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why does high sodium level cause increase in blood pressure
5 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vasantha Kumari
askIITians Faculty
38 Points

When you take your body cell, the sum of sodium + potassium must always remain constant or else there is an imbalance in the osmotic equilibrium leading to shrink or swelling in the cell.

This ratio of Na to K is called K Factor concept. As per nature’ diuretic if you happen to consume more potassium, sodium would be driven out and in case sodium is taken in excess potassium will be driven out through the kidneys.

So, when this ratio-K factor decreases there is an increase in blood pressure. That is when too much sodium accumulates in the body, the brain releases a harmone slowing down exchange of sodium-potassium pumps . This chain of K factor is well illustrated in the digram.

Hope you have clearly understood the K-factor relationship.

Thanks & Regards,

Vasantha Sivaraj,

askIITians faculty

5 years ago
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