7 characteristics of 21st century learning


21st century learningLearning is a continuous process throughout life. Though there are various means of gaining learning, yet this process promotes hopes and expectations in the human mind. 21st century learning is observed as something special, unconventional and out of the box method. This learning represents the age of competition, technology and evolution. It has been seen that many applications launched in the technological market cater to the younger generation. Its main motive is to capture the attention of children and young adults. There are seven very vital characteristics in the 21st century learning that will be of great assistance to students.

Knowledge based learning

Knowledge based learningYou should understand that the essential feature of learning should be knowledge oriented. Learning should be done for widening your knowledge in order to fulfil your immediate aims. If anything is learnt just for acquiring good marks in the exam, it is likely that you will forget the important facts of the subject after the exam is completed. Hence, it is essential to keep in mind that the process of 21st century learning should be carried out for gaining correct knowledge.

Learning through technology

Learning through technologyThe present world cannot exist without technology. Even if you may not be very comfortable with the new devices that are newly launched in the market often, you have to acknowledge and recognize their positive and good benefits. You must keep yourself informed about the latest trends in technology. You should also discover in what manner the gadgets can be utilised to modernise 21st century learning into a fun based activity learning.

Learning relevant to subject

Learning relevant to subjectWhenever you study a particular topic you must observe how relevant the information is to the topic in this 21st century learning process. In this manner you will be able to connect the logical ideas with the facts that you learn leading to interdependency of knowledge. Hence, when you store the data in your mind, it will be easy to recollect them whenever required from your knowledge bank.

Responsibility during learning

  opportunity to participateIf a student like you is provided the opportunity to participate actively in the process of your learning, you will feel more responsible for the quality of your learning. In this way as a self directed student you will also encourage other students and cooperate with the teacher to achieve your objectives. In 21st century learning procedure the teacher should adopt various strategies to make you and other students to be responsible for decision making and being self reliant.

Versatile data

Versatile dataWhatever you learn must be flexible and resourceful. This knowledgeable data should be applied by you wherever it is needed and be of benefit. The adaptive method in 21st century learning will offer you freedom to learn at your own pace and in a comfortable manner. By utilising different types of software, the teacher can help you in widening your knowledge.

Complete information in learning

It is very necessary that you gain data rich information from the teacher, parents or friends. Thorough understanding of the topic is required in 21st century learning as half knowledge is not needed and is sometimes dangerous as well.

Various forms of learning

Various forms of learningIt is certainly beneficial if you adopt diverse forms of learning to gain knowledge. The 21st century learning process provides this opportunity through media, instructional strategies or assessment. This collaborative approach can be obtained by means of using modern technological devices.


The classroom in the 21st century learning procedure provides a productive and effective type of an environment. This can assist you and other students to expand the skills in thinking, in effective communication and collaboration and adapting to modern technology for total development.

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