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6 Awesome Tips to Organize Revision Time for IIT JEE

Revision TimeAs the famous saying from Louis Pasteur goes- “fortune favors the prepared mind”, boys and girls, who are preparing for IIT-JEE, need the tough mentality that fortune from the success in entrance examination would bestow on them. The students need to know another thing that matters most for success in this entrance examination steeped in fierce competition that effective time management is the key to success in this. Time management is necessary for two things; the first one is while the boys and girls prepare before the IIT-JEE, they need to assign time to all subjects and secondly, as the examination would have fixed durations, they need to write the answers of all the questions within the allotted time. When an aspiring candidate blunders in these two parts of time management, he or she would inevitably end up in failure.

Apart from efficient time management, the second necessity is to delve into depth of three subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Questions in the entrance would invariably stay tricky and that necessitates in-depth preparation and really sound proficiency in about the fundamentals of the three main subjects. Let’s discuss the six great tips that would guide the students in the right direction for success in IIT-JEE entrance, which remains the toughest competition among all the entrance examinations in India.

Get ready for three subjects; Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Get ready for the three Royals among subjectsThe three royals among subjects would take away every second of students’ time. The students need to make sure that they devote equal time for the three subjects. They would have tough time in learning about the three subjects in the tutorials as well as preparing for them at home. Here most of the students commit the blunder of giving more time for the subject they like from the three subjects. Suppose a student is fond of Mathematics, he or she might be doing the Mathematics, hoping that the rest two subjects could become easy. Here, they need to remember that they would need to go through all the lessons in the three subjects and complacency in preparation could cost them dearly. So the necessity is to give time for every subject; if a student has studied and prepared for a subject for three hours in the morning, it would become wiser on his part if he gives next three hours for the preparation of next subject. Three of the subjects need to have their justified shares of time during preparation in a particular day. If a student logically finds that he has any trace of doubt in any subject, he needs to take it immediately with lectures in his school, college, or tutorial to get complete understanding to remove the doubt.

Find out the weaker areas in preparation and know about their importance

weaker areasThe students need to develop the rationale that would question their lack of preparation in certain parts in the three subjects. Whether they simply overlook their weak areas in the subjects is an important point in their preparation. The weaker areas in their knowledge base require focus. Their minds need to get focused like a torch-light knowing that they are not simply leaving any chapter in a subject either due to over-confidence or fear. In course of time, students develop negative feelings that they are not good at certain difficult parts in the subjects. The students need to make a list of such topics in order to make their preparation full-fledged in every aspect. By this, they would enhance the chances of success in the IIT-JEE entrance.

Divide time between weaker areas and important topics

Time ManagementWhen the student knows about his personal weaker areas in the subjects of study and give time for that, he need not forget to study the important topics in all the three subjects as well. They could know from the question papers of previous years about important questions, which regularly come in IIT-JEE entrance. Two things in this connection would appear important. First thing is the tutorial or coaching center, which the students attend every day for regular practice sessions for preparation. Next to the coaching center, there comes  significance of books, guides, and notes, which the students need to buy during preparation. It is definitely a good decision, when they decide to buy the reference books of only noted authors and select only the best in tutorials to get regular coaching.

Full practice of previous years’ questions

practice of previous years’ questionsFirstly, it is important to know the fundamentals in every subject and develop complete understanding about the chapters. While the students begin problem solving sessions in the three subjects, they need to take up ardently the task of solving questions of previous years IIT-JEE papers. Once they are thorough in this part, this would assure them about 70% success in the entrance examination. The question papers of previous years would give complete ideas about types of questions and effective answer writing styles. Such practice gives the students more confidence in dealing with questions, which appear at intervals in the IIT-JEE tests. Although, it is not sure that the same questions would appear; there could be slightly changed forms in the questions but when the students have complete clarity about the basics in the chapters, they would understand what the examiner would try to know from them through the questions.

Intense practice of  Mathematical and Numerical parts

Intense practice of  Mathematical and Numerical partsFormulas are the most significant things in Mathematics. But again when the students solve the problems, they need to avoid memorizing formulas completely. It is because formulas are not only important; working out a problem in Mathematics needs step-by-step solution. One mistake in solution of a step, the student would lose marks fully. For this, it is very important that students avoid mugging up formulas and instead get efficiency only by means of intense practice. It is better they stay away from developing over-confidence in this as problem solving is a very tricky thing. When they miss a step in this, they would get zero for that particular question.

Sleep, relax, pray, and exercise

 relaxThis sort of hectic preparation would give the students a lot of mental stress. Students need to sleep at least 6 hours in the night. Watching movie and other forms of relaxations are vital and important parts of preparation for IIT-JEE. The motive behind this is to divert mind and give it some relaxation as mind has its own limit and would not take unlimited stress forever. Meditation and prayer are also necessary to relieve stress from body and mind. The students need to mediate to add silence to their minds and pray to get mental peace as mind is only weapon for this entrance examination. Last but not the least, a bit of exercise in forms of jogging, playing games, or working out in the gym could do away with all the examination related stress and keep the students geared up for the test.  Balanced life-style and coolness in attitude and self-confidence could make bring wonderful result.