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GCSE or General Certificate of Secondary Education exams are significant for students as they help them in getting admission to their favorite colleges and universities. Students take the GCSE exams at the end of Year 11. The subjects that students study in Year 10 and 11 are called GCSE subjects. Generally, the schools decide how many GCSEs a student must take and they can be between 7 to 12 and many universities take at least 5 GCSEs into consideration. Three subjects are compulsory for the students that are Maths, Science and English. The rest of the subjects are to be selected in Year 9. 


Begin your GCSE Exam Preparation Today!

GCSE Exam PreparationHave you been procrastinating about starting with the GCSE preparations? Or, are you beginning with your preparations but do not know how to start? When we know that something is important to us, we generally get scared of the bad outcomes and find all the ways to avoid it. If you are also facing the same situations then it is time to change it.

We at AskIITians are your helping hand in your journey. Our online GCSE coaching classes are a perfect solution to all your worries. With us, you can seek explanations on difficult GCSE topics, find preparation tips, get your doubts cleared and learn without any hustle. At our learning platform, you can connect with the best GCSE tutors online and begin your learning. Whether you want some revision sessions or you are looking for GCSE preparation courses, we have a learning solution for you.


Problems Students Face in GCSE Preparation

No Planning  - Students often start their preparations without planning their time. As a result, they are not able to manage their personal life, school and GCSE preparations. They might also not be able to finish the syllabus on time.

Lack of Practice - Students are so concerned about revising the topics that they forget practicing. They need to solve previous year papers, take mock tests if they want to get familiar with the exam and its pattern.

Procrastination - Fear of failure makes the students procrastinate on starting with their GCSE preparations. Sometimes they just keep on planning to start but do not actually start the preparations until it's high time.

Studying Too Much at a Time - Some students just study without taking breaks. This not only reduces their retention power but makes them feel tired and lethargic. A 10-minute break is a must to study well.

Lack of Motivation - Many students have no idea of which course they should pick up in college and hence feel unmotivated to study for the exams. Students need to see the bigger picture in order to find a reason to score better in these exams.


GCSE Preparation with the Best Faculty

AskIITians have the best faculty for GCSE, IGCSE, IB, NEET, and IIT-JEE. They not only are well-versed with the GCSE curriculum but are well-aware of the tips and tricks that can help students in preparing the best for the exams. Our teachers do not believe in shortcuts. They believe in fundamental learning. Their easy and clear explanations will help you understand every topic from its core. Their lessons will prepare you for the exam in such a way that no matter how twisted the questions may appear, you will be able to formulate the answers.

Our tutors use the best learning methods such as mind mapping, flashcards, revision notes and face to face discussions. Their innovative teaching style enables students to learn difficult topics with ease. Not only this, our GCSE preparation courses are fully equipped with tools that aid learning. You can solve questions together with your tutor on a shared whiteboard and share files easily with them. Our live chat feature will help you ask questions in-between the learning sessions and get immediate answers.


The Best GCSE Coaching for Students at AskIITians

What makes us the best GCSE coaching for you? We not only have the best faculty to teach the students but we have devised the best strategies to help them succeed. Here is a list of our exclusive features that make us stand out from the rest.

Structured GCSE Preparation Courses

We always assess the knowledge of the student before we begin with the learning process. We design the study programs in such a way that you learn the basics first and then move up to the harder levels. Hence, our tutors ensure that you complete the syllabus on time and have enough space in your calendar for revisions.

Personalized Learning 

Our teachers teach as per your learning requirements. We understand that every student is different. A topic that seems easy to you might be tough for someone else. So our GCSE coaching experts understand the knowledge level of the students and then prepare separate lesson plans for them.

Regular Assessments and Tracking

What makes our online GCSE coaching unique is our assessments. Our teachers track the learning process of the students regularly by taking assessment tests. They make sure that the students are solving sample papers regularly.

Timely Feedback 

Feedback given at the right time can help the student enhance their learning. Our teachers will set some goals with you and will provide you with guidance on how are you performing on your goals.

