Fahad Ahmed

Personal tutoring or coaching centers are not an option if you are someone studying at a CBSE affiliated school in KSA .One of my friends suggested me to check out the site called 'askIITians' and so I enrolled after a demo class with high expectations. I must say that my only regret was that I should have joined earlier. Indeed there is no equivalent website for face to face classroom environment and askIITians is the BEST online support one can get. I can personally vouch for it.

In short: If you enroll and don’t miss a single class and sincerely revise and do whatever you are asked to do. Then JEE should be cakewalk. CHEERS!

            Madhukar Thalore

First of all I would like to thanks the askIITians team for their heartiest contribution to make my way to IIT. I found MrAmanSaurav (Physic faculty) the best faculty I have ever seen. I am highly obliged to Samir Roy for his contribution to make Mathsan interesting and easy subject to read and write. I would also like to thank Suresh Avvari, Vikashkumar and ChiranjeeviLakvanth for helping me towards the IIT.

Mohd Madeeha Mubaraki Ayub

askIITians is a great forum for students incapable of attending hard core classes for JEE preparation. A very good substitute and serving as a leading institute for distance education;askIITians has helped me a lot in achieving my dream of qualifying the Joint Entrance Exam.

With proper timings and strategies for particular classes, best faculty and a wonderful interactive session, askIITians provides a group of students who study in a pseudo class like and friendly environment. Further, regular tests, carefully structured study material and feedbacks accompanied by doubt removal classes are its key strengths.

Combined efforts of students and askIITians will give a sure success. 

             Viraj Chavan

I joined the Crash Course for JEE at askIITians for having a better understanding of the subjects, and to revise the whole syllabus in a short time. And believe me, it helped me a lot more than I had imagined.

Online teaching was a new experience for me but at the same time it was satisfactory because of the teachers who were so amazing. Being from a remote area, I could not join a good class near home for two years. Later I found about askIITians and joined the crash course, which certainly helped me gain more marks in JEE main, especially in Chemistry.

I think I really should have joined askIITians for regular course, which would have helped me score even better.


"askIITians has been the most perfect mentor for me and has guided me all along in the 2 year journey in preparing me for all the medical and engineering entrance exams. The classroom atmosphere is very competitive and the teachers teach in a very lucid and illustrative way. I could refer to the recordings according to my convenience if I had to revise any particular chapter later on. The shortcuts and tricks taught have tremendously helped me solve myriad problems in my exams. I would accredit askIITians for my success."

            Shreya Tripathi

My askIITians experience has been truly rewarding. I felt that it was the best way to clear up any of my residual doubts in all the subjects. My three teachers were very knowledgeable and extremely patient. I would recommend students to take up the askIITians course as it could help them immensely. 

              Shilpa Sweth

I found the classes and the study materials extremely helpful and informative. The topics were explained clearly and made easy to learn.

Thank you very much askIITians

             Shibika Mitra

I took assistance from askIITian on ONE to ONE basis over distant learning program through internet. The AskIITian guidance was extremely helpful to realize various kinds of problem solving style. My doubt clearance sessions were highly customized to suite my requirement and organized based on my requested schedule. The commencements of all sessions were on time with effective utilization of entire duration. 

                Ankit Verma

I joined askIITians in 2013. The portal helped me build concepts in all the subjects taught. Some tips and tricks were also discussed so that questions become easy and could be solved in less time. I felt free to ask any doubt either in the class or by mails and they use toconsider the same in the very next class itself. Tests and DRS helped me to see my performance and clarify any doubts. Revision in the end helped a lot. I owe my success to askIITians only.

            Anjana Arvind

askIITians has taken my JEE preparations a step further and their experienced faculty are one of the prime reasons for me managing to qualify the JEE Advanced. I am truly grateful for the support and valuable insight gained from the teachers and this has helped open up a lot of opportunities for me in terms of further engineering studies. I have learned to understand topics which I couldn't have by myself especially in physics and organic chemistry. I highly value the guidance I received and thank the faculty as well as the staff whole-heartedly for their support.

           Akshay Revankar

I mainly chose askIITians as I had a requirement of better level teaching and coaching. Since I reside in an urban area, hence there was lack of coaching facility. askIITians teachers are very experienced and help us under any circumstances to improve the concepts of ours. I am really thankful to them for their sheer effort.

                  G. Ashwin

The hectic schedule of class 11th and 12th studies occupied most of my time. But the teachings in school felt somehow inadequate while preparing for JEE. When I thought about what was to be done I decided to take some coaching and then I came to know about askIITians – an online coaching with ex-IITians as staff. There I realized that I had found the right institution for preparing for JEE.

Firstly, I was given an opportunity to know about the standard of teaching with a demo class and after the class I was satisfied that the teachers had sound concept about their subject. I joined the coaching bit late so I was given CD’s for the classes I missed which were helpful to me for covering the classes that were held before I joined. From the first class itself I saw that the teachers were very patient with the students and responded to all the questions raised by the students in the class. The teaching was proper throughout and DRS sessions were helpful in solving difficult questions and previous IIT questions.

The classes were 2 hours long in class 11 but it was later increased to 3 hours when I entered class 12. This improved the pace of studies and helped me cover the chapters quickly. The interactive and responsive attitude of teachers made all classes interesting and the number of students increased accordingly. I was delighted when an All India test series was provided to us which made me understand where I stood among all other competitors for the JEE seat.

Overall, I would like to emphasize on the fact that all classes were very convincing and it would be better if more questions are solved side by side with the ongoing concepts. I would like to thank all askIITians staff for their constant support and hope that the institution helps more aspiring JEE students.


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