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Colloidal State Topics  


Summary of Surface Chemistry

This section talks about the phenomenon of Adsorption and its type i.e. Physisorption and Chemisorption. The factors on which the extent of adsorption of a gas on a solid are also given. Freundlich Adsorption Isotherm is also discussed under these factors. 

This section also talks about catalysis, which starts with a discussion about the characteristics of catalytic reactions. Types of catalysts and the nature of solid catalysts have also been discussed. The phenomenon of shape-selective catalysis and enzyme catalysis has also been explained. 

There is a further description of Colloids. It begins with brief introduction and the particle size analysis. Then there is a detailed classification of Colloids which is based on physical State of Dispersed Phase and Dispersion Medium, nature of interaction between Dispersed Phase and Dispersion Medium and type of Particles of the Dispersed Phase. After that comes the preparation and purification of Colloids. Under the properties of Colloidal Solutions general Physical properties, Colligative properties, Mechanical properties, Optical properties and Electrical properties have been discussed. Another important topic of protective Colloids and Gold Number has been discussed with examples. Towards the end are the applications of Colloids. Emulsion is a desired extension under this section.


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