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Polymers of Commercial Importance

There are various polymers that have commercial importance. Some are listed below:

  • Nylon is a synthetic polymer used in textile and fabric industries. Nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 is a type of nylon. They have compact molecular structure with excellent abrasion resistance. The monomers are joined by hydrogen bonding.

 Hydrogen bonding in Nylon 6,6.

Fig.1. Hydrogen bonding in Nylon 6,6.

  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a synthetic polymer with various applications. It is of high molecular weight and made up of mainly carbon and fluorine. It is used in cook-wares such as non-stick pans. 

Structure of PTFE

Fig.2. Structure of PTFE

  • Bakelite is formed by condensation of formaldehyde with phenol. It is one of the first plastic made from synthetic source. It is used in kitchen ware, jewellery, pipe stems etc. Its chemical formula is (C6H6O·CH2O)n.

Structure of bakelite

Fig.3. Structure of bakelite

  • Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is formed after polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. It is most commonly used in pipes, bottles, cards etc.

Structure of PVC

Fig.4. Structure of PVC.

  • Polyethylene terephthalate or PET is a thermoplastic polymer used in containers, clothing, liquids and food. The common word used for PET is terylene. 

Structure of PET

Fig.5. Structure of PET

  • Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in packaging, textiles, reusable containers etc. Monomer propylene polymerizes to form polypropylene.

Structure of polypropylene

Fig.6. Structure of polypropylene

  • Polystyrene is formed by the polymerization of styrene monomers. It is used for protective packings, bottles, lids, disposable cutlery etc.

Structure of polystyrene

Fig.7. Structure of polystyrene

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