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Harmonic Mean is one of the several kinds of average. Mathematically, the harmonic mean between two numbers a and b is defined as

H = 2/ (1/a + 1/b)

This can further be written as:

H = 2ab/(a+b)

Likewise, the harmonic mean of n positive numbers x1, x2, …. , xn is defined to be

The harmonic mean of two numbers is in fact the reciprocal of arithmetic mean of the reciprocal of the numbers. This simply means that if H is the harmonic mean between two numbers say a and b then 1/a, 1/H and 1/b are in A.P.

Let us consider a simple example to understand the concept of harmonic mean:

We wish to find the harmonic mean of 1, 2 and 4. Since these are three in number, so by applying the formula the H.M. is given by

3/ (1/1 + 1/2 + 1/4) = 12/7.

Formula for Harmonic Mean

Let us see how exactly we reach the formula for harmonic mean between two numbers a and b: 

Let H be the harmonic mean between two numbers a and b.

So, a, H, b are in H.P.

This means that 1/a, 1/H, 1/b are in A.P.

or, 1/H – 1/a = 1/b – 1/H.

or, 2/H = 1/a + 1/b

= a+b/ab

∴     H = 2ab/a+b

On the same lines, we may also find two harmonic means between two numbers.

Let us assume that Ha and Hb are two harmonic means between a and b.

Then it follows that a, Ha, Hb and b are in H.P.

Then 1/a, 1/Ha, 1/Hb, 1/b are in A.P.

Hence, using the formula we have

tn = a + (n-1)d

So, 1/b – 1/a = 3d, where‘d’ denotes the common difference of the A.P.

This implies that 3d = (a-b)/b

Hence, d = (a-b)/3ab

So, 1/H1 = 1/a + d = 1/a + a–b/3ab = a+2b/3ab 

and 1/H2 = 1/a + 2d = 1/a + 2(a–b)/3ab = 2a+2b/3ab

Hence, these are the two harmonic means between a and b.

Harmonic Mean

Weighted Harmonic Mean

Another concept closely related to harmonic mean is that of weighted harmonic mean. If we have a set of weights w1, w2, …. , wn associated with the set of values x1, x2, …. , xn, then the weighted harmonic mean is defined as

Harmonic mean is in fact a special case of weighted harmonic mean where all the weights are equal to 1 and is equal to any weighted harmonic mean having all equal weights.

The following figure shows two crossed ladders A and B with each having feet at the base of one side wall and one leaning against a wall at height A and the other leaning against the opposite wall at height B. in such a case, h is half the harmonic mean of A and B. 

H is half the harmonic mean of A and BLet us find the harmonic mean H of 2, 20, 10, 5, 1 using the formula stated above.

We explain the whole procedure in the form of steps:

1. First calculate the total number of items which in this case is 5 and hence, N = 5.

2. Now use the formula of harmonic mean i.e.

H = N / (1/a1 + 1/a2 + ….. 1/aN)

    = 5/ (1/2 + 1/20 + 1/10 + 1/5 + 1/1)

    = 5/ (37/20)

    = 5 .20 / 37

    = 100/37.

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Some Important Remarks

• If a and b are two non-zero numbers, then the harmonic mean of a and b is a number H such that the numbers a, H, b are in H.P. We have H = 1/H = 1/2 (1/a + 1/b) ⇒ H = 2ab/a+b.

• If a1, a2, ……, an are n non-zero numbers. then the harmonic mean H of these number is given by 1/H = 1/n (1/a1 + 1/a2 +...+ 1/an).

• The n numbers H1, H2, ……, Hn are said to be harmonic means between a and b, if a, H1, H2 ……, Hn, b are in H.P. i.e. if 1/a, 1/H1, 1/H2, ..., 1/Hn, 1/b are in A.P. Let d be the common difference of the A.P., Then 1/b = 1/a + (n+1) d ⇒ d = a–b/(n+1)ab.

Thus 1/H1 = 1/a + a–b/(n+1)ab,

1/H2 = 1/a + 2(a–n)/(n+1)ab,

………..     ……….

1/Hn = 1/a + n(a–b)/(n+1)ab.

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