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What is the difference between apospory and apogamy?

What is the difference between apospory and apogamy?


2 Answers

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2 years ago

The main difference between apospory and apogamy is that apospory is the development of a gametophyte directly from the sporophyte without undergoing either meiosis or spore formation whereas apogamy is the development of an embryo without fertilization. Furthermore, apospory occurs in Anthoceros while apogamy occurs in Funaria.

Apospory and apogamy are two terms that describe methods of asexual reproduction which alter the usual sexual reproduction of plants.

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2 years ago
Apospory is the development of gametophyte directly from a sporophyte without occurrence of meiosis or spore formation.
Asence of sporic meiosis so that the sporophyte and the gametophte both are diploid as there is no meiosis.
Apospory can be seen in anthoceros.
Apospory is the development of two gametophyte.
There is no meiosis and spore.
Apogamy on the other hand is the development of an embryo without fertilization especially the development of some ferns of a sporophyte from the gametophyte without fertilization.
Absence of syngamy so gametophyte and sporophyte oth are haploid as their is no fusion of gametes in this case.
Apogamy can be seen in Funaria.
Apogamy is the development of one sporophyte 
It has no gametes and syngamy from vegetative cells.


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