectively, whereas the duration of a diploma course in animation may vary from a period ranging from six-months to one or one and a half years.   

Eligibility criteria

For getting entry into a diploma or degree in computer animation, the prescribed eligibility criteria would be a pass in 10+2 examination from a recognized board. The candidate should have obtained a minimum of 45% marks.

Early Entry

Early EntryAfter the 12th board exam, you can plan to start studying for an animation course as there are no special subjects that are required to be studied. However, you need to possess certain amount of aptitude to develop sketches, drawing and good interest in computers. These qualities are vital for you to gain entry into the Animation industry. In order to give your career in animation a big boost, it will be wonderful for you to study fine arts at the college level. Enrolling for Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts is perfect method that will enhance your prospects of having a promising career in Animation as well. However, even if you are not studying for fine arts, you will have chances to plan out your career in animation. Under such a scenario, you must possess good attitude and passion to work hard and prosper in animation.

Right career for me

Right career for meMany of you might be posed with a big question in your mind whether animation is the right career to choose after 12th. The correct answer to your question is yes, if you have aptitude for creativity. For you to become a good animator, you require a great amount of passion and imagination. You should be able to draw good sketches and prepare drawings. It would be wonderful for you have good knowledge about human, animal and bird expressions and their movements, as they form an important part of animation. This will also assist to express the characters that you create in the most perfect way. Besides this, other factors like good skills in visualization, flair for using colours, hard work, patience, perseverance, and dedication in your work are required to make your profile as an animator a successful one. The work of animation involves multitasking and hence, you need to work as a team with good skills in communication. Hence, animation is the right choice of career if you possess all these skills. Besides, you need to possess keen interest to explore this creative art to make it a fruitful career for you.       

Cost of studying for animation

The total fees that you need to spend while studying for an animation course would range from Rs.50, 000 to Rs.2,00,000. This fee is based on the institution and the course that you intend to select as a part of your career.

Scholarship and Funding

Scholarship and FundingIn India, you can find that there is a big boom in the animation industry and it has boosted the prospects of career as well. This scenario has given great encouragement to several institutions in the private sector to offer scholarship to talented candidates to pursue this career. Students can get meritorious scholarships to take up a career in animation. They are awarded based on a creativity test and an interview.     

Prospects on Job

Prospects on JobFor animators, the job prospects are growing at a faster pace as there is tremendous demand for entertainment and game development industry. Currently, the concepts of animation has got firm grip over advertising, television and movie industries. This is owing to the excessive use of special effects. Movies made with the concept of full length animation are found to be in great demand in the market. A film developed on single animation technique requires as many as 500 skilled animators. This means that there is huge opportunity for employment. Hence, animation is considered as one of the concrete, lucrative and most demanding options for your career. You can work successfully in the entertainment and education including e-learning industries.  

Salary package

Salary packageYou can take animation as full time career as you will feel total job satisfaction. It is a lucrative profession and hence, most of the youngsters are attracted towards it. Professionals who are new to this industry work generally in the capacity of animators at junior level, at production houses and animation studios. The salary package for such animators may vary in the range of Rs.10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. By gaining three to five years of work experience, you can become a senior animator and get a monthly salary up to a maximum of Rs.30,000 to 40,000. However, as a creative animator, it is possible for you to work on some innovative projects through which you can successfully earn a salary package of more than Rs.55,000 per month.

Supply versus demand

Supply versus demandIn India, currently you can find that animation is one of the fastest growing options for a good career that you can opt for. More and more number of skilled animators is found in great demand and this growing trend has brought about a rise in the job opportunities. This has enhanced the demand for animation as a profitable career option. Under this scenario, the demand has exceeded the supply. Hence, you need about 30,000 professionals every year in the industry to fill up the wide gap of supply versus demand.

Market outlook

Market outlookCurrently, the animation industry has found a new growth path and hub among younger generation, which was found once popular in the western countries. It is encouraging to note that a great prospect for creating top class animation in the world exists in India, in comparison with other Asian countries. Though India is a novice to animation industry, yet an extraordinary boom in this industry is expected in the new future. All the industries such as film, television, and advertising place an unquenchable requirement for special effects and animation. Since India is popular and rich in its mythology and cultural heritage, and possesses excellent technical know-how, it is prepared for creating animation movies of full length along with short animation features. This recent boom will not be restricted only to the industry of animation, but is predicted to extend to computer gaming and mobile industries as well. This expansion relates not only for the creation of extra job opportunities for 2-D and 3-D animators, but also the popularity of Indian animators globally.

Focus on international level

Focus on international levelThe prosperity of animation industry in India can be seen. The future is bright as animation companies in the west are supporting India for outsourcing animation. This is due to good communicative skills in English, state-of-the-art studios, low cost and adequate infrastructure. It is encouraging to find that popular companies in animation such as Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Warner Brothers, and Fun Bag Animation are assisting India in preparing animation movies as co- producers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The animation industry globally is big and is expanding. Hence, an animation artist can expect a good growth in India and abroad in this field. Career in animation is found to be rewarding and profitable. The only disadvantage as an animator is that he or she has to work for long hours.

Tips for working as animator

Tips for working as animatorIt is very essential for you to have undergone a professional course in animation. You should have a high-end computer, an advanced graphic card and a few development tools. It will be beneficial if you present a demo indicating the practical skills that the employers require. Prior to applying to several companies, prepare a strong resume that includes all the expertise that you possess.

Other Vocational Courses in Information Technology

Other Vocational Courses in Information TechnologyMany students after 12th may not be able to gain entry into an engineering course, but they may have other options and love to have a career in Information technology. Nowadays, students look for a successful career in IT industry without any back ground of science or engineering. Computers and IT is a world of confusion which is fast changing accompanied by new skills and developments emerging out every day. Hence, understanding the right skills and keeping updated with the latest technological advancements are absolutely vital for any student to gain formal qualifications. Any job today needs virtually certain amount of computer operational skills. Applications in computers are considered as vast and possess varied range of knowledge covering areas like space exploration to banking sector, from entertainment to communications. Jobs like keying in cash entries at a bank, or information programming required for a realty show on a television, developing fashion designs using computer aided design techniques, managing reservations in an airline company, or creating an online test for MBA or JEE IIT, the usage of computer is growing day by day. The use of the internet and its wide expansion has opened up avenues for anyone to take new career openings.

Vocational courses

Vocational coursesIn various colleges, schools, trade schools and community colleges, you may find that various vocational courses and classes are being offered. When you complete these courses, you can undergo job focused training to meet specific job profiles in the IT industry. Apart from IT industry, vocational courses cover several areas that include healthcare, creative fields, networking in computers, and preparation of food and cosmetology. Besides this, vocational education is made available to students having interest in skilled trades like automotive repair, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning.

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