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JEE Advanced: Expert Tips to Fight Exam Stress!


JEE Advanced: Expert Tips to Fight Exam Stress!

JEE Advanced is the ultimate gateway to the prestigious IITs. Only the top 150000 rank holders of JEE Main are eligible to sit for IIT JEE Advanced. The very idea of competing with lakhs of students starts taking a toll on the lives of aspirants. Exams don’t come alone; they always bring along a lot of stress and anxiety.

Do I really know it well? Will I be able to get through? What if I am not successful? … All these questions keep popping in the mind of candidates taking the JEE Advanced 2014.

Exams are an important part of student life. They are significant for judging the performance for future career prospects. It therefore becomes important to learn how to control stress while preparing for exams like JEE Advanced. If you have symptoms like insomnia, trembling of hands, feeling tearful or rapid pulse, you ought to do something about it.  

Listed below are some of the pointers to help you fight the examination stress:

  • Be prepared: When you are taking a national level entrance like the JEE Advanced, you must know the pattern of examination. You must know all the important facts like marking scheme, negative marking, types of questions asked etc. you are likely to feel less stressed when you know your exam well.

  • Make your schedule: “Well begun is half done”, hence if you plan out everything in the beginning itself, then half the battle is already won. Once you analyze your exam properly, you must figure out how many days do you have and how much syllabus is to be covered. Then you must adhere to your plan. This not only helps in timely completion of syllabus of JEE Advanced but also avoids syllabus related anxiety and stress.

  • Eat healthy: Most of the students won’t consider it a very important point, but believe me this is the basic tip which can help you in curbing exam related stress. Having heavy foods like meat, fried food, chocolates etc. can make you feel sleepy and interfere with your concentration. On the other hand, if you starve yourself you can end up concentrating more on your hunger than your subjects. Keeping your blood sugar levels steady so that you don’t have energy dips during the day and can sleep well at night is a crucial way of dealing with exam stress. Fruits and proteins are good sources of energy. Increase your protein intake and have lots of water.

  • Sleep: Sleep deprivation is one of the most common causes of stress. Some students start sacrificing their sleep as they regard it a waste of time. Sleeping for 4-5 hours a day can be extremely harmful as it not only triggers stress but also reduces your productivity. Taking 7-8 hours sleep is crucial to keep your mind fresh so that you can retain all what you read.      

  • Have faith in yourself: Lack of confidence is the major reason responsible for stress. You must have faith in yourself and believe that you are preparing for JEE Advanced because you are capable of getting through. Just believe that you might not be the best but are certainly better than the rest!      

  • Previous year papers of JEE Advanced: Even after preparing the entire syllabus of JEE Advanced, an element of uncertainty prevails unless you attempt several mock tests of JEE Advanced. Advanced tests in-depth knowledge of candidates and the past papers help in knowing the trend of questions asked.  

  • Role of exercise: It might sound weird to some but exercises are instrumental in improving your performance. Meditation and yoga help in relieving stress and infuse positive energy.

  • Don’t try to be perfect: Aiming at perfection is fine but allow yourself to commit some mistakes. Some students start getting depressed when they commit mistakes. To err is human, but you should try not to commit the same mistakes again.    

  • Don’t get buried under the heap of expectations: Expectations of parents, teachers, relatives etc. are some of the other factors that create undue stress. Don’t over pressurize yourself as anxiety will only worsen the situation. Maintain you calm, try your level best and leave the rest on God.    

  • Visualize your success: Envisioning your success helps in making you strong psychologically. Imagine that you have cracked JEE Advanced and are celebrating your success.  

Examination stress is an inevitable part of student life but excessive stress and anxiety can prove detrimental. Aspirants must understand that exams are just a part of life and even if you don’t fare well in an exam, that does not mean the end of world!

All the best! 


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