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Boost your concentration power with these little steps.

concentrationNo matter whether you are playing your favorite game or are studying, you need to be concentrated. If you lose your focus and are distracted; then there are chances of failures. These distractions are a serious threat and might affect your work adversely. Initially, spending few minutes here and there; or on social media websites while executing an important task may seem to be fine. But, once you get addicted to them, they tend to hamper your work. The result may be adverse. For example, you are a student who is preparing for JEE entrance exam or any entrance exam for that matter of fact and are distracted; it may ruin your career.

Being a student and being on the threshold of making your career; it is mandatory that you concentrate towards you goals. Many of us (students) are stressed and are under pressure of clearing the entrance exams with flying colors. Our worries and issues; or other random thought might hamper our preparation and impact largely on our career. Thus it is necessary that we do our preparation with utmost concentration and focus. For helping students on improving their concentration, I have jotted some of the tips. I hope they help!

  • Look for a Quieter Environment

Quieter EnvironmentI would suggest that whenever you are planning to study, look for a quieter environment for better preparation. It is recommended that one should try to avoid all kind of distractions while studying. Look for a private room or space where there are no disturbances. It might be garden area where there is no noise or a small/ study room. Sitting in front of TV while studying; studying while laying on bed or with pets around about are a big NO NO!

If at all you have a very noisy environment and you cannot find a quiet place for studying; then use ‘White Noise’ to increase your concentration level. I know the very next question will be, What is White Noise? White Noise is the ‘shhh’ sound that you hear on television when the cable is off.

Researches prove that white noise enhances the connectivity of brain and attention. Also, there are many websites that offer these (white noise) for free.For some students, listening to soft music while studying helps in concentrating. I am not sure, if that will suit to you too, but you can give a try. Listen to something that is very soft and not the songs / music that you generally like.

  • Turn off UNWANTED Gadgets

Turn off Most of us are hi-tech and have gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. It is mandatory and a strict advice to switch off all these gadgets while studying. This will help in avoiding all kind of interruptions and you can romance your books easily.

  • Be Organized

Another norm while studying is be ORGANIZED. This means that keep all your study notes, study material, books and stationery handy so that you need not get up and look for them. This will save your time as well as will help you in concentrating more.

  • Take Breaks

time for a breakMany students think that when you study for longer hours, you tend to be more productive or tend to study more. However, this is not the case. If you don’t take breaks between your studies; then you will get bored and will not be able to remember what you have studied so far. Checking facebook, whatsapp or watching tv for 5-10 minutes can be recharging sessions between your study schedule. But remember not to take breaks for longer duration. Thus, take short 5 – 10 minutes break after every hour or every one and half hour.

  • Shuttle between Subjects

Another quick tip is to shuttle between subjects at regular interval. This means that, switch between tough and easy subjects and plan your timetable accordingly. This will help you in having more concentration towards difficult subjects and you will also not get bored.

  • Effective Method of Studying

Effective methodMany students lose concentration when they are studying difficult topics or subjects. So try using more creative methods for studying. Use of video aides; audios or flash cards will not only boost your concentration, but also you will be able to understand the subject/ topic with ease.

Try making a sheet or maintaining a book where you have all the notes jotted down. Try making these important topics/ notes in form of questions, recite them loudly and read your answers. Then review the answers that you have recited. This will help in understanding your stand on the subject / topic. If there is anything that you have a doubt about then either research online about it or simply go and discuss it with your teacher or friends.

It is also recommended that you take up difficult tasks at the beginning, followed by easier or comfortable subjects. When you are fresh, you can concentrate more and study more effectively. If you study easier ones, then you would battle to understand the difficult ones and land up wasting more time.

  • Time Management

Time ManagementIt is necessary to plan your time and study accordingly. This means, before making a timetable for the preparation, check the syllabus and plan accordingly. Start studying seriously ahead of time, so that towards the end you do not have to cram things up. Manage your time for everything; right from studying, understanding and revision for all subjects.

Also, some of us are morning person and some of us are night persons. By this I mean that some of us have more concentration during early morning hours and some of us can concentrate more while studying in night. So be a judge and see which one suits you the best. Studying during the productive hours, lead to more concentration.

  • Be Determined


Only time planning will not help. It is mandatory that you should stick to the timetable prepared by you and let no disturbances affect it. So be determined and dedicated towards your studies. Write down your goals (make sure that they are achievable) and keep them right in front of you. Whenever you are losing your focus, look at your goals and get back to your studies.
  • Snacks and Eating Habits

eating habitsKeep snacks and water nearby; so that you do not have to go anywhere for these basic needs. Handful of nuts, energy bars, chocolate or fruits are some of the good options that you can keep with you.

It is also necessary that you have good eating habits. Avoid deep fried foods or the foods that are fatty; as they will make you feel drowsier. Also, avoid too much of caffeinated drinks or coffee as they will keep you up for longer duration and impact your sleep adversely. It is not that, you do not need any sleep when you are preparing for entrance exams. Your body needs to be physically as well as mentally fit.

  • Sleep

Like I mentioned, it is compulsory to get proper sleep for our body to function properly. So sleep tight and get enough sleep. This will not help in your concentration but will also keep your body fit. 

  • Keep yourself Motivated

Yourself MotivatedYou need to be motivated. Do not get disheartened if you do not get good grades in one of the subject or tests. It happens with every one of us. So it is necessary that we stop drooling over our failures and start preparing with more concentration. I say so, because if you are not motivated you will keep on thinking about the failure and will not work harder to achieve your goals.

  • Rewards

rewardsReward yourself. Remember when our parents used to tell us that if you score well in examination or achieve your goal you will get a present from us. How happy we used to be. Getting our favorite toy or cycle was a motivation behind our success. In the same manner plan for rewards when you achieve a goal decided by you. These goal might not necessarily be huge in nature, but a small reward will do magic.

So next time you achieve your target or goal go on a shopping spree or treat at your favorite café or play your favorite games. If there are thoughts that are wandering in your head or some worry that you can’t set aside, then it is suggested that you take a break and shake yourself up. Try to control your thoughts and do not let them come your way. Follow the above mentioned habits and I am sure that you will succeed in achieving your goals. All the best!