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JEE Main Online ‘or’ Offline: Which is A Better Option?

JEE Main Online ‘or’ Offline: Which is A Better Option?JEE Main 2015 countdown has begun and now it’s high time for the IIT aspirants to buck up and get perfect with the Physics, Chemistry and Maths IIT JEE Syllabus to give their best shot on the day of examination.

Cracking JEE and marking their position in the top is one challenge that gets the engineering aspirants to appear for the JEE Advanced as this is the final ticket for the prestigious IITs where all the hard work of the aspirants pays off. 

This year, JEE Main and JEE Advanced will be conducted in both online and offline modes. It is now entirely on the IIT aspirants who will be taking JEE Main, the first phase of IIT entrance exam to choose their test in either online or the offline mode.The online mode will certainly be a computer based test wherein the questions will appear on the screen of a computer and candidates will have to mark the answers.  Hence, students need to put on their thinking cap to choose the best option out of the two.

There are many questions in the mind of the JEE Main aspirants as what can be the advantages and disadvantages of opting online exam? Will the offline mode be easier than that of the online mode? To help students come out of the dilemma of Online Vs Offline; we bring in some advantages and disadvantages of both the modes.

Let us look into a few key points to help students decide as to which mode is better and which is not.

JEE Main Offline Mode of Exam

This is a pen and paper based test, where candidates will be given a question paper in either English or Hindi language. An OMR sheet will be provided to the candidates where they need to mark the correct answer by filling in the bubble.

Below are the pros and cons of JEE Main offline mode of Exam.


  • Students are more familiar with the offline exam pattern

?Since Indian students are habitual of pen and paper based exam pattern, hence they might feel inclined towards attempting the offline mode of examination

  • Need not worry about the technical glitches

There are substantialnumber of exams that are held as CBTs in India. But despite of the growing popularity of the CBTs, technical glitches is a major issue. In offline mode of examination, students don’t have to worry about the technical glitches or other related problems.

  • Answers can be cross-checked

In the offline mode of examination, students may cross-check the answers as they can carry back the question papers after the examination.


  • Time taking process of marking the answers in the OMR Sheet

In an OMR sheet, students need to be very particular about marking the questions in the bubbles. The answers need to be marked very accurately. If by mistake you have left the bubble partially filled or mark the 

bubble of an incorrect option; you are sure to lose the prestigious marks.

  • Answer cannot be changed once marked

You cannot re-edit or re-answer in the offline mode. Remember, the OMR sheet is being checked by a machine. Hence, even if you try to change your answer by erasing, the machine may not be able to read the newly marked response.

JEE Main Online Based Exam (Computer Based)

In CBT or the online based exam, each student is provided with a computer in the test centre. In an online based exam, students will be able to mark the answers by clicking on the button.  Students will be also entitled to move between sections and questions. There will also be a question palette indicating which questions you have not yet attempted or marked for review.

In the month of December, CBSE will also launch the official JEE Main online mock test to help students familiarize with the computer based exam pattern. This will help students get live experience on how to prepare for the online mode of examination

Below are the points in favor and against of appearing in the JEE Main online exam.


  • Questions can be easily marked for review and answers can be changed at any point of time       

In an online mode, students can move between the questions by the click of a button. The major advantage in an online mode exam is that students can change the answers even after marking one. Moreover, answering questions will be full proof as there will be no way by which you can mistakenly mark the answer wrong. Also, if you are unsure of any question, you may mark it for review and return back to it once you are done with rest of the questions.

  • Online Mode Saves time

In an online mode, students don’t have to waste time in filling the bubbles. They just need to click on the answer, and they are done.


  • Noting wrong figure from the Screen       

Mathematics, physics and chemistry involve questions which are based on calculation. Hence, there are chances of jotting down wrong figure or fact from the computer screen. Though, this is also possible in the offline exam but chances in CBT are higher.

  • Low confidence

Many of the applicants are rather confused or have a little less confidence about going ahead with online JEE exam. This could stem from the fact that most of the students have solved more pen and paper based exams than CBTs.

 Q) Which mode of examination is better? Online Mode or the Offline Mode

Ans) Choosing between online and offline mode of examination should be one’s personal choice. To help students know each of the mode better; we have come up with some advantages and disadvantages for both the modes. Here is a quick recap of the merits and demerits of JEE Main online and offline mode of examination.

JEE Main Offline

JEE Main Online



  • Comfort level is high in offline mode

  • Figures and questions can be marked easily

  • You need not waste your time by frequently keeping your pen down and using the mouse for marking the answer.

  • Questions can be reviewed and marked later

  • Time saver. You need not have to waste your time by marking bubbles in the OMR sheet.

  • The chances of filling the bubbles is eliminated


  • Answer cannot be changed once marked.

  • There is no option available to mark questions for review

  • You might mistakenly darken the bubble partially.


  • Chances of technical glitches

  • Chances of jotting down of wrong figure is high in online mode

  • Low confidence         

This list will surely help you analyze and choose one of the two, JEE Main Online ‘or’ Offline.Now, it is you who needs to decide as which mode of exam suits you better as per your strength.


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