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Can Students Clear JEE (Advanced) without Coaching

Students Clear JEE (Advanced) without CoachingThere is good news for all IIT aspirants who seek admissions but cannot afford the exorbitant fees charged by coaching classes. According to a study, 52% students who cleared JEE (Advanced) in the year 2013 did not receive any type of formal coaching. They cracked JEE Advanced, which is arguably one of the toughest exams in the world, only through self-study.

A majority of IIT aspirants are in a dilemma whether to opt for coaching classes for JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced). If you go by the statistics, you will find that students can do away with coaching classes. What is really required to clear both JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) is a passion for Physics and Mathematics and an aptitude for engineering.

Let’s look at the performance of students according to zone:


Percentage of Students Doing Self-Study

Percentage of Students Who Attended Coaching Classes

Kanpur Zone



Roorkee Zone



Bombay Zone



Professor M. Anandakrishnan, Chairperson at IIT Kanpur, was of the opinion that in the past, coaching classes engaged in teaching students through question papers of the previous years. However, now students have realized that coaching classes lack the ability to coach them for JEE (Advanced) after adoption of the new pattern.

If we peruse these reports thoroughly, we can conclude that attending coaching for having a go at IIT JEE is not mandatory. Students should have strong fundamental concepts in all three papers: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Professor M. Anandakrishnan goes on to say that students from Chennai zone have sound fundamental knowledge; however, they lack self-confidence, making them enroll for coaching classes. This phenomenon may change in the future, and such students may engage more of their time doing self-study.

Mentioned below are 10 questions every IIT aspirant must ask before opting for coaching classes:

  • What is the coaching class’s track record?

  • Who are the faculty members and what are their qualifications?

  • What is the structure of fees and refund policy?

  • Is the infrastructure excellent?

  • Does the coaching class adopt a system of classification of students?

  • Does the coaching class offer high-quality study material and have a library equipped with important books?

  • How does the coaching class test the performance of students?

  • How long does it take to reach the coaching class?

  • At what time do coaching classes conduct training, and are the timings flexible?

  • Do coaching classes conduct surprise tests, unconventional tests, or “challenge” sessions?

Presently, IIT admissions have become a topic of debate in the HRD Ministry and the IITs. However, things are yet to be finalized. Every student wishes to know if the exam pattern will change so that he or she can prepare effectively.

Even if the exam pattern changes, the syllabus for the exam will still be based on Class XI and Class XII; therefore there is no need to panic. Coaching can helps students during preparation. Students can try the mix-and-match option. It is a wise idea to attend coaching for challenging topics and subjects.

There are scores of students who clear IIT JEE without any formal coaching. However, a sizeable chunk of students who clear IIT JEE have attended coaching classes in some form or the other. Coaching offers students a systematic approach for preparation. To top it all, IIT JEE coaching classes conduct mock tests, which can effectively prepare students for the examination day.

However, ultimately, only the student can decide what he or she wants. If a student has a strong command over the fundamental aspects of the syllabus, then they can enroll only for mock test series.

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