All-Time Support

We are here to take up your queries 24/7. With our live chat portal, you can connect with your teacher anytime or at least send us your query and find a quick response.


Benefits of GCSE Online Coaching

You might find a GCSE coaching center nearby and attend classes with many students like you. If you are wondering why our online coaching would be the best for you, here are some of the wonderful reasons.

Face-to-Face Learning

You can find one-on-one tutoring here which means you can ask questions without any hesitation and speak out your fears about the GCSE exam with your teacher. You can discuss a topic any number of times without thinking that you are less than others.

Learn at Your Pace

Schools already give students a hard time as they have to match up with the learning pace of their classmates. With us, you can learn a topic at your own pace and clear all your doubts. Our tutors will get to the root cause of your issues and hence ensure that all your basics are clear.

Affordable Fee Plus Cost Cutting

Unlike any other GCSE coaching, we offer a reasonable fee. Our main aim is to help the students and we do not mind giving up a few monetary gains for that. Moreover, online learning would save your travel costs that might incur if you opted for private GCSE coaching classes. We save you from high priced home tutoring as well.

Flexible Schedules

You cannot only learn at your own pace but at your own convenience. You are free to schedule your classes as per your time-table. This means you can study every day and still find time to relax and play.

Resources at Your Fingertips

With online learning, you get access to our huge database of GCSE, IGCSE, HSC and IB resources that we have for you. All assignments, previous year papers, notes, and important points will be shared by our teachers to all the students. You are free to access anytime from any place.

Parent-Teacher Interactions

Parents are always worried about their children. But, with us, your parents would not have to worry anymore. We conduct special parent-teacher meetings where both of them can communicate and clarify their concerns. This way we ensure that the parents are in touch with their child’s study routines.

GCSE Preparation Tips from Our Experts

We offer students complete guidance on GCSE preparation. Along with online learning sessions, revisions and solving previous year papers, we provide GCSE exam preparation tips to the students. This catalyzes their learning and makes them ready for the exam with confidence. Here is a glimpse of some of the best GCSE preparation tips from our experts.

Goals for GCSE

The best way to begin your GCSE preparations is by setting some goals for yourself. Our teachers will help you set your goals for the exams. For instance, you can write down the GCSE subjects and the topics covered in each subject. Colour code the topics as easy, familiar, hard or yet to discover.

Convenient Study Schedule

Do you know how many hours should you study a day for GCSE? Students are often poor at time management which is a key to better preparation. Our teachers will help you prepare a realistic study schedule as per your learning requirements and availability.

GCSE English Preparation

How do you revise for GCSE English? Not only English writing but reading comprehension is also important for students. Our GCSE online coaching tutors will help you understand how to answer the questions in English so that you can get good grades.

GCSE Maths Preparation

The first tip that our online tutors for GCSE have for you is to read the instructions given on the test paper carefully. Next comes paying attention to the question before starting its solutions. Find more tips on how to crack the GCSE Maths exam from our teachers.

GCSE Science Preparation

If you want to conquer the Science subject you must have a habit of making notes. At our online GCSE coaching, you will find the best quality notes and revision material for science subjects.

Practice Papers 

Our GCSE expert tutors suggest that practice papers are the best friends of the students while preparing for the exams. They will not only help you solve them but will also conduct mock tests so that you can prepare well for the exam.

Learning with Mind Mapping

Our GCSE Online coaching tutors are always incorporating new learning methods to help the students. One such method is Mind-Mapping which they use to explain a concept and relationships between different concepts. Just like mind mapping, there are many such learning methods that they use.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Our online GCSE coaching classes enable every student to learn at their convenience. You can save your expenditure and energy that would be used while traveling to a tutor. Your parents would no longer have to worry about you and can keep a check on your studies. Our study material can be accessed offline also. So you can learn and revise on the go while traveling to school or while you are waiting in a queue. Get familiar with the GCSE paper pattern and learn more about GCSE preparation strategies with us. Connect with us today and set up your ladder to success in GCSE.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution