who published the systema naturae and philsophique zoologique?

who published the systema naturae  and philsophique zoologique?

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4 years ago
Systema Naturae  is the major work of the Swedish botanist, zoologist and physician Carl Linnaeus .
Philosophie Zoologique is an 1809 book by the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
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4 years ago
Syestema Naturae is the publised by carl linneus in1 august 1758
philosophie zoologique is an 1809 book by the french naturalist jean-baptiste lamarck
devashish chauhan
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4 years ago
systema nature was publish by carlous linnaeus in 1758 which described binomial nomenclauture in its 10 th edition in chapter no. 14 th . he was also the father of old systematics.

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