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Aerospace Engineering- Exploring the Space!


Aerospace engineering- exploring the space!

Have you ever wondered how things fly? Do you wish to design something of your own that flies? Well, if the answer is yes then ‘aerospace engineering’ is the field for you! While this will surely not teach you how to fly a plane, this vast and ever-growing field of engineering has a lot to offer the students.

But before that, let’s first understand a common myth behind this space.

Myth: Aerospace engineering will help me become a pilot.

Truth: You will become an aerospace engineer and certainly not a pilot! To become a pilot you need to join a flying/ aviation centre and get a flying license.

So, what is the scope of aerospace engineering in India?

Aerospace engineering is a 110 years old discipline but has huge potential to broaden its horizons in the near future. Currently in India this sector is dominated by public sector companies like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Space research Organization (ISRO), Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and others. But this field is evolving fast with big multinationals like Tata, Mahindra and others investing in this field since the time it has been thrown open to private sector in 2001. With government considering raising the FDI cap to 74% from 26% at present, this sector is poised for unprecedented growth and aerospace world will be full of exciting opportunities in the near future.

What sort of work do aerospace engineers do in the companies?

An aeronautical engineer contributes in the overall design and development of advanced technologies in the field of aerospace and defence. Further within designing, they work on aerodynamics, engine design etc.

In addition to that they contribute in constructing, testing, day to day functioning and maintenance of aircrafts. Apart from that sometimes they need to put on their detective hats while investigating airplane crashes and their impact on environment.

Which are the top 10 institutes in India for aerospace engineering?

Aerospace Engineering is Offered by

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

Apart from the IITs, other institutes offering the course are-
IIST, Thiruvananthapuram,
Madras Institute of Technology in Chennai,
Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology, Chennai
ehru College of Aeronautical & Applied Sciences, Coimbatore,
School of aviation science & technology, Delhi,
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and
Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Patna.

Which are the Companies that Hire Aerospace Engineers?

Aerospace engineers are largely hired by the commercial aviation companies, civil aviation research centres and space research agencies. To name a few, some of the top companies that hire such talent are:

  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)

  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

  • Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

  • National Aeronautical Lab (NAL)

  • Airline companies such as Indian Airlines, Spicejet etc.

NASA is another prestigious name to the list which is the dream of most of the aerospace engineers. A lot of Indian aerospace engineers have accomplished this dream and with the potential & scope in this domain, we are sure to see many more Indian engineers joining NASA. 


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