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10 Productive Ways for JEE Aspirants to Use the Internet

Use the InternetIIT aspirants belong to the Internet-savvy generation. Given the massive scale and reach of the Internet, there is a lot an IIT aspirant can learn, do, and see. In this article, we will be analyzing the 10 most productive ways an IIT aspirant can spend time on the World Wide Web. Therefore, log out of Facebook and inculcate the following healthy habits to make best use of the Internet and feel productive.

Learn New Things

IIT aspirants should have the hunger and appetite for learning new things. What’s more, no skill goes wasted. Several websites exist that are wonderful knowledge sources and which provide free courses on a wide range of topics and skills. If you do not want to spend time on a course, you can visit portals like Quora, LifeHacker, StumbleUpon, HowStuffWorks, Duolingo, or even Wikipedia. These sites will enhance your IQ and open new learning avenues. Moreover, you do not have to spend a rupee for accessing these sites because they are completely free. Learning anything new energizes and excites the mind, which is a must for an IIT aspirant.

Form Opinions and Views on the World

Form OpinionsEnhance your social quotient by opinionating on worldly matters and perspectives by subscribing to favorite YouTube channels or watching some compelling talks on TEDTalks. If you are an avid reader, some of the top picks include FastCompany, Entrepreneur, and GoodReads.

Organize Your Life

Instead of spending valuable time doing superfluous things on the Internet, make efforts to organize your life. To start with, begin by organizing your computer files. You may also want to empty your inbox at regular intervals. Reply to all emails that you have kept on hold. It will definitely feel good to wake up to an almost empty inbox.

Update Your Professional and Personal Life

Update Your Professional and Personal LifeIIT aspirants should use their free time to stay in touch with close friends and family members. Make a call through Skype instead of sending a text message. More often than not, a hearty chat with a close friend is sufficient to feel productive. If you have created a profile on any social networking sites, it would be good if you spend time updating it. It is a marvelous personal development check. Through this exercise, you can update your skills and stay productive.

Shop Wisely

As IIT aspirants, your primary shopping items will be books. Make the most of online coupons, which are doled out by most online shopping portals. These coupons help you bag some good deals and discounts on various products. Search for a couponing company in your area and shop wisely online.

Choose a Funky New App

With most IIT aspirants having access to smartphones and tablets, they can make their lives a whole lot easier. If you find yourself idle on Sundays, explore Google Play for the best productivity games and apps. This step will make your personal and professional life much more informed and organized.

Take Help of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantWhether you need a reminder for answering email or doing your daily chores, having a virtual assistant is a wise option. Time management apps and to-do lists are definitely a boon. It is always beneficial to have something remember these minor details for you if you do not excel at micromanaging your daily schedule.

Embark on a World Tour Right from Your Desktop

Google Street View is an awesome app to take an immediate tour of any place in the world, and that, too, from the comfort of your home. This app is a great tool to look up vacation destinations or just take a break from the monotony of visiting dull, drab spots.

Develop a Hobby on Pinterest

IIT aspirants who have a knack for developing hobbies should make the most of Pinterest. On free days, you can browse through this site and learn DIY tricks and tips or browse through recipe pin boards. It is a splendid place to search information on things you love from food to fashion.

Create a Blog

Create a BlogAs an IIT aspirant, you need to give free reign to your thoughts. Hence, you should create an independent blog, which will also enhance your writing skills. With thorough writing, your thought process becomes clearer. What’s more, your outlook toward life will definitely broaden.

These are the top 10 productive ways to spend time on the Internet for JEE aspirants.

  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: Rs. 15,900
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