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Why the colour of blood is red? Why nature has taken blood red and why not other colours

Why the colour of blood is red? 
Why nature has taken blood red and why not other colours


3 Answers

Deepak Kumar Shringi
askIITians Faculty 4405 Points
2 years ago
Thebloodcells areredbecause of the interaction between iron and oxygen.
nishant narkar
102 Points
2 years ago
Blood is red due to presence of HAEMOGLOBIN in it,haemoglobon consists of iron molecule which gives blood its charaterstic red colour!!
Janga vidya charan
36 Points
2 years ago
The colour of blood is Red in colour due to the presence of Haemoglobin where the Haem is surrounded by 4 Iron molecules and this is well seen in Mammals but where as in Insects i.e Arthropods we can’t find this feature of blood being in red but instead colourless due to the absence of respiratory pigment in blood.

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