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Avoid These Mistakes while Preparing for JEE sans Coaching

Avoid These Mistakes while PreparingIt is every engineering aspirant’s dream to gain admission into the “Mecca” of engineering institutes in India: the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). However, because of some reasons this dream of IIT aspirants gets shattered.

In this article, the focus lies in avoiding mistakes if you are contemplating of having a go at JEE without any formal coaching.

First Mistake: No Interest in School Lectures

This is one of the major blunders that a majority of students commit. They turn a deaf ear to the advice given by teachers, and with no coaching class to back them, these students have a rare chance of success at JEE. If you desire ultimate success, this type of attitude needs a drastic change. School teachers start teaching from the basics or fundamentals of each topic.

Things need to be done:

  • Attend lectures regularly (of both Class 11 and Class 12)

  • Pay careful attention to the concepts taught in school for optimum IIT JEE preparation

  • Give more priority to your school teachers, who serve as personal mentors

  • Prepare for IIT JEE seriously

Second Mistake: Procrastination

IIT aspirants are known to delay their studies. More often than not, they leave their preparation for IIT JEE for another day. Such an attitude can prove to be a massive disaster in the long run. It is commonly observed that IIT aspirants lose out on getting admission primarily because of this factor.

Things need to be done:

  • Think in practical terms and study hard

  • If you feel boredom creeping in, you can take recourse in free video lectures

  • Instead of creating extra pressure for the next day, study now and complete your studies

Third Mistake: Lack of Belief in Regular Studies

Some IIT aspirants depend on “last minute tips” to successfully crack JEE. This practice has no advantages, unless you are fully prepared and are planning to utilize these tips only for the sake of revision. Preparation for JEE requires 3-4 hours of dedicated study every single day to stand a chance of successfully clearing it.

Things need to be done:

  • Study every single day without skipping any day

  • If you have not studied a single concept until date, do not rely on last-minute preparation

  • Come up with a study plan for the examination and adhere to it thoroughly

Fourth Mistake: Taking JEE for granted

Many students are of the opinion that JEE is just another entrance test, which can be cleared successfully. This is a completely wrong way of approaching JEE, which is one of the toughest exams in the world. Therefore, don’t take it lightly. To crack this vital exam, what is needed is a combination of both smart work and hard work.

Things need to be done:

  • Don’t treat JEE lightly

  • Work smart instead of working hard

  • Spend ample time in revision. You can use online mock tests for revision

Fifth Mistake: Don’t take mistakes to your heart

If you possess this type of attitude, change it immediately. We are all human beings, and every human being makes mistakes. The key lies in learning from mistakes and not repeating them. Peruse the errors committed by you thoroughly.

Things need to be done:

  • Learn from your errors

  • Spend time researching and finding the cause of your errors

  • Never repeat mistakes

To sum it all up, if you want to secure a seat in an IIT, your focus should be on JEE preparation. Always remember that there are no substitutes for dedication, determination, and diligence.