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Are IITs burden on students mind?

Great CareerI am sure that each of us would want a great career for ourselves. And in order to have one, we leave no stone unturned. Every student who is aspiring to become a successful engineer or a business graduate will target at top most or premier institutes like IIT or IIMs.  Parents tend to pressurize their children to start preparing from early stages to be able to make into these institutes; as they are considered to be road to success. The pressure is so intense that most of students get stressed and demotivated, if they aren’t successful. But don’t you think that getting into these institutes has become more of prestige issue rather than a good career option?

I personally believe that they indeed are overhyped, and they should be; after all they are renowned for shaping career of well deserving candidates. They have a track record of producing some of the best coveted candidates across the globe. The workforce in IIT or the cream of students that they provide training to are some of the reasons why it is become one of the most prestigious and glorious institute in India for engineering.  And students are trying to do all kind of hardships for getting into them.

IITs are living up to the expectationBut I have a question. Do you think that these IITs are living up to the expectation? I mean are they worth all the hardships and the valuable time that students are investing; and the hard earned money that the parents of these students are spending on them. This is one of the places where coaching centers pitch in. They take advantage of student’s anxiety and make them join their coaching centers; and burn a hole in their pockets. Thus, parents tend to spend double.

Coming back to square one, my question is still unanswered. Are these IIT so important? I mean is it that if you cannot make to these foremost institutes; then you have no career? If this is the case, then why is it that none of the IITs have been able to make it to the ‘World’s Best Institutes’ list? According to recent study (you can also verify on the internet if you want) it has been proved that in spite of students struggling to get into these institutes, none of them have a rank amongst top 100 colleges/ universities/ educational institutes across the globe. Out of all sixteen IITs, only seven have been able to make it to the list at rank between 470 – 1300.

skill setSo what is it that make these engineering colleges/ institutes sought after? It is their expert professors who impart matchless education to their students and make them industry ready. They might not have best infrastructures (in comparison to top universities), but the level of education imparted is inimitable. But then there is something that the study researchers have to say about this. They say that IITs contribute very little to the knowledge of those selected. The reason behind this is that IIT selects the best of students (which is not more than 3% of those who appear for entrance exams), who have undergone a rigorous hardship of clearing the exam. These students are already best and IITs just polish them. They do make any significant contribution towards their knowledge or skill set.

It is evident and but obvious that if you undergo so much of pain and intense practice; crack JEE exams and get an entry ticket to IIT; you would have a strong foundation. And this strong foundation will help you succeed in your life and career. It is you who do the hard work and credit is taken away by these IITs. Many students say that is ‘BIG and FAT WALLET’ that allures them to get into IITs. It is not the IITs education that helps student getting good jobs it is the stamp of government that makes companies choose the students from there.

IITIn spite of all the arguments, IITs will still remain first choice amongst students. They are ready to do whatever it takes to get into them. So is it some kind of OBSESSION; that inspires students? If following mentioned points are some of your symptoms, then it is sure shot that you are suffering from IITmania.:

  • You have only one thing in your mind ‘IIT’. You think about it while eating, dream of it while sleeping and talk/ discuss only about it; then you are definitely suffering from a deadly virus called IITmania.

  • You start preparing from a very early stage. Just like you start thinking about it or plan for IIT when you are in 8th standard.

  • You are out of your social group. You have shunned yourself in a room, you have no friends apart from your study material and notes; your presence is missed on the social websites. You have no life.

  • You are tensed and think too much about being successful in cracking JEE examinations. You are afraid that if you fail, the society by not accept you.

  • You think about being popular all the time. A successful engineer who is well settled and is earning big lot of money.

IITIt is not only that students suffer from IITmania. Parents of these students also suffer from it. The habit of bragging about their child’s success (being an IITian), creating immense pressure on students for getting a seat into it and thinking too much about society and their influence (after their son/ daughter has become an IITian) are the signs that showcase that even parents suffer from this monstrous IITmania.

As a result of the above mentioned arguments, it would not be wrong to state that these IITs are OVERHYPED! They are treated like religion in states which host these campuses, especially in Andhra and Kota. With such immense pressure and the stress of being the best engineer, the future of these students may be in dark. Because if you get a good score and are able to grab a seat in IIT then you are the happiest one; but if you are unsuccessful and do not get a seat then I don’t know how will you cope with this failure.

It is high time that people stop looking at JEE as a ticket to their dreams and lay focus in strengthening your foundation for long term. Do not get pre-occupied in dreams of being an IITian and mess up your future. Ensure that whatever you are studying should be useful in shaping your professional life.

students to aim at the highest pointThus, it is suggested that it is good for students to aim at the highest point and try to achieve with dedication and hard work. But one should not get disheartened, if you are not able to make it to IIT. There are other institutes that are equivalently good and have a better education scope; and enrolling in them your career will find a right path. You should try these institutes and study with same dedication (as you would do in IIT) and you will be successful in life. Do not ruin your precious teenage years and teenage fun, just because you need to get into these OVERHYPED IITs!

For this change, it is mandatory that the perspective of everybody including our parents, society and schools need to change. Parents need to stop pressuring their children and let them be what they want to be. Schools also try to counsel students and make them more focused towards gaining knowledge and societies and their so called people should stop passing comments against those who have been attempting IIT but have not been able to clear it. After all it is none of their business.